Russian soldiers build spectacular Maginot Line in Donbas, Ukraine – Or do these giant trenches delimit the new border of Russia?


Russians are currently digging giant trenches about 20km deep into the actual front lines in the annexed Luhansk Oblast, Ukraine.

This line of tunnels, concrete fortifications, obstacles and weapon installations reminds me of the Maginot Line built by France in the 1930s to deter invasion by Germany during WWII.

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They use huge BTM-3 trenching machine to dig…

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Could these trenches delimit the new border between Ukraine and Russia?

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Back in December 2021, the Ukrainian border guard were caught digging trenches with a MDK-3 near the Russian border in the Sumy Oblast. Were they preparing an assault?

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This is a French TV show discussing these strange new trenches spreading across the different annexed and occupied Russian territories… Interesting to say the least…

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To understand what they are saying you will have to enable the undertitles (‘keyboard’ appearing on the video) and then translate them in your language (‘wheel’ besides the ‘keyboard’ on the video).

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  1. It’s called an “Antitank ditch”, tanks fall in, can’t get out!
    Or, attacking tanks are funneled into pre-sighted killing zones..
    For historical reference, check WW2 battle of Kursk..

  2. Biden supported by the ranks of the brutly stupid are Communists destroying America.
    Just how stupid is the Biden plan it’s so stupid Fauchi Mr covid King’s depopulation plan is supported by Chicom Joe

    • How does it feel to be an ignorant moron spewing complete nonsense? The asinine comments you post reveal a staggering disconnect from reality, facts and common sense. The only “communist” I’ve seen lately are those that are supporting Russia, so I can probably guess that means you. Look in the mirror lately? That stupid fuck staring back at you is a moron.

      • I both agree and disagree here. Evaluating the “out front” rhetoric, Russia acts “virtuously”, whilst the cabal remainders do not. However, when I dig a little deeper, I find Russia makes no excuse for being Israel’s servant and promises a desperately unhealthy, unhappy agenda for those that “think” (is that such a great sin?) were they to become “THE” world power. Dear George warned us about this in 1949, but no one appears to be listening. Or, rather, the “few” that REALLY “get it” are either corrupt insiders or slaves with causes.

  3. Had to dig 3 foot deep trench from my home to my barn 150 feet in length for water and power using a backhoe…it took quite a while…that machine the Russians are using is a monster and is quick!!!

  4. Russia has already won. MSM will continue with lies. Their masters need something to tie up the news cycle. A lot going on they want sidelined (like they lost). Also, including November 8th.

    • Gary, I see that too. I’m rootin for Putin to expose more deep state corruption here by exposing the dirtbags in khazaria ukraine. Which is why Pinnochio media here won’t tell the truth about what is going on over there.

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