The Benefits of Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Full spectrum CBD Oil
Full spectrum CBD Oil – Brand CBD One

One of the most common and obvious questions people have when they wish to buy CBD oil is where can I buy CBD oil from?

There are so many brands, each promising the earth, suggesting they are the purest, the nicest tasting, the easiest to use. And the list of promises goes on.

Many CBD companies deliver a very slick marketing campaign whilst the actual product is low grade, badly made and often manufactured in a way that means you may as well not bother buying or using the product.

Sadly the slick marketing can fool people into thinking they’re getting something that they are not.

If you’re wanting to buy CBD oil and buy five different brands, if each and every one of them tastes foul or rancid and leaves an awful taste in the mouth, the chances are if it tastes horrible it probably is horrible.

That is not to mistake the earthy taste of a good CBD oil with bad CBD, it does not suit everyone’s palate but it is generally easy to know when something tastes horrible. Especially when you have tasted a really great full spectrum CBD oil.

If the question on your lips is, “Where can I buy CBD oil?” then look no further. We shall parse out the important factors that will allow you to know you are buying from a reputable seller.

Step one is to ensure you know who you are buying off. Can you see who owns the company? Do they have a phone number and real people for you to speak with rather than bots and call centres?

Do they have health experts on hand to support you when you decide to buy CBD oil? Health advice and support about CBD is very important. Having an expert on hand can make all the difference,

Is the company and its products on the novel foods list? Whilst this is no guarantee of quality it is at least a useful filter taking you towards legal CBD products.

Are they open about their lab test results and do their products have clear, unambiguous labels? A word of warning here – there are companies out there using percentages (such as 5%, 10% or 15%) to deliberately confuse people.

As an example – A popular company sells a 16% CBD oil, which is reasonably strong, for £195, which is very expensive. Examining the label the CBD extract was added to a filler oil so the 16% extract was effectively diluted to become just 2.5% (confused yet?), which should have cost about £20. This could be considered immoral behaviour – fooling vulnerable people into buying a product they are not actually getting.

Does the company sell isolate CBD (usually labelled as 100% pure and/or zero THC), broad spectrum or full spectrum CBD oil?

As a rule, you will find isolate products to be the least effective CBD because they have removed all the compounds in CBD and isolated the CBD. Clever marketeers claim that this product is 100% pure as if this is a good thing but I am afraid this is misleading and wrong. It may well be 100% pure but in the world of plants the closer you get to having a whole plant extract the closer you get to the magical synergy of plants and their natural and safe qualities.

Broad spectrum tend to have more than one cannabinoid in them and are a step in the right direction but still not a true reflection of the real potential in the hemp plant.

Full spectrum CBD oil means it contains the whole plant with many compounds such as flavonoids, terpenes and cannabinoids, within legal levels, that gives you the really powerful entourage effect which is the magical synergy of all the compounds in the plant working as a whole. This is like having a whole team of footballers including the star players.

Using isolate is the sporting equivalent of using a star player with no one to support them! Could Messi or Ronaldo win a football match on their own? Of course they could not. It may well be 100% Ronaldo on the pitch but without support he will be far from effective. 

This works in just the same way for natural products and if you want to buy CBD oil or are wondering, where can I buy CBD oil from, then the sensible recommendation would be to choose a full spectrum CBD oil over anything else.


  1. I tried some cbd oil for sciatica. No luck. It had thc in it too. $35 wasted. The only thing that has worked is praying to Christ. Once in a while it takes a little longer than usual, but I am convinced praying works better than any tradition of man and quackery.

    • I use a THC/CBD blended oil for my head injury, the brand is Cannatrek. It works wonders for me, helps with the pain in my head/spine areas and lets me sleep easily at night. I just don’t use it in the mornings, otherwise I will just go back to sleep.

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