Can you see it yet? Every baby born will be issued with Digital ID


WORLD BANK GROUP is about to control everything we and our children have… Freedom… And that from the beginning…

Under the guise of ‘inclusivity and equality’ Every baby born will be issued with Digital ID.

DNA & biometrics stored for profit, by corporates and governments, you will trade freedom for convenience, they are banking on it.

That’s their timeline:

Timeline ID4D by World Bank Group
Timeline ID4D by World Bank Group

Yes, they are planning to start forcing governments to issue Digital IDs for when people are born. This is not a social security number or birth certificate. This is a Digital Identification that you will have the rest of your life. A bar code that encapsulates ALL of your information. That includes making money, banking, education and your continued compliance in an enslavement system.

Can you see it yet? [ID4D]

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  1. (Japan education ministry gives OK for students to talk while eating lunch at schools)

    “The hygiene management manual created by the education ministry states that measures including “positioning desks so they do not face each other” and “refraining from speaking in loud voices” are necessary during lunches, and in other settings where students eat in groups. It does not have a rule requiring all schools to have children eat lunches in silence, but in reality, many schools carry out such “silent lunches” out of consideration for the Japanese government’s original COVID-19 guidelines. This has sparked opposition from experts and parents, who believed eating in silence would lead to a lack in communication among children.”

    • That image (MTG’s unnatural-looking/non-human-looking face) was the thumbnail of this article on Bing’s homepage, if you can find it, please share it.

  2. Why do museums, art galleries, fast food joints, and “Scottish organizations” need to suddenly be armed to the teeth? Another plan-demic coming and neither party will stop it anywhere: (NEW PANDEMIC COMING TO ALLOW THE MARK OF THE BEAST TO TRACK YOUR EVERY MOVE AND CARBON FOOTPRINT by ColcasperKY)

  3. Faux News (Fox R0thschild News – not any better than CNN, MSNBC or anything like it) praises the man that wants to put computer interfaces/Metaverse chips/Metaverse vaxxines into everyone’s brains – Twitter’s “free speech frenzy” and RD “saving Florida” is being staged as both parties refuse to abolish the childhood vaxxine schedule, China’s “anti-CCP frenzy” appears to be staged by the CCP and East Asia (part of Mystery Babalon alongside the USA and EU/Rome) to give the world the illusion we’re “winning against the libs” which is a massive lie.

    Secular left and Christian right – both parties are controlled by Rome and her nations (even also Japan as they worship Trump there too, Trump is fueling Japanophilla among the young and old) to enslave, enrage, and stupidify the masses.

  4. “Flawless Utopia” Japan: SCARY SH1T: children are terrified of uncovered/non-private squat toilets where other children can openly see them doing number one and two. Yikes! The boys are much more scared of this than girls, though both suffer. (Over 1/4 of primary school kids avoid Japanese squat toilets, causing constipation: survey)

    “The Tokyo-based NPO defined constipation as having two or more and pre-constipation as having one of the following: defecating twice or less a week, stool leakage (discharge seen on underwear), having to hold in poop, hard stool, painful bowel movements, bleeding, or excretions large enough to clog the toilet.”

    “According to Kato, most elementary school students today use Western-style toilets at home. A September 2020 survey by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology found that only 57% of toilets in nationwide elementary and junior high schools were Western-style — up 13.7 percentage points from the 2016 survey, but still meaning that over 40% of school toilets were Japanese-style.”

    “Schools are aware that it is essential to increase the number of Western-style toilets. According to a 2020 survey by the education ministry, approximately 90% of all schools in Japan plan to install more Western-style toilets than Japanese-style ones. The ministry is also promoting the adoption of Western-style toilets by providing up to 70 million yen (about $495,000) for a single year for toilet replacement construction work.”

  5. Brave new neurodiverse world: the power of diverse needs!—unprecedented-levels-of-debt

    “School budgets have been subject to relentless cuts for over a decade. They have been forced to pare back their year-on-year spending in order to protect basic funding for the essential staffing and utility costs. This budgetary calamity could be the final nail in the coffin for many schools. We are going to see further staffing cuts with schools being unable to meet the diverse needs of the children and young people in their care.”

    • Obesity’s bad obviously, but this article attacks parents “babying their children too long” and praises Japanese parents letting their children out unsupervised into the streets. Sick. That advice is a freaking nightmare for the growing developmentally damaged generations of children who can’t safely do that. These same MSN freaks and both parties praise the M0TB shots.


    “You cannot hold a major political position in the United States today and be against any vaccines ordained by the medical priesthood, period.”

    “After he was accused of spreading vaccine misinformation, Fox News host Tucker Carlson has said that there may be “profound benefits” to the COVID-19 vaccine. Those benefits include lowering the severity of symptoms and hospitalizations related to the virus, Carlson said.”

  7. How many 5G/666G towers were secretly put up near schools during the plandemic? When online schooling became the norm, supposedly because “USA has nothing against homeschooling now” when states like NY, ND, PA and any others pre-plandemic had and have draconian, nightmarish “one size fits all” hyper regulated homeschool laws that are hell on earth for the growing autistic/developmentally disordered populations.

    All states – liberal AND conservative – have zero laws protecting children from letting their parents inject substances into them, let alone against their will. “Safer smaller” deadly food allergy/ASD shots are still required in all states just to attend school, even if MRNA snakebites aren’t mandatory. “Gardasil Girls” was the precursor to the M0TB.

  8. Democrats and Republicans both have nothing against the M0TB, digital I.D./ID2020 nor the rebirth of the Nephilim hybrid/”alien” monsters coming to terrorize America. This is through gene-edited “MRNA vax designer babies” from conception/black-eyed babies/”grey alien” babies from vaxxed moms. I believe the vax also puts RFID chips into the blood cells alongside Luciferase and changing Yahweh’s code from ATCG to ATCCCG (1056665) or otherwise corrupt it. And it turns your double helix into a MRNA CRISPR triple helix for God knows what.

    “The other thing that Florida Governor DeSantis did this week was sign off on a bill that extended COVID liability protections for doctors and healthcare providers such as hospitals and nursing homes.”

    “Giving doctors and medical facilities legal immunity from harming or killing people with COVID protocols is apparently a Republican “Conservative” issue, as only Democrats spoke out against extending this liability protection.”

    Desantis is to the Conservative Right as Rav Shlomo Yehudah is the false “messiah” to the Ultra-Orthodox peoples.

  9. Well Digital penis also will come and Digital orgasms… This world must be ends so we all can make new world base on love respect human rights of all. If this is digital world must collapses we all must celebrate it.Digital means cyber space no love respect or anything.

  10. Well Digital penis also will come and Digital orgasms… This world must be ends so we all can make new world base on love respect human rights of all. If this is digital world must collpases we all must celebrate it.

  11. Digital Ear Tags. These guys are losing the broader war, but never give up on their agenda. Their day is almost over.

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