Video: Man forced to rake his way into home due to massive tumbleweed pile

Tumbleweed apocalypse buries house in Colorado
Tumbleweed apocalypse buries house in Colorado. Picture via Youtube video

A man in Colorado found himself nearly unable to enter his home due to a massive pile of tumbleweeds.

The neighborhood, located south of the Colorado Springs Airport, is no stranger to wind damage. But Ian Barnes said he never expected the mess in his yard Sunday morning.

I looked out my backyard, it didn’t seem so bad, and then I went out the front yard and it was pretty crazy,” Barnes said.

A massive pile of tumbleweeds buried Barnes’ front yard, car, and were encroaching on the house itself.

Barnes found himself having to rake his way back into the house.

I just kind of muscled through it. It wasn’t … they’re not too bad, there are a lot of stickers and stuff, but not too bad to get through,” Barnes said.

Barnes’ plight became the neighborhood’s entertainment.

A lot of neighbors coming through, taking photos, asking if they can help, stuff like that, so it’s been pretty nice to see the neighborhood come together … I’ve just been appreciative of that,” he said.

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  1. Well when you live in a Desert area expect Tumbleweeds, lack of rain and HOT air temps…it’s called a DESERT for that REASON!!!

    • Mike,

      All those rock and cinder companies spread cinders full of tumbleweed seeds too. I didn’t have so many when I moved up in the mountains, but we don’t get road maintenance here. We have to hire trucks to gate-spread cinders on our dirt roads. After, spreading cinders that’s when the tumbleweed problems started.

  2. There was an old Outer Limits, 1963 episode where the tumbleweeds attack like that.

    We get them. The stickers in tumbleweeds really embed themselves and it’s easy to get infected. We use a propane torch, and burn those devils. Usually you will see fences with them piled up from westerly winds out here.

      • 1964 —Yep, and now I have the complete series on dvd. Got twilight zone series now too. Original Star Trek is enroute due on 9th. We don’t get tv here, so dvd is it for me.

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