This is probably the only food production facility guaranteed not to burn down mysteriously


I think I have found the only food production facility guaranteed not to burn down mysteriously…

The world largest cricket production facility in London, Ontario is guaranteed not to burn mysteriously
The world largest cricket production facility in London, Ontario is guaranteed not to burn mysteriously… Picture via Twitter

Look into the investors who made this possible. There’s a rabbit hole worth exploring that ties back to Trudeau.

Also look at the VP of research and development, if you had former DARPA director on your bingo card, you win.

Trudeau has Canada at the front of the line for the WEF globalists. Digital ID. Bugs for food. Strictest mandates worldwide.

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  1. Originally I was willing to try dark chocolate covered grasshoppers, but have since retracted that statement. My ducks and chickens do like crickets. Their digestive system is suited for breaking down those critters. My digestive system works better on eggs and meat protein. Chitin is reported to be cancer causing. Crickets have chitin. No thanks. I will simply hunt rabbits and dove if a mild crisis hits. If I have to, I will hunt big critters up in the mountains. I don’t routinely hunt big critters, but if it is a survival situation, then my belly gets fed. “Git in my belly.”

  2. The toxic sludge coming out of that plant will be infilrated into everything as hidden ingredients. The dikless males in the West dont have a tenth of the balls, ambition and fight of middle eastern men- who would ensure that factory turned to dust before it ever turned on. Unbelievable.

  3. Considering that these food plants do NOT blow up Mystically. Usually it is a broken gas line that explodes from flame exposure or spark. This is very common when the land under the packing house, or food production facility moves and the gas lines come apart.. Land is moving all over the world and this planet is preparing for massive changes. Noah when through the end times and so did Moses. Moses was the last time the pole shift happened and we are due for another one in about 2027. We face the New Madrid rupture right now as daily evidence is available that this area of the North American continent is coming apart. We find about 50-60 events every day.I suggest anyone interested in preparing look at: buy the CD and follow directions to prepare to survive.

    • There will be NO “surviving” the next pole shift.
      Moses didn’t need electricity, gasoline, furnaces, A/C and grocery stores.

    • @Tere
      The 1906 San Fransicko earthquake had massive devastation due to gas lines rupturing and subsequent fires. Much of the problems were with brick architecture too, but it was the gas fires that really messed things up.

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