Vanderbilt pauses gender affirmation surgery for minors amid backlash – Watch the terrifying consequences of hormone therapy on this young woman

Tennessee stops transgender surgery on teens
Tennessee stops transgender surgery on teens

Officials at Vanderbilt University Medical Center announced Friday that they are pausing gender-affirming surgeries for minors in order to review their practices.

Now, this is what almost five years of hormones (testosterone) does to a teenage girl… She is now 21 and has started with 16. And I really don’t understand why doctors are pushing this BS…

The news, delivered in a letter sent to a lawmaker who has demanded an end to the surgeries, was publicly released Friday afternoon. It comes amid mounting political pressure from Tennessee’s Republican leaders — many of whom are running for reelection — who called for an investigation into the private nonprofit hospital after videos surfaced on social media last month of a doctor touting that gender-affirming procedures are “huge money makers.” Another video showed a staffer saying anyone with a religious objection should quit.

None of the politicians could point to a specific law that the hospital had violated, and no agency to date has committed to an investigation. Republican Gov. Bill Lee’s office said they had passed their concerns to the Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti, but his office has not commented on whether he is looking into the Nashville-based hospital.

We are pausing gender affirmation surgeries on patients under age 18 while we complete this review, which may take several months,” wrote C. Wright Pinson, VUMC’s deputy CEO and chief health system officer.

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The GOP-dominated Legislature is scheduled to reconvene in January, and many lawmakers have vowed to introduce legislation further limit gender-affirming treatments. If successful, it’s unclear if VUMC would be allowed to resume gender-affirming surgeries for minors, regardless of their internal review.

We should not allow permanent, life-altering decisions that hurt children,” Lee tweeted late Friday. “With the partnership of the General Assembly, this practice should end in Tennessee.

A great investigation:

According to Pinson, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health recently changed its recommendations for transgender treatment, which helped prompt the need for a review.

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Well, I think those medical practices should end all around the world for kids and people under 18 (majority). Then, well it’s up to them. But I cannot understand how doctors and medical institutions are pushing those medical procedures… It’s just maney making and nothing else. Our medical system is totally fucked up. [Tennessean] has been banned from ad networks and is now entirely reader-supported CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK… I will send you a small gemstone if you give more than 25$… Thanks in advance!

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  1. “Huge money makers” also include those who build autism schools, sensory rooms, scream rooms, special diet foods, etc that no one wants to talk about. This is another distraction from the ASD/autism epidemic that, just like transgender and C0vid lockdowns/militarism, will also never go away. Fewer and fewer biological women will “regret” throwing feminity into the garbage can as rates of hyperandrogenism (a consequence of our intentional obe$ity epidemic/glyphosate and depravity/worse and worse sins being commited by women that once were chiefly seen in men such as p0rnography and violent acts in part due to A$D) and so forth. Today’s kids, trans or not, can’t survive to puberty without extreme screen addiction, TikTok/Tumblr and anti-depressant mood candies. This is a harsh fact that pro-transhumanism/pro-jab “self advocate” borgs such as ASAN outright deny. If your ASD kid was given shots with boy/girl DNA from animals/aborted fetuses, he/she is officialy a hybrid with both boy and girl DNA and no longer fully human, even before the 2020 jabs came. The ASD epidemic is even more profitable than the increasingly unavoidable need for anti-$uicide meds and such in more and more kids, yet no one openly talks about it except Anne Dachel/Loss of Brain Trust, the only website archiving literally 1000’s of articles about the massive costs of ASD and autism schools.

  2. Who the hell
    allowed this to begin with?There’s a violation alright to their hippocratic oath.First do no harm.These kids aren’t intersexed.That would be valid as it’s truly a medical and social issue.
    No these are teenagers that are confused many times having no clue as to who or what they are.
    Why the hell are parents allowing it ?
    Scared the child gestapo aka child protective services will take them.Which allows them to get the surgery anyway.
    Truly an appropriate punishment would be for someone to take these supposed doctors to the woodshed.

    which is a valid

  3. Larry Lightfoot (Chitcago mayor) has the same receeding hairline as the poor unfortunate child abuse victim in the first video. Larry Lightfoot probably has more testosterone in its system than Ms. Lindsey Graham.

  4. Well, I think those medical practices should end all around the world for kids and people under 18 (majority). Then, well it’s up to them. But I cannot understand how doctors and medical institutions are pushing those medical procedures… It’s just maney making and nothing else. Our medical system is totally fucked up. [Tennessean]

    It’s the worship of money driving this satanic abomination/insult to God. The root of all evil.

    • And those promoting it a quick visit to a rope. Absolute evil here to do this to innocent children. Zero tolerance. I read several years ago, that on one of the wagon trains going west, that a guy exposed himself to some young girls. He was hanging from a rope before the sun set. This gender crap on children is just as bad. Maybe worse as it ruins their entire life.

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