NO GO! Australian women sue Qatar over forced airport vaginal exams


In case you needed another reason not to go to Qatar… Actually, why would anyone want to go there? For the World Cup? C’mon… I love soccer, but I am totally against the FIFA and UEFA corruption…

Australian women take legal action after invasive vaginal exams at Qatar Airport in Doha
Australian women take legal action after invasive vaginal exams at Qatar Airport in Doha

Five Australian women are suing the government of Qatar over forced vaginal exams and other invasive medical procedures at gunpoint at the Doha airport two years ago.

The women are seeking damages from both Qatar Airways and the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority — owned by the Qatari government — over the “unlawful physical contact” and damage to their mental health, including depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

The case has been filed just weeks before Qatar’s controversial hosting of the World Cup — a venue decision linked to massive bribes of soccer officials — amid concerns about treatment of female fans who may kiss or have sex with their boyfriends, drink alcohol and wear revealing clothing.

The plaintiffs and several women on a Qatar Airways flight headed to Sydney — including citizens from Australia, New Zealand and Britain — were pulled off the aircraft and subjected to invasive gynecological exams in October 2020 after an abandoned newborn was discovered in an airport bathroom.

The women were taken to ambulances on the tarmac, some at gunpoint, the lawsuit stated, locked inside and told to remove their underwear for an examination, the BBC reported at the time.

One of the women, a 33-year-old nurse, told The New York Times that she has not traveled since. “It completely changed me as a person, that day,” she said.

It seems like they’ve just moved on, they’re not sorry for it,” she added. “They’re going on with their lives normally while we’re all here, quite affected.

Officials initially insisted the searches were “wholly inconsistent with Qatar’s culture and values.” After a cascade of controversy, officials apologized, and an airport officer who arranged the searches was arrested and eventually given a suspended sentence.

Australia filed an official complaint after the nation’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison blasted the “appalling” searches, and Foreign Minister Marise Payne called the measures “grossly disturbing [and] offensive.

Attorney Damian Sturzaker, partner at the Marque Lawyers firm, which is representing the women who are suing, told the Guardian this week he was “proud to stand with this group of brave women who have been forced to take on the Qatar government after it gravely breached their human rights.

As of Saturday night, the Qatar government hadn’t yet responded to the suit.

The newborn discovered the day of the searches survived and was turned over to social services. The baby’s mother and father, later tracked down, were both reportedly from “Asian countries,” officials said. In Qatar, that typically means nations in South Asia, a source of a large number of migrant workers in the country. Human rights activists have sharply criticized Qatar not only for its treatment of women, but of migrants as well.

It’s illegal to have sex outside of marriage in the ultraconservative nation, and migrant women who become pregnant out of wedlock risk imprisonment, driving some to abandon their babies. [Huffington Post]


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    The reason to avoid those two pines is that they are considered pitch pines.
    You can tap them and get resin which can be turned into turpentine.
    Depending on where you live ponderosa pine might be hard to find or even nonexistent.

  2. You weren’t there were you?Attempted murder good lord you couldn’t possibly understand childbirth.Women have several stages of labor.Labor can be further along than you realize.Many women feel like they have to use the bathroom which is where she delivered.Panicked she left which if unmarried was probably smart as the y don’t distinguish between native or foreigners.
    By your holier than thou authoritarian attitude and women who gives birth outside a hospital is guilty of attempted murder.
    For your information the creator didn’t die and leave you in charge

  3. First mistake going to any mideast country if you are female and not military.
    Second not being accompanied by a male.This gives them cart blanc in their minds.
    This is a form of sexual assault.This is not acceptable under any circumstances.The way it was handled is piss poor.Infant or not you don’t give vaginal exams as routine investigations.How about asking if they had a verfiable birth control method first.This is common sense it prevents this and speeds the investigation.
    As for the vaxxed so glad you think they are shedding protein spikes and will infect you.Its not true.The Vax
    Doesn’t stop covid it merely goes a long way to prevent serious complications and death.It doesn’t stop the spread.Frankly my local news was totally honest about that I didn’t start hearing the happy horseshit of it being a complete preventative until long into the alleged pandemic then only from national news.

  4. It is rape. I would not want that to happen to my sister, mother, grandmother, daughter or auntie.

    “The penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.”
    So yes I hope these women sue and get justice. That said it is sad the parents of the infant felt they had no choice, n where to turn to care for the baby instead of abandoning like they did. But that’s no excuse for medical kidnapping these woman and rape them. I’m sure they have cameras installed all over the place to locate the mother that left the restroom. I think the vaxxed have been left without a conscience, common sense or the voice of reason, I call the Holy Spirit. The vaxx inhibits the vmatt2 gene.

  5. Qatar has one of the best airports in the M.E. and possibly the world ( period).

    That being said, they were looking for ladies who could have possibly given birth recently as the found an abandoned newborn who was found in the TOILET, I guess the poor baby was too big to flush! It’s miracle it did not drown and survived such abuse.

    Women on TEN different flights were examined in ambulances, not just a few Aussie ladies.

    This was attempted MURDER, they were trying to find the culprits. They missed the culprit ( already gone), and may have gone too far, but you can’t say they did not try.

    All Y’all who are against abortion and Infanticide should think about what actually happened before latching on to a headline.

    • They went way too far. Sad as the abandoned baby story is. Not justification for what they did. Like I said, I hope she takes them to the cleaners.

      • .50 Cal ,

        Two sides to the story, sorry you don’t want to hear about it. If you don’t like what I have to say you could at least be polite and rise above the usual internet silly talk.

    • At one time here is the USA, during the age of Reason and Common sense, there was respect for the individual. And without firm evidence of a crime, you didn’t dare touch anyone. And never for any reason as described in this article. All those responsible likely would never have seen another sunrise. Even with evidence and a witness, nobody would have ever stooped to violating the guilty party. They are guilty of rape. A capital offense back in the day. The greater crime is what those officers did to those women.

      • I got where your coming from Gary…it was very poor judgement on their part but it was not “rape”, some would consider it a form of ” Sexual Assault” w/o consent to such internal examinations.

        In the U.S.A those Men who walk through the Millimeter wave back scanners show their Private parts the the CBP as it will “see” through clothing. But don’t worry the Gov says the images are Deleted ;). Me personally I always ask for the pat down instead of walking through those machines, the last time it took about 30 minutes to get a qualified officer to do so…

        In the U.S.A they can stick a needle in you and draw your blood if they want to establish with certainty your blood alcohol. The Take Cord Blood ( DNA) form babies, DNA from anyone they arrest, etc.

        As for Qatar and the Doha Airport, this not likely to happen in the future, they will pay out monies and establish a better protocol to handle this in the future. This has been a huge embarrassment for everyone and especially for the security at the airport as it should be…

  6. I’ve taken travel off my list. Especially anything to do with planes as all the pilots have taken the Death Shot. Even if they are still walking around their brain is not at 100% because of all the micro-clots. No way. Time to stay home and keep an eye on the Homestead. I hope she wins and gets $Millions from them.

    • Yeah Gary,

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      • Ok, sounds good. I avoid all people and in-person contact. I maintain distance too when I have to deal with workers. I have a ranch hand that does my errands for money. It’s worth it to me anyways. Out here, it is better to just avoid inbred f-tards and morons. I don’t shake hands anymore either. I have ranch hand drop items at gate, and I gather them. Sunlight kills microbes too. Sometimes I leave all my mail and parcels in the wheelbarrow for an hour and let the sun’s UV rays decontaminate.

    • IDK they have co-pilots and lots of automation ( automation is both good and bad), so the risk is not super high IMHO.

      Please see my post below, they were looking for a lady who left her newborn in the TOILET, attempted infanticide in my book.

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