In silence: G20 leaders have just signed a declaration which states that vaccine passports will be adopted to “facilitate” all international travel


Just when you thought this freaking war on COVID unvaxxinated had ended, G20 leaders have just signed a declaration which states that vaccine passports will be adopted to “facilitate” all international travel…

This means any vaccination the WHO determines you should have. Changing your rights & freedoms forever.

And of course silence from the media…

G20 Indonesia 2022: Elites decide to introduce Digital IDs and Vaccination proof for travels
Digital IDs and Vaccination proof for travels G20 Indonesia 2022

Prepare now! Protect your home and cars againts EMP, solar flare and lightnings

Here’s the whole G20 Bali Leaders’ Declaration if you want to read it…

The paragraph related to this article can be found under Point 23.

When things get bad you won’t be able to escape… This is very true if you know that globalists Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates were also present at the G20 in Indonesia

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  1. This shouldn’t be allowed to stand.In a way it won’t stand.Too many in the free world will say hell no.Especially those who choose to get the vaccine.
    Informed consent is the only way this vaccine should be taken.
    Forcing it is at best dystopia authority and at worst a bioweapon.
    Whether in fact or merely perception.
    My personal thought is that they will give travelers a different vaccine.One that may have a secret payload of a different vaccine thrown in.Different countries with different diseases allow a wider opening.Less chance to get caught and held accountable
    This doesn’t pass the smell test

  2. As the snakebite is becoming mandatory for international travel, a “heroic and miraculous” false christ emerges in Roman Israel:

    “It appears as though this Rav Shlomo Yehuda in Israel is very popular with the ultra Orthodox Jewish Religion and many are saying that he has done miracles of healing and has great divine knowledge. Is this man the AntiChrist or just one of many false Christs that will appear in these last days before Yeshua Jesus returns?”

    The ASD eruption trickles down like lava from a volcano, but everyone is distracted by the cough-coughs:

    And the collapse of schools is “fixed” by these atrocities:

  3. The fiasco that was Covid was so badly mishandled by the government that no one should ever trust a thing they say ever again! Really you shouldn’t have trusted them for anything in the first place, they’ve never had a good idea or done anything for the people that wasn’t forced upon them by some country wide protest. These vaccines should be banned and Pfizer held accountabe for all adverse effects till they run out of money! What’s needed is some Salem Witch trials where all the heads of these departments that got it so wrong are publicly disgraced and jailed! In fact the CDC recommended exactly the opposite of what should have been done and in fact increased everyones chance of having adverse effects happen to them…for their sponsors, Pfizer! Intimidation tactics and censorship of vital information along with false information delivered by government and big tech companies to force people into getting an experimental vaccine should be outlawed. What needs to be addressed and quickly is the deteriorating state of mental health in this country. Which your mask mandates have multiplied the situation that will be coming to light in a few more years. Nip it in the butt while you can. Build asylums to house these sick demented people and staff them with caring people rather than psychopaths.

  4. It’s hard for people to realise that not only does government not care about you one tiny bit, they would also now like you to die as soon as possible. The elite are eager to build their robot-created utopia where the entire planet becomes a nature preserve and the only remaining humans are sex slaves or meat for the war grinder.

  5. Vaxxas is set to come on line. High density micro array, quantum dot. This will tie the inner body self assembled nano network to the I.O.B.

  6. What a surprise, that the news media is silent on this. I can only hope it comes back to bite them. I wouldn’t want to be a unvaccinated journalist who was given a overseas assignment. Especially when the previous 3 all died within months of getting the death shot.

  7. Mandatory injections are the percussor to Revelation “Mark of the Beast”
    Not about health at all
    Population control??

  8. I am 77, travelled overseas when basic vaccines (small pox, polio, yellow fever) were required. There are many more shots today required that didn’t exist in the ’60’s and 70’s. Covid shots are a bio weapon and not effective anyway and lowers immune system, causing some to have blood clots or myocarditis. My travelling days are over except for local short trips People need to stand up against ongoing covid vaccines, which need to be banned.

    • ‘…need to stand up against….’ ?

      Like they did masks. For had they done, LIKE ME, and never wore one or said “show me this ‘law’ ” when I shopped, unmasked, WE WOULDN’T BE HERE.

      Anyone who put on a mask, complied, and brought us to this point.

      I’m proud I never did. I ‘went without’ a lot of things, many times, but I refused their $h!t sandwich.

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