Disturbing videos and pictures! I don’t want that for my children! Stop the insanity!


Our society is getting sick, is rotting from the inside… Do you think this is children friendly? I don’t…

Bringing your underage children to one of these shows is just sick…

Being homosexual or not knowing where you belong is a thing, but please do not push radical gender ideology onto our children – in shops, in ads, in classrooms, in libraries and even in church – because it is inherently dangerous…

Why are people happy to expose children to men wearing thick makeup and fake lady-parts portraying a histrionic, sexed-up version of womanhood? I have no idea.

It’s like in a strip bar…

There is no reason children should be attending events like Drag The Kids To Pride. The problem is not the fact men are dressing up as women; the problem is the manner in which they are doing it… It is sexualized…

Is this politically correct - children drag shows
Is this politically correct? children drag shows. Picture via Twitter

Some politicians have proposed banning children from drag performances and even criminally charging parents who take their kids to one…

drag shows for children
drag shows for children. Picture via Twitter

Taking children to a drag show is the equivalent of sitting them in front of the latest music video featuring a twerking pop star in very little clothing, and calling it children’s entertainment. Why this even needs to be said is an alarming sign of cultural regression.

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  1. Who’s the fake Christian? I believe it’s FifteeCow – liar, extremely foul-mouthed, bearing EXTREMELY rotten fruit, laughing at anyone who disagrees with him. You’re going to Hell like most lukewarm/disgusting “Christians” are. RD is provaxxine and loves the destructive auti$m epidemic that’s softening children to D shows/p0rnographic materials being taught at vaxxine camp schools.


  2. .50CAl the Anonnymos is agent of Black operations to disunite us do not pay attention to him.
    Which Countries Believe WWIII Is Coming?
    After a pandemic, rampant inflation, a faltering global economy, and geopolitical flare-ups, it’s no surprise that people have a souring outlook on the future.

    Even so, the results of this recent survey by Ipsos are eyebrow raising. As Visual Capitalist’s Nick Routley reports, in all 33 countries where polling took place, the majority of respondents said they believe a world war on the scale of WWI and WWII would break out between global superpowers in coming years.

    Here’s a look at how various countries felt about the possibility of an impending global conflict:
    This Christmas will be last Christmas that in many nations next one no one knows any more with Atom Bombs and WW3 Israel attack Iran is imminent… China sent b Bombers in to Taiwan , China clashes with Indian troop at LOC … and world is at war … Merry Christmas and Happy New Year we all say
    to every one we do not care if like it or not…

    • What pal? I don’t endorse CNN nor MSN AT ALL. What an accusation-filled anti-free-speech clown you are. I’m not supporting child s changes at all but called out a “patriot” CFR-selected puppet. USA is Babylon and the Eagle is the Phoenix. You’re the prime example of a pharisee/human viper our creator warned about in the NT. Accusing me of spam/supporting childhood s changes/drag shows when I say ONE THING against a political celebrity.

  3. If this is freedom is better UK Imperialism and expansionism destroy USA … Hell with this freedom
    Well sex is good between men and women.. Now we have 52 kinds of names for humankind…
    It is very bad and third shaking planet of world will happen… Are you all ready..

  4. 5oKalories thinks I’m promoting this D queen/D king trash which I’m not. But children should NOT be taken away from parents under the guise of protection when RD makes money from involuntary hospital procedures including forced vaxxxines. Why not punish the braindead parents instead of the children?

    “Christians” talking about graphic p0rn 0rg1es on a “free speech” website and endlessly attacking truthers who don’t want their real names or addresses revealed. Live life based on Ezekiel 3, not on 1d0l w0rsh1p or er0t1cally bashing turthers.

  5. Marxist-satanists always try and work to attack the nuclear family. They are notorious for sexualizing children and degenerate sodomite behavior. Rome was plagued with this degeneracy. Babylon had castrati priests that would dress a females and do sodomite activity. Greeks were also notorious pedohomos.

    No shortage of civilizations which have been ruined and are now defunct. The are relegated to the dustbin of History for good reason! Perversion is against God!

  6. The Molochs/Satanists are at war with all that is good and decent. They know their time is short so are all in. Those perverts on display in front of children should be delt with.

    • Parents of these kids are perverts for taking them to these shows. Stupid parents raise kids to be trans. genders.

  7. R0nny Dee wants to let parents freely choose to harm their helpless children with his Nephil1m MRNA potions from his dad D.J.T., but attacks the very small/much smaller number of stup1d parents who take their kids to D. shows. Instead of jailing the parents he wants the kids taken into foster care to be po1soned with any drug and vaxxxine they want. Only 5% of parents do NOT willingly vaxxx1nate their children according to Health Impact News.

      • .50cal,
        This is a copy and paste post by the Troll. I have seen the exact same post on other threads. His style is in your-face and designed to anger and trigger folks. Get them to go home. Exact opposite of the Troll’s claims of educating people. It does not care about others. Total fraud. Hang in there:-)

      • I know. The same moronic drivel over and over. Anonymous Buttclown needs to go get one of those poop-kooter buttvagina operations, and get a job blowing other buttvagina people.

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