Death toll from Hurricane Ian surpasses 100 in Florida; Half a million people still WITHOUT POWER and thousands under BOIL-WATER ADVISORIES

Hurricane Ian Death Toll
Hurricane Ian death toll. Via Accuweather

The number of people killed in Florida by Hurricane Ian rose to at least 101 on Monday, days after the storm made landfall at Category 4 strength, decimating coastal towns and leaving rescue crews searching for survivors while communities face the daunting task of rebuilding.

At least 54 people died in Lee County alone, Sheriff Carmine Marceno said Monday – up from the county’s previously announced death toll of 42 – and officials there are facing questions about whether evacuation orders should have been issued earlier. Twenty-four deaths were recorded in Charlotte County – up from 12.

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This is one of the most terrifying video I’ve seen from the 15ft storm surge that destroyed Fort Myers Beach, Florida during Hurricane Ian in September 2022:

Hurricane Ian also contributed to the deaths of eight people in Collier County, five in Volusia County, three in Sarasota County, two in Manatee County and one each in Lake, Hardee, Hendry, Hillsborough and Polk counties, officials said. Four other people died in storm-related incidents as Ian churned into North Carolina.

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More than 1,600 people have been rescued from Hurricane Ian’s path in parts of southwest and central Florida since last week, Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office said Sunday.

Now, as blue skies return, Floridians who took shelter while the hurricane raged have emerged – many of them still without power or clean drinking water – to find their communities unrecognizable.

More than 491,000 homes, businesses and other customers in Florida still did not have power as of Monday night, according to

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In Fort Myers Beach, where search crews are going through the rubble one house at a time, power may not be restored for 30 days due its electrical infrastructure being destroyed, Lee County Manager Roger Desjarlais said.

The National Guard will be flying power crews to Sanibel and Pine islands to assess the damage and start working on restoring power, DeSantis said.

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  1. Gary,
    Much of the mockingbird narratives are the psyop too. Homobama basically legalized news as propaganda.

    I quit tv ” programming ” in 1973. I use radio and internet now, but radio news (am talk) is corrupted now. It was before, but harder to notice for me. Now my eyes are wide open. The trolls/klowns here aren’t high I.Q. types —mediocre at best. I just tell ’em to fckoff, and ignore their drivel.

    • Sometimes people don’t or can’t leave their homes to evacuate. There’s plenty of reasons. Pets, invalid relatives, like Captains going down with their ships in a sense.

      Now we have to worry if submarine nuke-drones will kick off 500 foot radioactive tidal waves on our left coast. Could be propaganda too, but there’s so much believable BS floating around lately which could be true. So, you have to weigh it all out, and stay away from the coasts.

      • 50,
        If they can’t hide the truth, then as you say, they put out as much believable BS as possible. Some web sites I think have several Trolls at work. Or maybe one with different handles? Much of what they put out appears to be Boiler Plate. Maybe the first line is customized. The Cabal own the MSM, including FOX. So, whatever they put out is crafted to achieve a psychological goal. Maybe 90% truth but the important 10% BS. Get sucked in with the 90%, so you’re wide open for the important 10% which is a lie. I’m always leery of the main talking points on the MSM. Either they are trying to convince you of a lie, or they are running cover for something they don’t want you to notice. They have made it nearly impossible to know what’s real. I shut the MSM off 25 years ago. But with some common sense and careful searching, the truth stands out. You have to stay calm though. If they get you irritated or angry, you lose track of the original point. Which is their goal. Pure evil.

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