USPS is suspending services in Louisiana and Tennessee “due to safety concerns”


Could this be related to the coming MIDTERMS mail apocalypse?

USPS closing in Tennessee and Louisiana
USPS closing several post offices in Tennessee and Louisiana. Picture via USPS

If you’ve ever had your mail not show up on a regular delivery day or gone to the post office during normal business hours only to find it closed, you’re aware that consistent mail service is not always as promised.

As a federal agency, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is responsible for ensuring everyone across the country has access to postal resources, but operations can be adjusted when it’s deemed necessary to do so. That’s especially true when it comes to safety, whether for postal workers or for customers.

Now, certain U.S. residents are learning just that. Read on to find out where the USPS is now suspending services “due to safety concerns.”

The USPS is not only responsible for ensuring all households in the U.S. have access to mail service. According to the agency, safety is also one of its top priorities. “The Postal Service takes the safety of our employees as seriously as we take our commitment to delivering America’s mail,” Linda DeCarlo, the agency’s senior director of Occupational Safety and Health, said in a June 2022 statement.

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As part of that responsibility, the Postal Service will curtail operations when safety becomes a concern. In March, the agency stopped deliveries to Russia amid the country’s invasion of Ukraine. Then in July, the USPS suspended service at its Processing and Distribution Center in St. Louis, Missouri and closed a post office in the state due to historic flooding.

In September, residents in an Ohio neighborhood stopped receiving USPS deliveries after a letter carrier was attacked by a loose dog on the street. “The safety of our delivery employees and the aim to provide great customer service are both paramount to who we are as an organization,” USPS spokesperson Naddia Dhalai told The Vindicator at the time.

Now, safety concerns are at the center of new service suspensions from the agency.

The USPS just suspended services in two states

People in two different states are currently dealing with new service suspensions from the USPS. According to the agency’s Service Alerts page, a few post offices in Louisiana and Tennessee are no longer open to customers right now.

In the first update made on Oct. 28, the Postal Service said that “operations are temporarily suspended” at the post office in Evangeline, Louisiana. Customers are being directed to the nearby Jennings Post Office for all operations at the moment. “Customers can pick up their PO Box mail at the retail counter,” the USPS said.

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On Oct. 31, the Postal Service issued another update, this time alerting customers to service disruptions at two different facilities in Tennessee. According to the alert, both the Chattanooga Main Post Office and the Chattanooga Finance Station have had their operations “temporarily suspended until further notice.” The USPS said the nearby Eastgate Station Post Office and Murray Lake Hills Station Post Office will serve as alternate locations.

In a separate local news release issued Oct. 28, the Postal Service said the suspension in Evangeline was “due to safety concerns.” The agency added that the alternate location in Jennings will serve customers “until repairs can be made” to the Evangeline Post Office but did not explain why the facility needed repairs. “We apologize for this inconvenience to our customers and hope to have the office fully functional again as soon as possible,” the USPS said.

The Postal Service did not explicitly call out “safety concerns” as the cause of the Chattanooga facility closures. But when apologizing for the inconvenience, the agency referenced its commitment to safe operations. “The safety of both customers and employees is our highest priority,” the USPS said in a separate Tennessee news release issued Oct. 31. According to an ABC News report, a fatal shooting just occurred at the Chattanooga Post Office on the night of Oct. 30.

While the Evangeline and Chattanooga closures are the two most recent updates, they are not the only postal facilities still closed to the public. From the beginning of October, the Postal Service has also alerted customers to post office closures in Mosinee, Wisconsin; Grandview, Iowa; Pemberton, Ohio; Stanley, New York; and Birmingham, Alabama. All of these locations appear to still be temporarily shut down as no new updates have been made regarding reopenings.

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The Mosinee Post Office was closed following “structural damage to the lobby caused by a vehicle impact,” while a building fire prompted the suspension of services in Grandview, according to the USPS. A fire had also broken out at the Pemberton Post Office right before it was temporarily closed, but the Postal Service said the post office closure in Stanley was the result of “unforeseen roof repairs.” And the most recent closure at the Bluff Park Post Office in Birmingham was made “in an abundance of caution,” with the USPS confirming to local news channel ABC 33/40 that structural issues at the facility were creating a safety concern. [Best Life Online] has been banned from ad networks and is now entirely reader-supported CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK

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  1. Read a few lies in the comment section. Is is not popular to tell the truth anymore? Millions and dying from the deadly vaxx. Are God’s children so ignorant that they believe everything the fake news is saying. This earth is being destroyed because of an epidemic of evil men.

    • Mostly it’s that grumpy old troll “.50 calories”. If the snake bite is just a “precursor” to the “real motb” why are snake bite passengers’ foreheads and hands/arms already glowing? The MOTB is multi-faceted and already in various forms, not just hand chips but also syringes and swabs. For Christians who’ve taken this poison (our nana, and our youngest adult brother – mom was involuntarily swabbed though not vaxxed) I’m praying for them daily that Yahweh, who is also Yeshua Jesus, takes the poison away from their bodies, especially the luciferase.

      Elon Musk loves antichrist Pmurf and his army of deceiver Pmurfs, such as Desanta Claus (he praised the snake bite in front of his sheeple), Ronald Reagan (removed all liability for childhood snake bite damage since 1986), and “Savior” Surgeon General who only advises against the snake bite for young men – while being fine with women, old men, girls, and babies getting bitten with M-RNA MOTB gene destruction and 9 pages of side effects.

  2. May we search for and find the Truth. And love it and abide in it and share it and may Truth prosper greatly. In Christs Jesus’ Mighty Name.

  3. So, the closures are to help with the fraudulent voting? remember the fake president said be patient, it takes time to count all the votes…. Does the closures affect the mail in ballots?

  4. Vax and Nasal Swab:

    These are NOT the Mark of The Beast.

    Fake vaxed and nasal swabbed people can still buy and sell.

    The probable Mark of The Beast will be the neural implant. You can thank Eloon, and Yuval Harrari for this transhumanist crap.

  5. Folks no one should be forced to take a covid vaccine.The choice must
    be the individuals and in context with their health exposure to virus and likelihood of serious consequences.The states mentioned have some of the highest voluntary Vax rates.Key word voluntary.
    Republicans believe in freedom too bad most democrats believe in slavery servitude and ignorance.The last is the worst as by trying to keep people ignorant the rest is achieved.

  6. The action taken in Chattanooga was due to an accident/homicide near the post office in question. You are reading too much into this.

  7. Uses their head, (you should try it sometime!)

    Trump may have said the vax was, ” safe and effective.” That would be before people started having adverse reactions!

    If he was deceived by his advisors(like Fraudchi and Birx), then that would be something he would say. in the early days of the scamdemic!

    ▪︎He didn’t mandate fake vax.
    ▪︎He took alternative treatments.

    The leftists ie., communist dirtbags are the ones that mandating vax, masks, social distancing.

    You are an imbecile.

    • Mickey d,

      You are 100% correct. Trump must denounce the fake vax, and castigate the liars and deceivers if he is to get my vote!

  8. signs of the times

    flyn signs on cardboard, yeah signs of the times.

    me in 2019

    Luke 9:58
    And Jesus said unto him, Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head.

    Christ Je’sus was homeless. Not everyone that is homeless is a meth, alcolic, menally ill person. must look at all thse rich that lost their homes in hurricanes, tornados, fires, medical ect. you wll see…..

  9. another favorite of mine.

    three books opened

    im not so worried about the Lambs DNA book of life, ( never got SCHWABed / vaxxed )the book of Remembrance, or Lord God Almighty please forget the sins of my youth.

    Job 14:17 kjv
    My transgression is sealed up in a bag,
    and thou sewest up mine iniquity.

  10. I am not a smart person. When I got baptized ( age 13 and still have my red bible that survived a
    house fire)I asked God Almighty that I wanted to “know stuff” 1,291 Bible verses. I should have asked for Wisdom as well. However God in his Wisdom, granted me the Holy Spirit after being baptized for discernment. Anyone can have this too when you get Baptized.
    Mark 13:14 kjv
    But when ye shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it ought not, (let him that readeth understand,) then let them that be in Judæa flee to the mountains.

    standing where IT ought not, IS in the body temple of God. 191 verses in the kjv Holy Bible.

    I dont know how much longer we can post, evangelise here. If have the $ I would contribute. But Iostn my farm and living out of my van and tent. Well the poor shall inherit the earth. The great tribulation isnt a walk in the park.

    Endure to the end brothers and sisters in Christ Je’sus

  11. My observation is this: All federal employees where mandated to get vaccinated, exept federal postal workers.

    Of late the federal postal workers have been required to be vaccinated (Not on basis of federal mandate). The Gov’t did ask the employees to reveal testing data, they had to be PCR tested.
    Of course, the people who got PCR tested later became willing subjects to get the MOTB vaccine.

    I believe what we are seeing is the MOTB vaccine killing off the federal postal employees now.

    Have you ever notice this? That there is staffing shortages everywhere. In grocery stores where there are 20 POS checkout stands designed for a lot of people making purchases, you will maybe see 3 cashiers on a busy day. Also the same store use to have every aisle filled with people shopping, now maybe you see a handfull walking the shop floor.

    To put this in perspective, many shops now you see posted on the door “Now hiring”. Then shops close locations due to staffing issues. The media says people staying at home collecting unemployment, which I don’t believe because the media also says that unemployment is low.

    Firstly, where did the employees go? Died off is more likely.

    We’re seeing the same thing with the federal postal employees. Shutting down locations due to “Safety issues” (How many fires and/or car crashes are happening at the post offices now?!).

    Convient timing using the mid term elections as a cover for the post offices shutting down. Even if Republicans win, Democrats en masse rioting in big cities, and USPS will say that they can’t deliver mail because of rioting.


  12. Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds” have long been associated with the American postal worker.

    Well, that old saying just went down the crapper.

  13. ty Anonymous poster for all your links. I’ve been reading here for some time now. I have bookmarked your links, the airport scanner confirmed what the Holy Spirit told me. yep, no paper passport, smartphone, rfid chip implant needed. its the vax / nasal schwab MOTB they can see by the False antichrist light emitting from them, luciferase. ty too Manuel for all your posts. I think I ran out of room for all your bookmarks! We pray for your bravery to continue posting. God bless you in the name of Christ Je’sus

  14. “The safety of both customers and employees is our highest priority,”
    Nope, delivering mail is their highest priority. The “safety” thing, always meaning oppress you “for your own good” has just about run its course.

  15. If these offices are in that bad of shape…build a new building while using a LARGE trailer for the postal service.

  16. If you are a healthcare worker in England, you’re no longer allowed to refuse Autism Training – will soon be mandatory in the USA and all countries:

    “The new programme has been named the Oliver McGowan mandatory training on learning disability and autism in memory of the teenager. A two-year trial has been taking place involving more than 8,000 health and care staff.”

    I remember grand openings for shoppes and theme parks – now we have autism center grand openings! Defibrator grand openings next?

    ESE erupting across Ireland:

    Remember that chief of MAGA said “take the vaxxines, i am the father of the vaxxine, i take them they’re good, safe and effective” and Desantis also got caught praising the MOTB shots. These are solid FACTS, not disinfo or such terms from angry dump-lovers who endlessly harass truth tellers.

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