Future shortage of fertilizer for American farmers ahead due to massive increase of US nitrogen exports as Europe scrambles for fertilizer

US fertilizer exports increase to Europe but short for own farmers

U.S. exports of nitrogen fertilizers jumped to a multi-year high this summer after surging natural gas prices in Europe drove up costs of producing the crop nutrient there, making U.S. shipments more competitive.

The brisk U.S. sales highlight the far-reaching effect of the war in Ukraine on global food and energy supplies. Russia, under financial sanctions, is a major producer of fertilizer and natural gas, key in making nitrogen products to boost yields of corn and other crops.

Since Russia’s February invasion of Ukraine, Europe started weaning itself off Russian natural gas and a pipeline transporting ammonia from Russia to a Ukraine port shut down.

Tight fertilizer supplies have driven up crop nutrient prices so much worldwide that the United Nations warned this month of a “future crisis” of availability. European companies have been forced to close some fertilizer plants due to high costs.

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Exports from the United States, the world’s third-largest producer, soared to 370,000 short tons of nutrient in August, more than double the year-earlier total, according to the most recent U.S. Census Bureau data, compiled by industry group The Fertilizer Institute (TFI) for Reuters. That figure is the highest monthly total since TFI began tracking the data in 2013.

European buyers are outbidding domestic buyers in both the United States and other exporters like Indonesia and Malaysia, said Alistair Wallace, principal at Argus Media in London.

Despite the surge in exports, separate TFI data shows that as of June, U.S. nitrogen fertilizer supply was at its second-highest level in the last decade, indicating a global dislocation, rather than shortage.

It is not yet clear whether the U.S. produced more than usual in July and August, or diverted a larger share of supplies to Europe, said Jason Troendle, economist at TFI, whose members include CF Industries and Nutrien.

The United States is historically a small exporter, and its ability to backfill markets is limited, Troendle said.

So, if it’s exporting twice as much, then will that mean there will be less in stock for its own farmers?

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The countries with the biggest year-over-year increases in U.S. purchases are in Europe – France, Belgium, Norway and Lithuania – as well as Morocco, Chile and Brazil, Troendle said.

European countries typically buy most of their imported urea, a form of nitrogen fertilizer, from North Africa, but are now purchasing it further afield, Wallace said.

EU nitrogen prices eased in mid-October as some European plants resumed production due to softening natural gas prices, he said.

European farmers are not able to stock up on fertilizer as much as they should ahead of planting next spring due to high prices and tight supply, said Pekka Pesonen, secretary-general of European farming group Copa-Cogeca.

That would make it the second growing season where some farmers are going to have to do with much less, meaning that they will also be producing less food. And this is on top of the looming food shortages which the UN warned is already expected to cause a global famine of hellish proportions.

We’re talking about the need for huge volumes over a short period of time,” Pesonen said.

Despite high input costs, U.S. growers may sow even more fertilizer-intensive corn next year. A Farm Futures growers survey forecasts corn acreage at a 10-year high of 94.282 million acres, up 6.4% from 2022.

Farmer Dave Nelson of Belmond, Iowa, has seen his fertilizer costs soar to $1,280 per ton this year from $350 a ton two years ago. He locked in that price this fall so he could start calculating a 2023 budget.

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I might as well do it because (price) is only going to go higher,” said Nelson, who grows corn and soybeans. “If you start skimping on fertilizer… you just end up hurting yourself in the end. ”

Brazil, which relies on imports for 85% of its fertilizer, bought more ammonium nitrate from the United States, Belgium and Holland in the January-September period to make up for reduced Russian supplies, investment bank Itau BBA said.

It may be that Brazil has had to find other sources because Russia has stated there are some products and produce that it will only export once it has accounted for the needs of its own citizens. [Reuters]

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  1. Home gardens will be a likely solution. Much of the garbage people buy from grocery supermarkets is toxic. Most people learn about it and grow their fruits and vegetables at home. That crap they spray on store vegetables is not healthy. The pesticides used in commercial farms are toxic. Avoid, and grow things for yourselves. The taste will show you instantaneously.

  2. “Safer Smaller” Vickscine movement by J.B. Handley EXPOSED: https://odysee.com/@JVTruth2:0/1_5112101381162926680:5 (Del’s partner in the “Safer” Quackcine Movement, J.B. Handley)

    “Bird Flu” unveiled: https://odysee.com/@JVTruth2:0/4_5972124520117439264:8 (5-Gee causing brain damage in pigeons)

    There’ll be no farmers left because of the developmental disability industrial complex. Healthy nondisabled people are falling like flies suddenly after the snake bite regardless of brand, name, origin, manufacturer.

  3. Don’t forget, the satanic elitists will ensure their is enough fertilizer in the form of human biosludge. Health Ranger had a super article on this topic.

    In addition, we can look at the statistics for increases in deaths for the ages 18-49. We have multiple sectors reporting on this topic. More vaxxidental deaths yields more human biosludge, which may prove toxic.


  4. GROSS chocolate bar in Japan has bugs on it:
    (From Newspapers to Bugs)
    “With many people shunning meat due to its environmental impact, the business opportunities offered by edible insects are attracting attention from an unlikely source.”

    Idolatry in a new flavor, since KPOP’s getting out of date for the sheeple: https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/news/videos/20221027233256349/
    (Japanese Boy Idols Taking on America)
    “NHK World’s Takao Minori meets the members of a Japanese boy band who’ve left behind the comforts of home — for a shot at stardom in the US.”

    Hilarious (and sad) how many Gen Z kids unironically believe all their American problems will magically disappear if they take a chopper to some island nation full of earthquakes, extreme loneliness, hikikomori, and volcanoes. The improving of Japanese pop culture – while America’s pop culture rots since 4kids/Fox Kids entered the scene – happening simutaneously … must be a deliberate plot to make American people hate their own culture/themselves and make Japan/Korea/China (thanks to Tiktok and Xue Hua Piao Piao cringe) appear as “saviors” for America’s profound social and cultural issues.

    How many video games/kids shows have NOT been released outside Japan? Some are truly terrible like the NES Transformers game, but still. It’s subliminal conditioning to make Americans hate their own culture for what it does not have. Alongside the rainbow stuff and diversity/skin color stuff and even worse, the neurodiversity/severe ASD normalizing movement no one criticizes.

    The whole “Japanese are light years ahead of us!” mentality that keeps the obese aluminum/ASD murkan sheeple from displaying any actual creativity outside of demented fanfiction/r34 p0rno, Reddit, Roblox, Tiktok, or effeminate Deviantart/AO3 crap.

  5. Dystopian toys for kids: Autism Accessible Electric Car: https://www.trendhunter.com/trends/little-tikes-cozy-coupe

    “To get families thinking more sustainably and switching to electric cars, LV= General Insurance and ElectriX teamed up with a child’s toy manufacturer to remake the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe. The refreshed version of the toy car for kids features an electric socket and charger, plus an all-electronic dashboard.

    The concept of the first-ever one-off electric makeover for the Cozy Coupe reflects findings from a survey of children between the ages of six and 12 that makes it clear that 51% of young ones are worried about climate change. The survey also found that kids want to see an increase in EVs, starting with their own families; 44% said: “they would like to see their own family make the jump from petrol or diesel to an all-electric model.”

  6. Fresh volcanic ash is the best nutrient mix, go to the newly formed islands or where there are active volcanoes. Collect that material and boom, you’ve got unlimited fertilizer once extracted (which majority of fertilizers require).

    • Alex,
      That is why I put wood burning stove ashes around and in my tree basins. It helps soil retain moisture and adds carbon. Works great

  7. How will USA have enough farmers with all its young people dying/becoming developmentally disabled? Farms and factories are being destroyed en masse anyways. https://odysee.com/@FalconsCAFE:e/DIED-SUDDENLY–OFFICIAL-TRAILER—Streaming-November-21st_720:0


    This is worse than race/gender stuff being taught in schools because you can’t just walk away from vaxx/aluminum brain diseases such as ASD like a classroom: https://odysee.com/@FalconsCAFE:e/Situation-Update-Oct-21-2022–CDC—Child-Death-Cult,-nationwide-child-sacrifice-ritual-announced-..-720-Handbrake:9

    The govt will proudly weed out anyone it cripples with what it wants: https://odysee.com/@FalconsCAFE:e/HORROR-Hospital-MURDERS-Young-Special-Needs-Girl-With-Fentanyl—Morphine_720:2

    ASD boy savagely mauls and bites mom to her end back in 2009. Imaging how bad it is in 2022 and beyond: https://www.ageofautism.com/2009/02/18-year-oid-with-autism-faces-murder-charges.html

    Heartbreaking response from a mom with ASD: https://www.ageofautism.com/2009/03/mom-with-autism-talks-about-sky-walker-murder-trial.html

  8. Until the problem is resolved, people can grow Victory Gardens like our grandparents did way back in the olden days. Do not be dependent upon anything involving government political satanists.

    You want urea and nitrogen? You don’t need much for your home gardens. Piss in 24 ounce pickle jars and fertilize your grounds. You water it in. Pour a jar of piss in a five gallon bucket. If you have dogs, you can put their doodoos in a pile and let the sun bake it so it isn’t too hot for fertilizer. If you live around cattle ranchers that freegraze, simply grab some free dried out steer chips. That stuff is gold. It’s very hot, so you don’t need much either. Save all your kitchen waste and put it in 50 gallon plastic pots. Cover it with some black gold potting soil, organic mulch, and top soil. You can compost dead varmints in there too. Water it so the waste can break down. If you have a yard or ranch you can pre-dig 3′ deep holes for trees in Fall, then dump waste in it, and shovel some dirt in there.

    Even if you are in a condo, you can grow foods on your porch and windowsills. Don’t rely on your supermarket for everything. Raise your own chicken, duck, and geese for eggs and meat. Tastes 10× better. Once you taste your own homegrown solutions you see clearly the garbage you buy in the store is really crappy.

    • Soil tricks:

      If you have a pond with geese / ducks like myself, you can grab the bottom pond soil with all the duck and goose waste. Drain pond once a year anyways. When drained take shovel and notch out some mud bricks. Once those dry they are nutrient rich. Put some in your wheelbarrow, and mix in some black gold potting soil. Use that soil on your windowsill dragon or thai bird peppers. The best window is west facing. One year I had hundreds of peppers, and bushes were so enormous and full I didn’t need to use my shades. Not kidding, it’s freaky how they grow with that technique. Those types are perennials. So, take care of them.

    • 50,
      Great info! This is everyone’s future. Being self-sustaining will be the only way to survive. The Economic collapse and Earth Changes take down all institutions. Hard to believe, but get ready and if not, no harm done. If so, well you’ll be damn glad.

    • Yep, this is perfect for your home garden or plants… Best would be that everybody gets a small garden to grow his food… But the big Ags won’t allow that. Who is then going to buy their ‘sick’ food?

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