Video: Zelensky involved in car accident, not seriously hurt

Zelensky car accident on September 15
Zelensky car accident on September 15, 2022. Picture via Twitter video

The car of the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was involved in a traffic accident in Kyiv, but Zelensky was not seriously hurt in the accident, his spokesman said.

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Serhii Nykyforov shared the incident in a Facebook post early on Thursday.

Here’s the translation of the message:

Nykyforov – who did not say when the accident occurred – said Zelenskiy’s car had collided with a private vehicle.

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Zelensky has been evaluated by doctors after a car crash.

Fortunately, the Ukrainian President didn’t suffer any injuries.

The president was examined by a doctor, no serious injuries were found,” he said, adding the accident would be investigated.

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Medics accompanying Zelenskiy gave the driver of the private car emergency aid and put him in an ambulance, he said.

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  1. Zero Hedge reports Russia captured Zelensky a couple weeks back. So likely this is a double. Who knows. Constant lies everywhere.

  2. Additonal reports you didn’t hear:

    “Zelensky’s airbag–which was reportedly packed with 3.3. kilograms of cocaine–deployed at the point of impact. Zelensky and all persons in the vehicle were ejected through the windshield but quickly jumped to their feet with smiles on their faces and resumed their planned motorcade destination.”

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