Another sick brand, Caroline Bosmans. Balenciaga was definitely not a mistake.


After Balenciaga and Gucci, now Caroline Bosmans, an elite brand for the rich in Belgium.

This brand has exactly the same thematic as the Baalenciaga ad campaign. It’s not a coincidence or a mistake whatsoever, but a sick trend going on in the high fashion world.

All these brands just want to shock to sell more…

Doing so, they legitimize the use of children (or for them fresh meat) as objects of seduction and of sexuality.

Such ads should be banned, even if some sickos consider those pictures ‘ART.’

Coincidence or not, true or false, sane or crazy, you can theoretically, for the sake of the argument, connect this to Epstein’s case, Hunter Biden laptop, Biden smelling children, and… why not, Pizzagate.

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  1. PedoEpstein had many fashion moguls at his PedoIsland. Those underground tunnels were burried by “authorities.” Why? The tunnels were where satanic cannibal black magick rituals were performed. Those tunnels cost $29,000,000 to excavate.

    Many of the fashion mogul names were on the flight manifests. The fashion industry itself has been a hotbed of pedosodomites and pimpery since they were pushing skin tight pants for men back the early 1970’s.

  2. Very nasty and very sad. “Birthday Boy” picture is painfully obvious, Reddit-style mockery of our creator. Sadly, Tumblr – and such websites’ zombies – would defend this pee-dough crap in the name of “free expression”, as Japan protects C.P. ped. manga/anime/”art” and their creators in the name of “free speech”.

    A commenter on this truther site? She lost three tech jobs – 3 tech jobs – by talking about her vkcsine demon possessed, aluminum damaged pharmakeia victim, her poor ASD son. Something’s not right. Pee-dough “culture” and violent sickness “neurodiversity” flourishes as all hell is unleashed onto USA Babylon and her sons and daughters.

    “I lost literally 3 jobs in tech that I know of when I mentioned anything about my son. In one case that he was my mostly recovered (that’s impossible) in another that he struggled (that’s against neurodiversity concepts , another when I saw a coworker experiencing vax injury with her child. Lost jobs, stalled my career.”

    “Neurodiversity” movement praises corporate for-profit OT/SLP/such therapies meant to keep your vckks victims cattle for the WEF/UN/CFR and 15-minute cities/”accessibility cities”, colleges, useful “diverse” slavery, and mental hospitals (pharmakeia Auw.shwitz camps/Forth

  3. the disgusting perverted child abusing satan worshippers that run the world have no idea how truly fu***d they are now – they openly admitted who and what they are , what their plans are , and their plans are falling apart – they said the planet would be entirely on digital money (CBDC’s) by 2018………. your 4 years behind globalist perverts………. you intended to inject the planet 10 times each , well thats not gonna happen ……….the BRICS nations are now laughing at the magic money people , thats why they are so desporate to steal Brasil election ……….The Federal Reserve and ECB’s infinate money printing is now on display for all to see , thats how they are keeping the dead economies running , and we are looking right at them as they do it …….Never before in human history have this many people been wide awake to the dozen parasitic family bloodlines that print all the money out of thin air , give to themselves and lend out to all their central banks………. we are looking straight at you ….and now they are openly admitting that they like to torture children….. OUR CHILDREN….. we are coming for you

  4. I have a hard time even looking at these pictures, Manuel. Sad how evil these entities (Not Human) are. One reason, perhaps the main reason, the White Hats are keeping the War hidden from the public and entertaining us with the Biden Show, is they know the Public could not handle how depraved most of those they look up to are. Also, if they found out 90% of our elected officials are involved, the Public would have a complete loss of faith in Government.

    • Loss of faith in government happened to me over 35 years ago. Problem is that other countries are worse, so escaping this satanic reality is not possible. Offgrid is about as close to an escape as possible.

      • Yes, they are. The USA has held out from complete takeover by the Globalists, which is why it is getting so stupid here. The USA is standing in the way of their Master Plan to own the world. So, it’s the Front Line, so to speak. Why they are throwing every perversion at us they can. They made a mistake though by not getting complete control of our Military. Interesting that nobody from the so-called Biden Administration is allowed in the Pentagon. And the Military did not support Nato moving into the Ukraine. And the Fed raising interest rates against the wishes of Davos. Have to be observant to see the Satanists do not have full control and appear to be in retreat.

      • 50cal,
        Excellent article. And spot on with other sources. The truth is coming out. When you realize the extent of the Satanic Control Grid, then any site like SS will have several Trolls at work. Besides the obvious one we are very familiar with, there is another who changes his handle and blends in better. But writing style IDs him and his narrative as well. But light is starting to shine on Evil, and their days are numbered. Thank You!!

      • Thanks Gary,
        Yeah, saw the stealth troll I think you are talking about. Been here two years or so, and kind of notice ’em come and go. Most try and make the site look stupid, but end up merely exposing their own stupidity.

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