New study suggests C19 is there to fulfill the depopulation agenda: Men infected with COVID have one third less sperm compared to uninfected men over 3 months later

Studies have found that COVID-19 can cause erectile dysfunction and reduce male fertility in the months after infection.
Studies have found that COVID-19 can cause erectile dysfunction and reduce male fertility in the months after infection. Stocksy

Interesting! Regardless of how you feel about procreation at this point in time, the fact that a massively widespread disease may be significantly decreasing male fertility is definitely a potential contributing factor to the collapse of the human race and society as we know it.

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And since it is now clear that being vaccinated increase your risk of getting the virus, this new research clearly shows that the vaccines were indeed a tool for their depopulation agenda

New study: Men infected with COVID have one third less sperm compared to uninfected men over 3 months later. Of 100 men infected and not hospitalized four had no viable sperm. Of 100 men not infected, none had this condition.
New study: Men infected with COVID have one third less sperm compared to uninfected men over 3 months later. Of 100 men infected and not hospitalized four had no viable sperm. Of 100 men not infected, none had this condition.

Here is the abstract of the new scientific publication:

“Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) is a single-stranded RNA virus that causes many diseases such as respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and gastrointestinal diseases.

“Although it has been shown that the angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 receptor, which has a high affinity for the SARS-CoV-2 is mostly expressed in the lungs, it is also expressed especially in the cells of the testicular tissue.

“Although there are studies showing the effect of SARS-CoV-2 on spermatogenesis, the effects of COVID-19 on sperm count, motility, and morphology are still unclear.

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“The aim of this study is to investigate changes in sperm quality in men who had recovered and never had COVID-19, therefore semen samples were analyzed from all individuals in the patient and control groups aged 20–50 years who agreed to participate in the study and voluntary in SBU Ministry of Health Adana City Training and Research Hospital.

“Two groups were selected (100 men had and recovered from COVID-19, and 100 men never had COVID-19) spermiograms from both groups were analyzed in accordance with the World Health Organization standards.

The sperm concentration of the COVID-19 negative group was significantly higher than those in the COVID-19 positive group.

“No statistically significant difference was detected between the groups for sperm motility and morphology.

It was observed that men with COVID-19 had decreased sperm concentrations suggesting that COVID-19 may have a negative effect on male fertility. However, in the long term, more comprehensive studies with a large sample size are needed to understand better the changes in sperm concentration.”

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  1. Back on subject:

    “Every politician at the National level in Washington D.C. who has been in office since 2020, as well as every State Governor in ALL 50 States who allow these shots to continue, are guilty of criminal intent to commit mass murder.”

    “ continues to be one of the only places on the Internet where medical doctors and nurses can go to report the horror they are seeing as a result of injecting people with these COVID-19 shots.”

    “If you know of pop-up clinics in your area that are pushing these boosters, distribute this information and educate parents! You will probably have to endure ridicule and scorn by the vaccine cult, but you could also save the life of an innocent child who is being led to the slaughter by their own ignorant parents.”

      • One of AOA’s founders was a gay guy, that is why they subliminally claim that “gay is good” and will “defeat trainsgenderism” which is ridiculous. AOA appears to subliminally (and Faux News openly supports) the satanic, anti-mother, anti-male, anti-father, anti-traditionalism TERF/radical feminism movement that praises lesbians and “tomboys”/”bulldykes” as “awesome alternatives to being trainsgender” and wants women to replace men and sees Japan as a flawless paradise (several TERF/radfem accounts have Japanophilia/obsessions with JP culture throughout them.) Disgusting!

    • What does homosexuality have to do with the Covid 19 hoax? You’ve done a great job of trashing this discussion. Probably why we don’t hear from 50cal anymore. Much of what you post is the same stuff, exactly, over and over and over and over……………….Some call that TROLLING a site. People lose interest. Maybe that’s the plan.

      • Because 1. AOA is a controlled-op masonic website, and 2. Strange Sounds barely posts anything exposing false saviors such as TC/RD/DT/etc – unless it won’t enrage its viewers.

        I’m not posting the “same stuff” even if its from the same truther websites almost nobody reads. It’s still important and SS should dive into these unspoken subjects.

      • This site is not about false saviors. It’s about unusual phenomena around the world. Much of your Truther stuff lakes depth and insight. In short it is BS. If I was interested in it, I would go there. There is a reason nobody reads those Truther Sites. Feel free to do so, but please leave it there or take it to the coffee shop with your friends. And I seriously hope SS never opens that door. I am here because I like what he’s doing. If you continue with the same off topic stuff, you are TROLLING. You are guaranteeing that most folks will make a point of never looking at those Truther Sites. Serious:-)

  2. These corporate “free speech soldiers” have nothing against the M0TB jabs and all future/childhood jabs:

    “Carlson says to Kennedy: I don’t think you’re crazy. You’re not anti-vaccine. You vaccinate your own children.”

    “Safer smaller real/selected vaxxines” is not any less harmful than the full death sentence CDC childhood snakebite schedule. A$D could make entire nations (especially the UK) collapse like a trail of dominoes.—unprecedented-levels-of-debt

    The connection between the “Christian” Right promoting h0mosxuality (seen on Tucker Carlson, the pro-gay/le$bian TERF/ radical feminist movement which seeks to exterminate all men, and even Age of Auti$m as one of its founders was a gay dude) and the spread of the M0TB serpent Nephilim seed…

    Why do all these organizations promote and praise gay while speaking against p.uberty blockers (for the most neurodevelopmentally impaired, mentally hospitalized generations in history)? They want these kids/teens/young men to basically spread the serpent seed via the jabbed to the unjabbed? Far more children are being taken out and permanently handicapped by things injected into the skin/blood than costly, time-consuming surgeries – be they bad or good. Injections/vaxxines are much cheaper, faster, and easier than surgeries, and horrifically both political parties make millions, if not billions, on the childhood vaxxine industry and the auti$m therapy/drug industry.

    And if you think these bills will magically “MAGA” then look what happened in North Carolina back in the 2010’s. An anti-“trains” (decode) bathroom law was signed, then it led to political unrest, and bam – NC is the most pro L.GBTQ state outside of California. These bills will turn countless states into the new NC via violent protests on both sides, children taking themselves out/harming themselves/raging and getting thrown into mental hospitals for GD induced crises, and more.

    Rather than preventing “it” by not injecting kids with the “alphabet soup” (decode) or other “alphabet soups” they sign these bills to cause violent protests, staged mass sh00tings, and basically turn every state into an NC.

  3. Misleading as Covid-19/sars-cov-2 doesnt exist, it has never been isolated ever, therefore it never existed. Its just a flu, all these studies are pointless as I wrap my head around how they can study something that doesnt exist.

  4. Forget the fake virus and all upcoming “viruses”: Brave new neurodiverse world! “Neurotypicals” are (in Daily Dot’s and Abbey’s eyes) evil, anti-communism monsters who want to contaminate all burgers with veggies and condiments! Before that story, see this disgusting shirt that CELEBRATES hellish sensory processing/feeding problems: (Meat, Cheese & Bun Only)

    Straight-up anti-neurotypical communism – otherwise I wouldn’t know what this is.

    “The question of whether autistic people, especially minors, can consent to their caregivers cherry-picking moments of their lives to put online is a complicated question for another day. But as a lot of these accounts are spearheaded by neurotypical parents, everything we’re seeing is filtered through the neurotypical gaze—meaning the way an autistic person is portrayed onscreen is from the point of view of a neurotypical person.”

    “One prominent example of this is 24-year-old TikTok star Abbey (@hatsbyabbey). Abbey is on the autism spectrum and garnered 1.2 million followers on the account centered around her life. Her mother appears to primarily be the one behind the camera recording videos of Abbey at the theme park, Abbey showing her stuffed animals, and Abbey sharing her love of Disney. The way she interacts with Abbey and the way she portrays her in the video appear childlike—although Abbey engaged in more adult activities, like dating, when Netflix included her in a U.S.-based autism dating reality television show Love on the Spectrum.”

    “Another TikTok, made in response to her mother saying Abbey wants to drink wine because “all the other adults do it” pointed out that in this video her mother is “implying that she [Abbey] herself is not an adult, which she is.””

    Too many adults ordering off kids menus these darn days:

    WTF -“Abbey does not have the fine motor skills to operate an app like TikTok. To assume she has no awareness of her own involvement in her TikTok account due to the conversational prompting and technical assistance she requires is discriminatory. To suggest she’s infantilized due to the gleeful innocence you see through the screen is deeply offensive.”


    “But my concern is for the children. Today it is legal in all 50 states to have a doctor declare that a parent is mentally incompetent and guilty of “medical neglect” for simply refusing to obey a doctor’s advice for your child, and then the state can come in and medically kidnap your child and put them into foster care where they can then legally give them any vaccine or drug they want.”

    “That is the real danger to these labels they want to put on anti-vaxxers, and there isn’t a single governor in any of the 50 states who is stepping forward to protect the children in their state from medical kidnapping, or from being harmed by experimental COVID shots by foolish parents.”

    “Admittedly, there are tremendous financial benefits to the states to require the CDC vaccination schedule, and just as some governors have taken a stand against mandating (that’s the magic word) the EUA COVID-19 vaccines, not a single one of them has taken any actions to prevent the EUA vaccines from being distributed in their states and being injected into the arms of millions of people, including children, so too they will not stop the schools from administering any of the vaccines, including the COVID-19 vaccines, once they are in the CDC schedule.”

    “First of all, they are not anti-vaccine. DeSantis even takes a positive stand on the MMR vaccine, which is a 3-combo vaccine for measles, mumps, and rubella, that has caused major injuries and deaths to children over the years, even though no child has died from measles itself in the U.S. for decades.”

    “They have done nothing to stop schools from following the CDC schedule, just as they have done nothing to stop clinics and schools from giving out the EUA COVID-19 vaccines to children, because they believe “parents should have the choice” as to whether or not they should try to kill their child with an experimental vaccine, while at the same time making efforts to make it illegal to kill their unborn child still in the womb.”

    “Parents should have the choice” to take out their innocent children with SADS shots according to provaxx RD and his masonic friends. Roe V Wade was suddenly overturned after Operation Warp Speed to help these vaxxine CRISPR/MRNA Nephilim/alien monster babies be born en masse, while the childhood vaxxine industry remains strong both left and right.

  6. It’s time to get a clue and I can shed some light on the liars.
    Nevermind me – just a Micro/molecular biologist who worked on corona- cloned a few of its genes and did some in-vitro work on its sloppy replicase, and I have developed vaccines.
    There is no way this common cold virus can reduce sperm count – its downright ludicrous- and there is no way to extensively modify corona and have it replicate, so dr evil in a lab is part of the fearmongering.
    The “vaccine” however, I guarantee you, producing a viral antigen in your own cells will produce various autoimmune diseases, cell and organ damage in your body when exposed to this common mild virus.
    Listen to me or not – I don’t really care at this point… clear your mind and understand the scam….but my serology/immuno prof is rolling in his grave at the idea of having the slightest contamination with nucleic acid in your antigen solution.

    • It is the so-called VACCINE that is reducing sperm count and causing still births to increase and causing sterility in women.

    • Seems you may benefit from your own advice. You may know a lot, like most scientists & doctors. It’s hard to not develop arrogance, I don’t blame them, I certainly would to some extent. especially with all the literal morons in the world.

      I think a big limiting factor for most drs/scientists are, they become very specialized, (kind of self compartmentalized) & only focus on one specific field or aspect, in doing they develop blinders + lose the ability to see the big picture. Become certain the key is 1 thing or another in their area of study. Get caught up to the point they dismiss important things. You see it all the time.
      I’m lucky enough to know a little about a lottt of things.

      but the real trouble is that most of you can’t fathom that what you were taught, for years, was largely based on lies. Obviously not everything. There’s truth everywhere. But in some instances, you can hide a lot of lies within a few crumbles of truth. It’s been relentlessly proven. So many things we just accept instantly due to precedence. When we were kids if we were taught trees were called dildos, we wouldn’t of ever thought twice about it.
      Imagine extrapolating that bc billions, trillions of dollars, & limitless control & power was on the line. The temptation for people in certain positions. & People being told, even believing they’re doing the “right” thing. Imagine there being extreme levels of blackmail. Imagine the 3 letter agencies being there to do the elites personal bidding. Or that majority of the funding for the FDA comes from big pharma. or 15 of the last 17 heads of it went to work for big pharma.

      I don’t know in depth science, I can’t do what you do. but I’ve read a lot, everyday for years, books & such. & Listened to 100s of doctors.

      & I don’t understand how you can work on something that’s never been PROPERLY isolated. Not poisoned altered manipulated etc. Another thing, the PCR test is complete BS. So you can’t prove there’s a virus, & you can’t accurately test for said virus. Before you scoff at things, please look at each thing I share WITHOUT a predetermined opinion. It’s difficult, but something we all need to work on. It took me a long time to shift then change my view. As humans, we tend to become so married to things/ideas that it’s destructive. Dr. Andy kaufman & Dr.Cowan especially are great, intelligent men.

      This film, among many others are very important for people to see.
      I have a list of 50ish documentaries you’ve probably never heard of. & Welllll over 100 books.
      I highly recommend searching for videos on Bitchute and Odysee. YouTube has taken almost everything that matters off.
      1 that they haven’t tho (cause it’s so old) is “what in the world are they spraying” – super recommend.
      A food for thought one is it’s an ongoing series of docs.

      Hell Google has become a manipulated joke, as proven by Robert Epstein. Whoever uses that for info ends up in circles. I suggest “brave” browser. Ions better for anything that matters.

      Actually just gonna share those, not trying to overwhelm, if you even read this. Those and the book “goodbye germ theory”

      Wilson, If you read that book, & it doesn’t change your world view.. I’ll give you a handy. Lol no but I’ll actually reimburse you for the book AND buy you a book. (Kinda like Tim James of chemical free body gives double your money back bc that’s how great he & his products are) Same goes for the rockafeller files (which I haven’t finished yet)
      Dammit 1 more that I’ll put my confidence in that I haven’t read yet but listened to Eustace talk is murder by injection. like you said, clear your head first.
      I believe the audiobook is free on Spotify on the extremely informative page the fact hunter. If you listen to that channel & macroagressions, & can even dispute 1 episode I’d be very impressed.

      Regardless of what is up or down, us all fighting one another is music to their ears & exactly what they want. Not to mention it’s preventing the ONLY shot we have at saving humanity. & That is not an exaggeration in the slightest. We’re running out of time, if we haven’t already. The last thread is the CBDC. If that passes it’s game over.

  7. I’ve developed rashes after having 2 doses of the Pfizer Vaccine, which I have never experienced before. I also was crook for about 5 weeks from the flu shot, all due to the requirement to work. Once probation was up, they let me go due to client changes in what work is available. Aka they are looking for more people to get sick, I hope I recover from the double shot Pfizer. Won’t ever take an injection again for things like that, just for the sake of earning money to have a better living. If that’s not forced control, I don’t know what is.

    • I never received any C0V1D shots nor PCR tests at all, yet still feel sick with throat phlegm. Just being near vaxxed people makes me feel physically nauseous/as if about to vomit.

      • My remedy is as follows: Ivermectin as prophylactic bi-monthly for all covid infections and the gamut of supplements to boost immune system; Vitamin D3, Time released C (must be time released or you’ll have to take it every 2 hours) Calcium, and Zinc.

      • No, it’s because your body is way over toxified, probably dehydrated. If you eat like crap and use all the normal soaps shampoos toothpastes etc you’re ingesting 100s of poison chemicals everyday. Your body can’t keep up anymore. Try looking up ingredients to any of them on pubchem & your world will flip upside down.

  8. Covid 19 does not exist. A half a dozen of our top Universities has not been able to detect or isolate a Covid 19 using samples from the CDC. Only thing they find is Influenza A and B. Even the CDC admits they’ve never isolated it. No Nation on Earth has isolated it and have admitted this. The only thing that says Covid 19 exists is the phony test kit. (Which is not a test for any kind of virus). But I imagine any Cold or Flu infection may have an effect on sperm count. Certainly, a woman whose body is under stress has a lower chance of conceiving. But all evidence indicates the Covid 19 Shot does affect fertility. Time to end this hoax. The Liars will use it as a distraction from what’s really going on as long as possible. Insane world.

    • Gary, I have heard about that and I think I agree but there is SOMETHING that was going around last year which my brother caught. They called it “Covid Pneumonia” yet they didn’t test to see if it was viral or bacterial. How do you treat any pneumonia without knowing what it is? I’ll tell you how THEY treated it. O2 for 3 weeks and first 5 day round of Remdesivir. He improved slightly after 2 months in hospital and was sent home. Very quickly got worse and back to hospital. Intubated for another month and given 2nd round of Remdisavir, steadily declined and one month later died in “covid hospice” full of Morphine and Fentanyl. So whatever it was (and I have narrowed it down to having contracted whatever it was from the stupid TEST that he took) it killed my only brother on March 11 this year. Anyone have any ideas about what that was that killed my brother and so many others earlier this year and late last year?

      • Jim,
        Very sorry to hear that. All info I have on Remdesivir is it’s a death sentence. It should be avoided as much as the ventilator push. Also, a death sentence. Last year there was a powerful Flu going around that was indeed hard to get over. They also called it the Delta Variant. What I understand, is the people in India were refusing the Vax. They were using Hydroxychloroquine to cure the Flu they were calling Covid 19. So, they did release a souped-up, engineered flu that was selected to be resistant to Hydroxychloroquine. This was to get them onboard with the Vax push. The folks of India switched to Ivermectin and killed it with that. Still refused the shot. But the world has people flying all over, and this souped-up flu they called the Delta Variant soon spread and hit the USA last year. I also caught it, and my wife did in July of 2021. First flu I’ve had in 20 years. First flu she’s ever had. Was a bitch to get rid of. Started by inhaling Colloidal Silver from a small sonic humidifier. Put it right on my chest and breathed it in. This kept my lungs clear. My wife didn’t do this, and she ended up with a Pneumonia. She did O2 for a few days. High Vit C and D3 and Zinc. Finally, some Ivermectin and was like magic. Killed what was left in a couple days. Evil times.

      • Sorry about your brother Jim. Yes, ingesting chemicals non stop. You don’t have to know what it is. The remdisavir is shit. You just said another dose & he declined more. Put 2 and 2 together. We all have been so brainwashed to overlook things. If they filled the clot shots with poison, what makes you think all the other “treatments” aren’t poison too?? The water, toothpaste has fluoride in it. AKA A BYPRODUCT OF ALUMINUM.
        Up until a week ago I thought ivermectin was good. My jaw hit the floor when I saw the ingredients. The ingredients are everything. 99% of stuff is made with things that destroy our body in one way or another. I absolutely dare you look up the ingredients to everything you consume or use. Shampoos everything. It will take a while but your world will change dramatically. things will never be the same. Gary is 100% correct.
        The only thing in the world that can heal us is our own body. That’s it. It just needs the nutrients to do it. We’ve been so lied to, like them saying our body is attacking itself therefore here ingest these chemicals. Crock of shit. Manipulating our trust. Complete fkn lie. So after 2 million years of evolving our body just doesn’t know what the fuck it’s doing? Give me a break.
        The entire scawy viwus non sense. If it was like they said, everyone on earth would of caught it in a week. Multiple people in a household get sick because they’re ingesting the same crap food, using the same toxic soap. Breathing the same air whatever.

        Our body creates viruses to fight off the toxins WE put in it.
        Order the book goodbye germ theory, like now. & thank me later. Murder by injection. The contagion myth. Over 100 more I can recommend. Thrift books is a good place to read bios about books, & order older ones.
        Watch this video.
        It mentions this ground breaking study by Dr.rosenau no one (by design) knows about.

        & Use Bitchute to look for videos. Like with drs Andy kaufman and Tom Cowan. “Odysee” as well. Use brave browser over google.

        1 more I highly recommend listening to, to get going on the right path. Like seriously listen to it soon as you can. You owe it to your brother to prevent anyone else you love from the same fate. It will resonate I promise.

        I’ve lost my parents grandparents everyone to the corrupt medical industry & have spent 1000s of hours reading & listening & now I just wanna help others.

        Also 5g is a military weapon.
        If you find the doc blue truth you literally won’t believe what you’re reading (it’s only in Spanish lol)
        They want us to consume metals as much as possible. It’s in so much now. I can’t even hardly find pickles without alum in them. Metals + 5g = …?
        Metals build up in your brain, is the cause of Alzheimer’s & many others.
        They don’t have to list nano particles in ingredients. Guess what’s in the vaccines.
        Guess what they spray everywhere, why all the trees are dying.
        Look up “what in the world are they spraying” it’s actually on YouTube bc it’s so old.

        The fact hunter & macroagressions on Spotify. Will learn more from them than you could ever imagine. Just going through the bios in the episodes alone you’ll s**t a new d**k

        I hope this was helpful.

        Good luck Jim. If you follow all I’ve shared your life will dramatically change for the better. What you consume (even through your skin) is everything. Can’t emphasize that enough.

        Avenge your brother with positive actions. share the truth you learn with others. Knowledge is power & teaching is the first and most important step. if you’re a good person, you’ll be beyond inclined, I guarantee it.

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