Just That! World Economic Forum calls for end to private car ownership


Lets start with private jets and private yachts first, then maybe we can circle back…

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  1. https://netc.com/ Nuclear Emergency map … Handy
    https://www.globalincidentmap.com for terrorism , quakes and much more… We are survivalists.
    We were almost assaulted or car rubbery at our place 2 car came fast stopped and parked come talk to talk us …. shake hands etc… then left fast as possible they were pretty good people… clean etc..
    Please red alerts do not unattended any one for a minute… always everything must be followed. Security security… Peace and security to all things are changing in USA and Canada … Be smart than sorry like that little girl was kidnapped by USPS driver and killed.. It takes a Nick of Time.

  2. New World Disorder made by UK imperialism to make China India war as it happening in LOC also make Israel to push for bombing of Iran after 4 weeks when new PM is sworn in… We have many
    things is coming to USA , Civil War that initiated by new King of UK … We are so damn damn that let the players make us play against each others. One Nation One Flag of USA and One USA Constitution and we must unite to make USA a great nations . Can we do it , i do not see it we have a lot of damn people that will play NWO instead waking up and smell reality UK is destroying USA and Iran and World…

  3. .50th0usandkalories thinks I make money from these truther videos/websites which i don’t. And he thinks me warning about the MRNA CRISPR M0TB shots is “drivel” and “spam” – take a chill pill, then read official documents from M0derna/Fizzer/Astrazeneca etc about their “precursor” nan0b0t sh0ts. M0st Chr1st1ans especially 50kal are going to hell because they worship g0verners/g0bt. more than G0d.

  4. wef seem to have authority over sovereign people and nations? They have zero authority in my book. Just a bunch of godless heathen perverts and sodomites. Wish I could watch them all burn in hell too.

    • Private car ownership isn’t auti$m friendly, and WEF/UN are also pro-A$D/pro neurodiver$ity to reformat entire cities, suburbs, and towns everywhere to be “auti$m friendly” and “accessible”.

      Gen Z: the most auti$tic generation in world history, soon your votes for the “lesser evil” will be worthless as Gen Z-tarts take over the votes and regional politics. This poor gurl has been gruumed into neurodiver$ity her whole life in Knoxville TN by her pro-vaxxxine, pro-A$D mom who let her child become a DeviantArt magg0t and an obe$e pale candy/fried food addict: https://thinkingautismguide.com/2012/04/aisling-alley-and-autism-acceptance.html

      Gen Z will replace private car ownership with “auti$m accessible equality cities” and burn down any trace of civilization that isn’t Japanese or Korean/Mainland Chinese because it hurts their snowflake rose-tinted Jupiter egos.

  5. Real men world wide are lacking in China, Australia, E.U., UK even in the US and elsewhere who kiss up to lockdowns, covid vaccines and other things that violate personal rights and destroy businesses. Could it be few stand up is because the gov. is putting drugs in water supplys to suppress testosterone and make men wussified cowards? This too can effect women’s hormones to go wacko. Ind. lab water testing should be done in cities water or is it done electronically suppressing common sense, maybe an excess of 5G or some other frequencies causing people to be sheeple and stupid?

    • Unfortunately at least 85% of Japan (including its “real men”) are M0TB vaxxxed. Japan’s men todays are no longer warriors but pansies. Same thing worldwide especially in U$A Babyl0n. Anyone who think’s I’m lying can look at global C0V1D vaxxxine statistics online and see how much of Japan is vaxxxed, and see what VICE News and Mainichi News says about that country’s young people, men, and children. Japan is doomed.

      • Go do your spam drivel elsewhere. You’re an imbecile. Always off topic. Always spamming or search engine marketing your stupid drivel sites. Go jump in the lake dumbass!

  6. The Jews will NEVER give up their toys!
    We HUMANS are the ones who’ll have that pleasure!

    Until Humans grow some BALLS & arm themselves,
    Satan’s Jews will keep on taking and taking!

    But no worries! Humans have no balls & don’t want em!
    They just wanna lick the anuses of their Jewish “gods”!

  7. How about we call for the end of the WEF and prosecution for the WEF-agents that have penetrated the world’s governments.?

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