And here you go! Your gas is not for you! Biden seeks fossil fuel-free Federal buildings in blow to gas industry

Biden Seeks Fossil Fuel-Free Federal Buildings in Hit to Gas
Biden Seeks Fossil Fuel-Free Federal Buildings in Hit to Gas

The Biden administration is poised to ban federal buildings from using fossil fuels, adding the government’s heft to a growing electrification movement that has natural gas distributors on the defensive.

All new federal buildings would be required to be fossil-fuel free by 2030 under an Energy Department proposal announced Wednesday. The plan, which also applies to federal buildings that undergo renovation, would start in 2025 by mandating buildings reduce their on-site emissions associated with energy consumption by 90% relative to 2003 levels, the department said.

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“Ridding pollution from our buildings and adopting clean electricity are some of the most cost-effective and future-oriented solutions we have to combat climate change,” Energy Secretary Jennifer M. Granholm said in a statement.

The requirement comes amid a thriving climate movement to “electrify everything” that has seen cities from coast-to-coast banning fossil fuels in new buildings that could disrupt natural gas distributors. Montgomery County, Maryland, which has a population of over 1 million people, last week voted to forbid the use of natural gas for heating and cooking in new buildings.

Previous iterations of a mandate, which was attempted without success by the Obama administration, would have completely phased-out the use of fossil fuels in federal buildings. The latest version only applies to onsite consumption such as that used for heating buildings and water.

The proposal was panned by the American Gas Association, which represents utilities such as Dominion Energy Inc. and DTE Energy Co., saying natural gas was more affordable than electricity.

“Eliminating natural gas in federal buildings is an impractical, unscientific and expensive idea that will have no environmental benefit,” the group’s president, Karen Harbert, said in a statement.

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While natural gas, which releases about half as much greenhouse gas as coal, was previously embraced by environmentalists as a bridge to a zero-emissions future, the fuel is now vilified by many greens. Their concerns focus on the fracking process used to produce it and the leaks of methane — a powerful greenhouse gas.

Buildings are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions in the US, and fossil fuels used in federal buildings account for over 25% of all federal emissions, according to the Energy Department, which estimated the new emission reduction requirements could save $8 million a year.

The agency forecasts that the requirements would, over a 30-year period, reduce carbon emissions from federal buildings by 1.86 million metric tons and methane emissions by 22.8 thousand tons — amounts roughly equivalent to the emissions generated by nearly 300,000 homes in one year.

The proposal builds on a broader Biden administration goal of net-zero emissions for all federal buildings by 2045.

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In addition to the Energy Department rule, the White House Council on Environmental Quality announced it was setting a new building performance standard that would require federal agencies to reduce electricity usage and electrify appliances and equipment in 30% of their building space by 2030. [Bloomberg] has been banned from ad networks and is now entirely reader-supported CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK… Thanks in advance!

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  1. West Coast of USA warning Quake of 7.5 plus is coming your way with this massive storm trillions of gallons of rain/snow will pushing on top of faults has no other alternative release the energy?

  2. Atmospheric river event’ crashes into California spraying ‘fire hose’ of six inches of snow an hour and torrential rain down the West coast – as millions across Plains, Midwest and South brace for blizzards, tornadoes and severe storms

    A major winter storm will blanket California and the West through the weekend before becoming a Northern Plains blizzard and moving towards the northeast
    Flooding and winds of over 50mph and gusts exceeding 100mph are also predicted with the conditions expected to last until Monday
    The storm is so powerful because of a southward plunge of the jet stream which will move eastwards across the country this weekend into next week
    An ‘atmospheric river’ is a plume of moisture coming off the Pacific similar to a fire hose firing moisture into a specific area for an extended period of time
    Forest Service Sierra Avalanche Center has said that there is increased risk of landslides in the Sierra Nevada mountains due to the weather
    NWO is ruining billions of people home.. Why do you buy it.

  3. They are already fossil fuel free as there is no such thing as ‘fossil’ fuel but, that’s neither here nor there at this point. Everything electric, huh? And how is that electricity going to be produced; wind and solar? Yeah right. Even with electricity being produced by, so called ‘fossil fuels,’ they have a hard time keeping enough going for what we have NOW. Imagine taking those coal power plants and others off line. Talk about rolling blackouts! I guess you can’t fix stupid and we really are living in an Idiocracy.

  4. Vaccines are designed bring cancer and death to Billions… We all go living in China and we call it Komoimperilaism …

  5. Incompetent PR Biden and Trump also are sex perverts and have had many rapes in their paths.
    NWO does not want us to elect real man for the job and whom ever they want will go to office.
    We have serious concern about USA constitution and its judiciaries. Now no to Trump , No to Biden
    hell with both of them…

  6. The left has turned into a suicide cult. Good luck sitting in your office when the power goes out.
    The Left thinks electric power pops out of thin air with no fossil fuel input 😉
    Where the heck do they think the copper comes from for the wires. Diesel powered trucks and mining equipment tires that are made from oil. Cement for damns that requires oil solar panels that require vast amounts of natural resources that can only be mined by more fuel driven machines. These people are pure evil or hopelessly inbred.

  7. Gary Allison,
    You call me “evil” when I talk about biblical and political FACTS. I didn’t intentionally call DJT JC but implied these fools think a politician/governor is somehow saving lives and taking place of our creator. DJT rolled out 5-Gee and the MRNA neph1l1m shots, and you have the guts to call ME “evil”.

    • Anonymous,
      President Trump did save lives and because good folks respect him for this, you say we are calling him Jesus. He always advocated alternative treatment like Hydroxychloroquine, but the MSM ate him alive over it. He had no choice but to roll out what he was told was just another flu shot otherwise he could not have ended the lockdowns which would have resulted in a new Dark Age killing 10s of Millions and launching the Great Reset. The plan of the NWO Satanists was COUNTERED. At this point he cannot come out against the Vax, as this would empower the Satanists, opening the door for the Great Reset again. You rant but cannot see. You lack wisdom. Maybe you should listen more and speak less. What you do with these posts is very wrong. You are not doing any good. President Trump saved 10s of millions of people. Conviction is great but you miss direct it.


        Trump is pro-vaxxxine controlled opposition just like Biden, RD and all people in such elitist authority are. You cannot truly oppose the childhood vaxxxine schedule (the “safer smaller real” violent ASD sh0ts/MMR/DTAP/aluminum filled neuron-destroying sh0ts etc) and be allowed to be a seated governor/president anymore in America.

        This “DT and RD/insert FS here is saving lives and are wonderful, good people!” is a TRAP to usher in a O.W.G. (one world govt.) keep you trapped in 1d0latry, and to pull you away from our sole god and creator Yeshua Jesus.

        These people bashing anyone who criticizes DJT/R.D./etc as an “SJW/evil/leftist/etc” are the same sheeple who think El0n Muskrat – a satanist who wants to upload the vaxxxed souls onto a Borg-esque alternative realm filled with fallen angels/demons/”aliens” and eternal damnation – will save tw1tter with freeze peach. He has stated in his own words he likes WeChat, and EM wants to stage the creation of a new WeChat app outside China by destabilizing the political climate with his Tw1tter takeover and massive riots/rage/violence from both political parties.

        Only Yeshua Jesus saves. Even if DT could “save” people from something he literally calls himself the father of (I’m not joking), he cannot provide anyone with eternal life. Same with R.D. – a Guantanamo Bay torture advisor and a “supercharger” of the upcoming vaxxxine induced Neph1l1m hybrid race that’ll terrorize and wreak our nation and all nations who were vaxxxed, even Japan and East Asia Babylon.

        Painting these provaxxx elitists as “innocent victims who are afraid to speak out” is also foolish.

      • You have some serious issues dude:-) Just can’t have a conversation with some folks. The more you try and show them the angrier they get because they start doubting what they think they know.

    • Also, your interpretation of Biblical and Political facts is not very astute. Your understanding of things is not a FACT. It’s a very naive interpretation.

      • “Your understanding of things is not a FACT”

        Congratulations, your corporate schools and their English classes completely failed you. I have to use symbols/idioms/inaccurate spellings to bypass censorship on a “freeze peach” website. How wonderful.

  8. It might be a little tough in the summer without air conditioning, but in the winter heating would be a breeze. Simply run a duct hose from the halls of Congress and White House.

  9. God will destroy U$A Babylon and modern “nation of I$rael” (a blasphemy against the Tribe of Israel, a family that sees Yeshua Jesus and is saved – Israel = man that sees God) because of those nations’ hypocrisy, cruelty and wickedness.

    Only the atheists and heathens believe in a God that cannot be seen or resurrected.

    Masonic duality and loss of innocent blood being carried out by I$rael S.O.S. (book of Revelation warns us) yews:

  10. This is their global warming propaganda. It’s so DIRE (phony, of course) that even our buildings will not be fired by fossil fuels BUT OUR PLANES WILL – to warm up our cozy a sses of self importance.

  11. Biden and Granholm can go blow it out their G ass. Never seen such a bunch of retards. Marxists suck. Watch what happens in Brazil. That needs to happen in our Constitutional Republic! God Bless Brazil— a Nation with balls!

    • For a Chri$tian like you 5.0 thousand kalories, I’m very sorry you think U$A Babylon or its offspring will save the world. Or that you think R0nny D/D0nny T is Jesus. And your er0tic cussing filled with $exual organs and p0rnograph1c language. God will judge all nations without any exceptions, even Brasil and U$Atan and Japan also regardless of what fal$e $avior gets selected by the elite. God will destroy the world via fire next instead of a flood.

      • Anonymous,
        Nobody but you called President Trump Jesus!! But President Trump is a Patriot who destroyed the 16-year plan and saved your ass from lockdown slavery and the vax forced on you. By the way, you indicate you live in Florida. Most of that State is right at sea level. Have you noticed Miami and all East Coast cities in Florida have been building Sea Walls? And sandbags have been put around the White House? And a 10-foot solid concrete wall around the Federal reserve building? And most of the Federal Government has relocated to Denver? When the New Madrid lets go, the East Coast gets a good size tidal wave I understand. Certainly, the Government is expecting something. And it’s not fire. You had better get to some high ground ASAP. This post of yours is disgusting by the way. Evil

  12. Does anyone else see how “our side” gets sucked into presuming man generated CO2 is a problem? Earth naturally produces vast amounts of CO2, please don’t get pulled into the wrong argument’

  13. People often forget, how much Diesel is actually used in all these processes. Why doesn’t that ever get brought into any subject?

    • Cause the general population is dumb as crap. Knowledge is power and our population is short end of think for themselves. All we can think about is perverting children, and worrying about covid19, wearing masks and being good little sheep baaaa baaa.

  14. Not one word about skylights sunlights extra insulation heated floors nor
    geothermal energy.Geothermal energy there could be used stand alone in most of spring and fall.Could be used as adjunct in summer.
    Winter maybe as a adjunct.
    I didn’t mention solar for a reason.It would only work for roughly six months of the year.You would need loads of batteries.The possibility of overcharge in the summer is likely.In the winter between the cold sometimes bitter cold and snow.There is the possibility of collapse as well as cracking.

  15. This is simply insane.
    How the hell do you think
    electricity is produced you incompetent imbeciles?Think it’s produced through magic?
    No mention of relatively cheap and fairly easy to install skylights,sunlights,automated blinds shades,heated floors,geothermal cooling (would work in spring and mid fall all by itself and could be used as an adjunct in the summer)extra insulation
    Not one word mentioned.


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