Hungary, Serbia to build pipeline for Russian oil and gas supplies, sidestepping EU sanctions


The US is about to reach one of its main goal: destabilizing and fragilizing Europe. And again the Balkans are about to blast!

The Druzhba oil pipeline between Hungary and Russia is pictured at the Hungarian MOL Group's Danube Refinery in Szazhalombatta, Hungary, May 18, 2022
The Druzhba oil pipeline between Hungary and Russia is pictured at the Hungarian MOL Group’s Danube Refinery in Szazhalombatta, Hungary, May 18, 2022

Amid the fresh round of sanctions imposed by the European Union, the partner nations are trudging their own line. Reportedly, Hungary and EU hopeful Serbia are planning to construct a pipeline between the two countries so that Russian oil from the southern Druzhba pipeline, also called the Friendship pipeline can be supplied to Serbia via Hungary.

Hungarian government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs took to Twitter to make the announcement and cited the new sanctions imposed as one of the main reasons that necessitated the new arrangement.

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@avucic and PM Orbán have agreed to build an oil pipeline to Hungary. The new oil pipeline would enable Serbia to be supplied with cheaper Urals crude oil, connecting to the Friendship oil pipeline,” tweeted Kovacs

At present, the country’s oil supply is largely via a pipeline through Croatia, but this is unlikely to be possible in the future because of the sanctions that have been adopted,” he added.

Hungary has been one of the few voices within the EU that has been against energy sanctions as the country remains heavily reliant on Russian oil.

Ahead of the EU imposing the eighth round of sanctions earlier this month, Hungary’s Prime Minister’s Office, in a statement said it cannot support them.

Hungary has done a lot already to maintain European unity but if there are energy sanctions in the package, then we cannot and will not support it,” said the office.

Notably, in August, Russian oil giant Transneft claimed that Ukraine had suspended oil pipeline flows to countries such as Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic citing payment issues.

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Reportedly, the Druzhba pipeline had remained halted since August 4 and Hungary had lodged strong protests even then.

European countries have tried to present a united front against Russia, however, whenever the situation has turned a little pear-shaped, they have backtracked.

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  1. President Trump warned Germany about Russian oil dependence. The Germans scoffed.

    Crap, we were energy independent in America, until fraud elected the buttpuppet bozobiden —and his crime family. Now bozobiden begs the Arabs and Venezuelan dictator for oil. Such a dolt and pervert!

    Hungary impressess me quite a bit. Orbán seems to run a very Christian country. Hopefully, they will be ok. Poland and Serbia too. Most of Europe is in a world of hurt with Winter approaching early. Praying that people don’t freeze or starve.

  2. EU cracking. Just read that Bulgaria dropped sanctions against Russian Oil, fuels – and gas. Once one cracks, I bet more will soon follow.

    • Let’s hope so. EU, WEF, UN, NATO are all dirtbags and perverts. They should feel the pain from their stupidity. Not the average family.

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