Gaslighting! Swastikas all over! Am I actually seeing this symbol? From the New York Times?


Nothing says “Happy Chanukah” like a puzzle in the shape of a swastika. Today’s New York Times crossword puzzle layout sure looks like a swastika.

New York Times Swastika
New York Times Swastika

Am I actually seeing this symbol? From the New York Times? During Chanukah? Which editor missed this?

The complaints about it led to a tweet from the New York Times’s Games account go viral, in which it swears it’s not a swastika: “Yes, hi. It’s NOT a swastika. Honest to God. No one sits down to make a crossword puzzle and says, ‘Hey! You know what would look cool?'”

A close look at the tweet, through, shows that it was posted in 2017—the last time this happened.

It appears not to have yet commented on the latest puzzle (December 18, 2022) which isn’t a swastika. LOL!

Probably just a coincidence… like this naval base in San Diego, California…

swastika naval base San Diego
swastika naval base San Diego

And this other coincidence: Apec 2022

Apec 2022 Swastika
Apec 2022 Swastika

Two times! This is no coincidence anymore. The already had a backlash in 2017 and have redone it in 2022. This is gaslighting at its best! has been banned from ad networks and is now entirely reader-supported CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK… Thanks in advance!

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  1. He says it’s not a swastika. Could be an angular pedo symbol? Either way, their reputation is in the crapper. Probably have some layoffs or more scandals. Who reads that assrag?

  2. False savior RD (Desatanis) is being compared by many to Benito Mussolini and/or Adolf. The trash behavior of S.O.S. (book of Revelation – those who say they are j but not) communists and communist “revolutions” led to the rise of fascism and more false saviors, but in a different flavor and appearing good on the outside. Children who defend Adolf claim he was the greatest man who ever lived, attacking anyone who states facts about this Roman Catholic freemason agent who created modern Israel (according to the CIA and Grace Bride exposing Adolf). Interestingly, RD has a Catholic background on his Wikipedia biography page, and he was a Guantanamo Bay “human rights” advisor whose cronies force-fed Ensure to alleged terrorists (in reality… citizens that were intentionally mislabeled as terrorists). That is why he roleplayed as a pilot for “Top Gov” (“The Vatican” gematria equivalent).

    • Here’s our fake Christian (anonymous buttclown)speaking badly of other denominations. Thinks he knows everything. His brainstorm rants are merely a light drizzle. Put down the pipe nitwit. lolollolllollllolllll

    • Dude, (Anonymous)
      You have posted this crap about Force Feeding Ensure many times before!! Let’s have some dialog. Quit the copy and paste crap. Over and over and over and over and over and over. PLEASE…..

  3. DC is laid out like a Pentagram. Hollywood as well. The Satanists like to advertise with what they call Sacred Geometry. Not sure how the Swastika fits in?

    • DC is laid out like a square and compass also. I’ll have to check on the pentagram thing, haven’t heard of it but it doesn’t surprise me in the least. There has been a battle for the soul of mankind and the elite have ALWAYS existed behind the scenes, preparing, planning, plotting, propagandizing and brainwashing.

      They have installed every world leader since the industrial revolution; they have fomented every war since WW1 and have controlled every dollar of every major corporation the world over. The whole NWO has been planned for generations. WE are the ones to see it come to pass. And the surprising part and that which most people are willingly ignorant of is the fact that it is for ONE man. The antichrist.

      Satan has fooled the world into thinking that he doesn’t exist and those controlling the thoughts and minds of the people have turned the belief in him to be held only by fanatic, Bible thumping, “conspiracy theorists” – a term invented by the CIA. The very mention of the name of satan has brought foolish laughter and condemnation to the one mentioning him – removed from existence by scorn.

      But we are in the very last days and the Bible is proving itself to be the Supernatural record of HIS story that it is. We who believe in Jesus Christ know that He is so close to appearing to take us into that dimension in which He dwells that it could literally happen at any minute. Imminent. (inanyminute if you will)

      After He removes we who have sought Him and had our sins removed by faith in His shed Blood, (most necessary for salvation from sins) the man of sin, the antichrist will appear. Chaos will ensue worldwide as mothers of newborns and young children who had disappeared will wail in the streets. (all young children and mentally injured adults that cannot understand their sins will also be taken) Cars without drivers, planes without pilots will certainly make for a world never imagined by most as people are seen to simply vanish in an instant.

      But the antichrist will reveal himself with sudden and great charisma and the world will adore him. He will probably say (judging by the sudden rekindling of interest and sightings of UFOs) that we had all been abducted by aliens to be taken away, shown REAL truth and re-trained in “truth”. They will say that we who believed the Bible had been taken to be trained in “spiritual evolution” because of our archaic views or some such deception, possibly that we will even be returned to the earth at the proper time.

      All of this is taking shape and what we know by Bible prophecy of things which will happen AFTER the rapture (the taking away of all true born again Christians) is beginning to happen NOW as we are seeing an OVERLAP of this time time period with the future time of antichrist! One example is the coming global famine. Third world countries are inundated with famine and even second and first world countries are beginning to feel the same crunch. Inflation will go completely out of control as they crash the economy in preparation for the new ONE world currency they are going to institute. They are destroying food processing plants all over the world to prepare for this famine. Bill Gates is buying up as much of the farmland in the US as he can and nitrogen based fertilizers are being banned. It’s very clear to see that they are CREATING a worldwide famine which the Bible says will be the worst famine the world has ever seen and eventually one quart of wheat will cost an entire day’s wages!

      If I wern’t already saved, I would start seeking the truth of all of this IMMEDIATELY but I’m already saved and awaiting Him to arrive and take us to be with Him forever. So, I tell others, all over the internet and wherever I go, Jesus is coming! The only way to escape the great tribulation which is already taking shape in this world is to know Jesus personally. How?

      By SEEKING to understand Him by getting a Bible (King James greatly preferred, all new versions are changed and corrupt) and beginning to read in the New Testament, in the book of Romans by our Apostle Paul. Romans is his magnum opus explaining the details of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins. He then applies this to any who believe the Biblical account of the Gospel of Jesus Christ laid out by Paul in the Epistles.

      Read, seeking to know God. Show Him you truly want to know Him. Get on your knees and ASK Him to show you the TRUTH. If you are sincere in your heart, He will save you and you will realize that your sins are forgiven and you are a new creature, cleansed by His Blood, a brand new child of The Living God. I have been sharing the truth of this Gospel for a few decades now and have many writings all over the internet. My prayer is that this writing will be read by at least one person who will make the decision to SEEK to know the truth and to be saved. There is now truly so very little time left.

  4. Jews are Megalomaniacs with a Persecution Complex!
    They see Swastikas in piles of dog poop!
    Their Great Satanic Holocaust Lie has gone to their heads!

    Sure am glad I’m a HUMAN!

    • I used to agree with you but I have a Jewish bud and he’s dumped on (online) all the time.
      His offense is having a Jew last name.
      People who ‘criticize’ Jews should be criticizing the culprits instead of dumping on random Jews for nothing

      • Mike,
        I agree. The Kazar Banker/Satanists hide in the Jewish church. Regular Orthodox Jews are not them. I think the Kazar is what’s meant in the Bible when it refers to, “Those Who Call Themselves Jews, and Are Not”. I have had many Jewish friends. Good people. It’s a difficult subject, because the Liars and Deceivers have made it impossible to discuss.

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