In the latest elitist move, Biden releases international arms dealer and terrorist in exchange for a pothead activist basketball star


Another proof that the United States of America is run by an incompetent scumbag… Why would Biden do this now?

Biden releases international arms dealer and terrorist in exchange for a pothead activist
Biden releases international arms dealer and terrorist in exchange for a pothead activist

In a new plot against freedom and the people of America, US basketball star Brittney Grimer was freed by Russia in prisoner swap deal for ‘Merchant of death’ arms dealer Viktor Bout…

Read ‘Merchant of Death’ to learn more about who was really Viktor Bout… Yeah. Because, a thing about arms dealers is that they sell to both sides…

Could you imagine being in a usa jail for pot for the last few years and you see the last couple months unfold on the TV…

Or, imagine being one of the other US citizens locked up in Russia for weed right now and Britney gets freed and you don’t…

It’s a big club and you ain’t in it…

WNBA star? We got her back! US Marine? F*ck ’em!

So why not trade her for the retired USMC guy (Paul Whelan) who’s been in a Russian lock-up for 4 years on purportedly false espionage charges?

Or for a guy named Marc Fogel who is locked up on the same charges and is a better example than someone with a dishonorable discharge?

Because they aren’t black and lgbtq?

Brittney Grimer is a star player in this anti-patriot government and movement. She’s lesbian, might be trans (she looks really like a man in the picture above) and thinks America is racist and ugly… If that doesn’t scream Star Quality to the media, then nothing does.

Just to say… Soon we will hear: Grimer President, Grimer President! Anyway, that’s a good PR for Putin and Russia… has been banned from ad networks and is now entirely reader-supported CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK… Thanks in advance!

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  1. This is another component of their plan.Yeah How yal liking the fourth Reich?
    They learned from their masters quite well.
    It’s a concentration camp without bars.
    They hope to depress and aggravate people into suicide.Notice the increase of alleged euthanasia?
    Not an accident all well planned.
    The unmitigated hatred for their policies and the people who created it have no outlet.Nor outlet to change it seemingly.
    Learned hopelessness and helplessness.
    Designed to make you embrace your death to get away from the misery they created..
    Fight back get locked up for whatever they dream up
    Become part of the disappeared
    Yes they are setting people up to be disappeared
    Death any way they can.
    Fact the others should have been released first logically if the marine really was a spy a equal trade would have happened.
    No the special protected class gets preferential treatment.
    Maybe Biden is scared many gays are great with straight razors.Hey it’s known as the gay mafia by its own members.
    Russia wanted rid of it as it’s an embarrassment to them its there

  2. nabi and ratty love is blind.. Trump and Biden are both sides of coin of New World Order . It all depends NWO which one will be puppet of British Colonialism and man behind iron curtain will decide election. Never we were free..

    • These “rah rah red party censor anyone we don’t agree with off this website” blind sheep are everywhere lately. I don’t want this site to become the next CNN.

      • Interesting thing is it takes personal responsibility to have freedom. The reason for controls is because of the small minority who have no respect for others and think freedom means they can do or say anything they want. They are the ones that bring about restrictions. “Anonymous”

    • CEO of Blackrock stated a couple months back that the NWO is finished. Events around the world verify this to those that are looking. President Trump countered their final move. Still a lot of bad guys floating around everywhere, but lacking direction. The Fed raising interest rates against the NWO/Davos wishes also indicates this. But the cup-half-empty crowd can’t see this.

  3. It’s beyond the imagination that Trump would agree to such a stupid, unbalanced trade. Shows how far down–lost, actually–the country is that this doesn’t trigger an instant uproar.

  4. This is crazy that we need to release top arms dealers to Russia? Everything was staged in when
    lesbian player entered in Russia with pipe and hashish .. It was staged in…
    The Conflict In Ukraine Has Evolved Into A War Between The United States And Russia
    Let’s be honest about what is really going on in Ukraine. The United States is providing most of the funding, most of the equipment, most of the ammunition, most of the high level intelligence and much of the training. That makes the United States a direct participant in the conflict. Yes, many other NATO countries are also contributing in various ways, and that makes them direct participants as well. But the mainstream media here in the western world continues to insist that this is Ukraine’s war and that we are just helping them out. Without a doubt, Ukraine has lost an enormous number of soldiers over the course of 2022, but at this point the Ukrainians are really a junior partner in the war. If the U.S. and NATO had not intervened on an epic scale, the war would already be over and Russia would have won. Unfortunately, now that we are so deeply invested in the conflict there is no easy way out, and that has very serious implications for all of us.

    • Your logic is way off. The US, like Britain for example, is an indirect participant in the conflict. The only direct participant on the Western side is the Ukraine which, incidentally, is giving us the biggest bang for the buck we’ve ever seen. The creep Putin is the protagonist in the whole bloody event; he leads a bunch of thugs hopeful of finding the West weak and irresolute, originally hoping they could cow the West with a fast win in Ukraine, setting themselves up for further intimidation. This should be obvious. Your pimping for Putin–an infection that has swept a lot of conservative websites (possibly influenced by many millions Putin set aside for propaganda) helps ensure that Trump can never win another election.

  5. This, this, thing HATES America and thought a little pot would surely warm the commies over. You just brought back another LOW IQ thing back on your soil.

  6. Griner is a Grinder not a Holer…listen to HIS voice on the plane as He is leaving wherever.
    Trump would never trade Viktor for anything ever.
    AND this is the 2nd administration that gave back 5 Islamic terrorists vs a Deserter (Obama) and an American hating guy who says he’s a Woman to play easy B Ball vs Viktor the Merchant of Death…Biden really is an F up ain’t he?!!!?

  7. Well, I’ve said ever since the Nazis stole the Election from Trump and America that “This aint America, dudes!”

    Even before that, actually, after the Jewish Bio-weapon Covid-19, the “Pandemic”, the Genocidal Poison they called “Vaccine” and the Lockdown!

    It’s just another Third World Shithole like Nazi-Occupied Palestine, aka “israel”!

    When AMERICANS don’t have the balls to FIGHT Satan and his Children, don’t have the balls to ARM themselves and FIGHT for their HOMELAND, then it’s “Game over”!

    And their Homeland belongs to lazy, work-hating Third World Parasites!

  8. Yep, she’s a he. If he’d gotten caught with drugs in Indonesia. Turkey, or China he’d have never gotten out. Most nonwestern countries in fact.

  9. Well, usually marxist-pedosatanist dirtbags attempt to demoralize their population with tactics like these. The objective (long term) is to create a country not worth fighting to keep a Republic.
    Take a look at Brazil. Notice no major (marxist-pedosatanist) news networks are showing how the Brazilian people deal with marxist-pedosatanists! That is what Americans should be doing instead of acting like woke feggetholes!

  10. You forgot to mention that Russian guards reported often seeing Brittney Griner’s penis as “she” showered her tatted body. Putin knew Obiden’s worship of black transgenders would outweigh his desire to retain Viktor Bout. Leaving the Marine to rot in prison was a nothing burger for the clowns in DC. Their goals of killing and/or crippling all of our soldiers via the vaxx and diversity training as opposed to traditional training proves they have no interest in adding another marine to their killing machine. Putin & Xi are biding their time awaiting for the weakening of our military and exhaustion of our weapons & munitions before they jointly conquer the great “satan”. Thanks to the military/industrial/MSM complex and dumbed-down zombie Americans their death and/or enslavement with come as a totally unexpected surprise.

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