Elon Musk blocks Ukraine from using Starlink in Crimea amid nuclear fears

Elon Musk blocks Ukraine from using Starlink in Crimea
Elon Musk blocks Ukraine from using Starlink in Crimea

Elon Musk personally rejected a Ukrainian request to extend his satellite internet service to Crimea, the SpaceX CEO fearing that an effort to retake the peninsula from Russian forces could lead to a nuclear war, according to a report published Tuesday.

Following Russia’s February invasion of Ukraine, Musk — and the US government — provided Kyiv with thousands of Starlink systems, enabling Ukrainian forces to communicate in what were previously dead zones.

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The low energy requirements of the service’s satellite receivers have enabled it to be connected to reconnaissance drones, Yahoo News reported, providing valuable, real-time intelligence on Russian movements and the ability to target them.

But recently there have been problems. Last week, the Financial Times reported that the service was suffering “catastrophic” outages on the frontlines, prompting speculation that it had been shut off in areas controlled by Russia — perhaps to prevent the Kremlin from itself exploiting the network.

On Twitter, Musk said he could not comment on battlefield conditions, saying “that’s classified.” But speaking to Eurasia Group political analyst Ian Bremmer in late September, Musk appeared to confirm that the satellite service was being intentionally disabled.

Neither SpaceX nor Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense immediately responded to requests for comment.

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Musk, speaking to Bremmer, said that he had been asked by Ukraine’s defense ministry to activate Starlink in Crimea, which was invaded and illegally annexed by Russia in 2014. Per Bremmer, Musk “refused given the potential for escalation.”

According to Bremmer, Musk claimed to have recently spoken with Russian President Vladimir Putin, asserting that he is “prepared to negotiate.”

Musk this month proposed a Ukraine peace plan seen as aligning with Russian interests.

In that conversation, Putin reportedly threatened to use nuclear weapons if Ukraine tried to retake the Crimean peninsula, which serves as the base for Russia’s naval forces on the Black Sea.

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On Twitter, however, Musk flatly denied having any recent conversation with the Russian leader, writing that he has “spoken to Putin only once and that was about 18 months ago.” The subject, he said, “was space.”

Meanwhile the Kremlin welcomed Musk’s “positive” proposal to end the war, while his tweets were also cited by Russian state media.

The Ukrainian response to Musk’s Twitter peace proposal was succinct – one diplomat told him to “fuck off:”

Meanwhile Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy posted his own Twitter poll.

Musk says he is still pro-Ukraine but just trying to avoid nuclear war.

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Russian forces are losing ground in Ukraine’s south and have lost huge swathes in Ukraine’s east as they press into regions Russia declared it had annexed, sparking concern among arms control experts about whether Putin and his top advisers may contemplate an attack with a nuke from their vast arsenal in an attempt to stanch their losses. [BI]

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  1. How about the one where musk goes back to his mars project and zelensky goes to moscow to formally surrender and explain for himself in a russian court, and the ukranian military does the white flag and hands all their materiel over to the russian army and the UN takes a flying flock at a rolling doughnut

    • Zero Hedge ran an article about a month ago that said Russia had snagged the Ukrainian Pervert, what we been seeing since is a double.

  2. The monkey-ending NeuraLink guy does another publicity stunt to appear as a savior for the end times. Right on line with the A.I. jabberwockies, alien deception, round/spherical earth deception, and Ordo Ab Chao global left-right savagery, political unrest and golden pigs.

  3. Smellinsky doesn’t want to compromise. Why should he, with billions flowing into his satanic money laundromat? Musk is an opportunist, and should stay out of politics.

  4. When the Russia and China both developed anti-satellite missile technology the US government came up with this scheme to hundreds of small satellites for communications overwhelming the anti- satellite tech. Now the man who’s name is on these satellites and gave them to Ukraine to use against Russia is seeing it might come back to haunt him and is having second thoughts.

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