Weaponized weather destruction and costs skyrocketing as shown by recent horror attack of Hurricane Ian on Florida and the Carolinas

Weaponized weather destruction and resulting costs are skyrocketing as shown by the recent horror attack of Hurricane Ian on Florida and the Carolinas.
Weaponized weather destruction and resulting costs are skyrocketing as shown by the recent horror attack of Hurricane Ian on Florida and the Carolinas. Picture: Joe Raedle

As published in a recent official statement the engineered, devastating Hurricane Ian has caused $53 billion to $74 billion in insured losses, with a “best estimate” of $67 billion, according to new data released today from modeling firm RMS.

These preliminary damage totals would make Hurricane Ian the costliest storm in Florida history and second nationally to Hurricane Katrina when adjusted for inflation.

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The big picture

  • The storm, which devastated densely populated areas of southwest Florida — including Ft. Myers, Naples and barrier island communities such as Sanibel Island — killed more than 100 people in Florida alone… And this number is growing everyday…
  • RMS, which is part of Moody’s, also estimated the federal National Flood Insurance Program could see $10 billion in losses from storm surge and inland flooding from the storm.
  • Much of the damage from this storm is from water, with the coastal surge wiping out homes and businesses near the shore, and inland flooding hitting record levels across central Florida in particular.
  • Wind damage was less extensive, likely due to strict building codes in the region, according to Steve Bowen, chief science officer at reinsurance broker Gallagher Re.

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By the numbers

According to the Insurance Information Institute, 2021’s Hurricane Ida was the most expensive hurricane on record in Florida, with $36 billion in insured losses there.

Nationally, 2005’s Hurricane Katrina ranked at the top of the list, with about $85 billion in insured losses, when adjusted for inflation using the Consumer Price Index.

What they’re saying

Ian was a historic and complex event that will reshape the Florida insurance market for years to come,” said Mohsen Rahnama, chief risk modeling officer at RMS, in a statement.

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Bowen, who is currently surveying damage in Florida, said the damage from the storm surge has beaten his expectations. “The good news is that newer constructed buildings in many communities seemed to have performed very well given the intense wind speeds,” which he chalked up to strict building code standards.

Yes, but

Bowen cautions that final loss numbers won’t be known for many months.

Given the anticipated volume of storm-related litigation to come, everyone needs to be mindful of the ongoing financial uncertainty and that numbers are going to evolve for many months to come. If not longer,” he said.

There is no question that Ian will go down as one of the costliest U.S. natural catastrophe events on record, and one of the most expensive for the insurance industry. Where it finally lands on the Top 5 list? TBD.

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Hurricanes are becoming more intense, undergoing more episodes of rapid intensification and are delivering more rainfall due to weather engineering.

This may drive a future escalation in storm losses, though so far damage trends are dominated by the huge influx of people moving to vulnerable areas. [RMS, III, III, Axios]

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  1. My uncle was an intelligence op and code breaker in the Vietnam War and he was in the room when they were running missions of cloud seeding and flooding rice paddy to immobilize the Viet army. if you dont think the weather can be controlled, your pineal gland needs to be decalcified. Wake up

  2. Increased Hurricanes with increased intensity occur in fifty to sixty year cycles.Guess all of you forgot Camille 1969 Agnes 1972
    If we had the ability of weather Warfare why the hell didn’t we stop Hurricaine Ian?To make it look good.Give me a break on the BS already.

  3. Are the FL Hurricanes being staged to bring in total equality/Ordo Ab Chao communism? Such as biometric I.D.s? https://odysee.com/@True_World:f/Sick-China-Biometric-Payment-In-Stores-Digital-Total-Control-Zvracenost-Cina-Biometricke-Platby-za-Zbozi-v-Obchodech-Tolitni-Digitalni-Kontrola:2

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    States with conservative political views are being targeted for weather destruction. We already have a world of the walking dead with jabs now entering our meat and food supply. This is why: https://odysee.com/@True_World:f/Australia-Truth-About-Sick-Schwab-WEF-Totality-comming-by-senator-Malcolm-Roberts-Australie-Senator-Roberts-o-Zvracenem-Schwabovi-WEF-a-blizici-se-Totalite:0


    the virus is a lie and so is global warming: https://odysee.com/@True_World:f/Technocratic-Slavery-NWO-Total-Control-Digital-etc-spot-by-Maajid-Nawaz-Technokraticke-Otroctvi-NWO-Totalni-Ovladnuti-Digital-ID-spot-Maajida-Nawaze:4

    because cars aren’t “autism friendly/neurodiversity friendly”: https://odysee.com/@True_World:f/Sick-WEF-Car-Ownership-Elimination-next-NWO-step-spot-Zvraceny-WEF-Vyzyva-K-Zakazu-Vlastnictvi-Aut-jak-necekane-spot:1

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  4. One side claims every extreme weather event is due to “climate change.”
    The other side says it is phantom elitists “weather weapons.”
    It is hard to say who is more deluded.

    • During President Trump’s first term when he pulled us out of the Climate Accord, he said Climate Change was real. But it is not being caused by Man. It is a natural event, but it is outside norms. And just getting started. My only purpose in discussing it is to bring it out in the open. Seems folks would handle it better with some mental prep ahead of time. Others think no leave it alone. Let them be ignorant of it as long as possible. Everyone is different. They say most will deny anything is happening even as we get to the Pole Shift. And at least half of those who perish do so because they just sit down and do nothing. But I would think anyone going online and viewing a site like Strange Sounds, is aware something is going on. Just weigh the evidence and apply some Common Sense. Truly my only desire is greater understanding and better clarity. The extreme weather worldwide is not a delusion. Centuries old historical records are being smashed everywhere.

  5. Laura Ann,
    Nobody in their right mind would live near the water in Florida.

    You’re right. Nutsy Piglosi is drunk out of her mind, and owns a luxury home near the water in Florida.

  6. It is just spin for people to have something that Man controls to explain the increasing extreme weather worldwide. Just trying to keep the Common Man calm as long as possible. The idea that the same folks whose insurance companies are on the hook for 10’s or 100’s of $Billions in damages also are doing this to themselves is absurd. There’s an increasing Earth Wobble due to the approach of Planet X. Natural event. I have found most sites will allow all kinds of postings on the most ridiculous things, including Weather Warfare and Geoengineering. But most will not post a comment about an increasing Earth Wobble and that a person can prove this to themself by measuring the time and position of the Sunrise and Sunset. I wonder why? And then the fantasy the Government is destroying it so they can buy up land on the cheap is also absurd. Where does all the tax base come from when you destroy all the developed property?? If they had the tech, which they don’t, it still doesn’t add up. They do have nuclear bombs. Why don’t they set off a few of those covertly and claim terrorists did it?? You’re claiming the same thing with Geoengineering and Weather Warfare……………….

  7. We haven’t had a hurricane all year. Cant we give God some credit?

    Our God comes; he does not keep silence;
    before him is a devouring fire,
    around him a mighty tempest.
    He calls to the heavens above
    and to the earth, that he may judge his people:

    ….just sayin

  8. If weather engineering is the cause for more hurricane intensity with hurricane Ian, then where is the concrete proof?

    If we speculate about these matters, then that is not being scientific in the empirical sense.

    Yes, I do read weather engineering articles too. I don’t scoff at them. I just want concrete proof, or a whistle-blower with a genuine PhD at least that can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt weather weapons were used to make hurricane Ian more intense.

    • I would like to know why – when this horrible weather happens in, say, Vietnam – NOBODY is screaming about weather warfare.

  9. Much of that flooded area needs to be declared a wildlife preserve (wetlands) and FEMA needs to buy property so people can relocate to safer areas. No one in their right mind would live right on or near a beach in Fla. unless they were in a camper or motor home park so they could safely evacuate in time to safety. Building codes are slacking along with zoning.

    • The last thing we need is more government “ownership” of land. Government at every level keeps seeking to grow more government and obtain more revenue. They will not hesitate to trample Constitutional rights in the process.

      Forced building codes are a serious incursion on private property and have no legitimacy …… well ….. no legitimacy other than forced compliance via armed men. Outside of urban areas, there should be no building codes at all. Zero, zip, nada.

      • JimW,

        Yep, offgrid rural is much easier to skirt building code and the permit scheme. They don’t enforce code violations out here. They should in some cases, but don’t have the budgets or manpower is my guess.

      • A wetlands/wildlife preserve is fine, animals need peace and quiet and space away from traffic and noise. People need to live in safer areas.

    • You are correct that building in floodzones are a bad idea.Insome cases it was a bad idea to continue to build new Orleans for example.Unless the local population agrees to sell to the government its a bad idea.Its much more reasonable to refuse to insure homes that aren’t built to withstand hurricaines and floods within so many feet acres from the ocean river.Any house currently standing that isn’t will be grandfathered in.At which point if it is destroyed by hurricaine flood the claim will be paid out only once.They can’t rebuild unless they want to shoulder by themselves the cost of rebuilding.
      I also believe that if someone doesn’t want to rebuild should be able to keep their land.Perhaps given a hefty tax break for doing so.It would save the locality a bundle in the long run.

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