Some crazy, dystopian videos from China filmed in last few day! And be prepared because they are coming for you too!

China dystopian world video COVID December 2022
A COVID squad in China. Picture: Ge_t_ty

The Chinese people are being welded into their homes and starved, brutalized, beaten, tortured, and raped by evil psychopaths controlled by President Xi.

Klaus Schwab from WEF said China is the model for the world because he plans this for all countries. Hitler has just changed his dress!

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Here some horrifying stuff that people have to endure currently… And that’s just our future. Terrifying!

Some are rioting… But it’s not enough…

Brought to you by WEF…

Like animals in cages… When Chinese Communist says lockdown, it is real lockdown. No Kidding…

This is really crazy… some communities in Zhengzhou city of China have recruited and mobilized children between the ages of 10 and 13 to help Chinese Communist Party to enforce anti-human covid policy…

These Chinese communist workers illegally forced their way into the Chinese man’s home and tried to violently pull him away…

There are hundreds or even thousands queuing in front of COVID concentration camps in Guangzhou… I read there is place for up to 90,000 in this camp…

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Anal test violent gang rape… Those 3 men are forcing a woman to submit to an anal swab by bending and twisting her arm…

This guy tells the truth and it is terrifying…

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US mainstream media was against lockdown protesters all around the world, but now they support lockdown protesters in China? What the heck is going on with them and their integrity? One word: Hypocrisy… has been banned from ad networks and is now entirely reader-supported CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK… Thanks in advance!

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  1. Three to four weeks Netanyahu PM of Israel will become new cabinet and then Iran attack is his agenda indeed. Ayatollahs will be bombed to stone edges and Iranian people are running out of time.
    Either topple this regime or see Iran will be stone edges . I ask Iranian take option 1 and kill all mullahs before is too late. Death to Satanic regime of Ayatollahs and little Satan and great Satan are coming for you all ayatollahs. Bomb Bomb Iran now…

  2. Three to four weeks Netanyahu PM of Israel will become new cabinet and then Iran attack is his agenda indeed. Ayatollahs will be bombed to stone edges and Iranian people are running out of time.
    Either topple this regime or see Iran will be stone edges . I ask Iranian take option 1 and kill all mullahs before is too late. Death to Satanic regime of Ayatollahs and little satan and great satan are coming for you all ayatollahs.

  3. C0V1D’s a brilliant distraction from the neurodevelopmental decay of western societies.

    Thomas Krepelka thinks India/Chainuh/Japan is some sort of flawless utopia with MegaMind/Albert Einstein superhumans who will annihilate corpulent, vaxxxed-up Wally World scooter losers with laser eyes or something.

  4. Iranian regime likely to survive the protests, Israeli official predicts
    Iran has been engulfed in widespread protests against the regime since mid-September after 22-year-old Mahsa Amini was killed in police custody.
    The Iranian regime will likely survive the protests that have roiled the country for the past three months and will continue to remain in power for years to come, according to Brig.-Gen. Amit Saar, head of the IDF Military Intelligence Research Department.

    “The Iranian regime will manage to survive these protests,” he said Monday at the Gazit Institute Conference in Tel Aviv. “It has constructed very strong tools for dealing with such protests.”

    Iran has been engulfed in widespread protests against the regime since mid-September when 22-year-old Mahsa Amini was killed in police custody after she was detained by the “morality police” for not properly wearing a hijab. Israel attack on Iran is imminent if this article right?

  5. WW3 Iran captured 3-5KM of Iraq soil is WW3 just started?
    BAGHDAD (AP) — A senior Iranian military official visiting Baghdad this week threatened Iraq with a ground military operation in the country’s north if the Iraqi army does not fortify the countries’ shared border against Kurdish opposition groups, multiple Iraqi and Kurdish officials said.

    Such an offensive, if carried out, would be unprecedented in Iraq, and raise the specter of regional fallout from Iran’s domestic unrest, which Tehran has portrayed as a foreign plot without offering evidence.

    The warning was delivered this week to Iraqi and Kurdish officials in Baghdad by Iran’s Quds Force commander Esmail Ghaani, who arrived in the capital Monday on an unannounced two-day visit. The force is an elite unit within Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.

    Iran alleges that Kurdish opposition groups long exiled in northern Iraq are inciting anti-government protests in Iran and smuggling weapons into the country. Iranian authorities have not provided evidence of these allegations which Kurdish groups have denied.

    It is unclear how serious the Iranian warning is, but it puts Baghdad in a predicament. It is the first time Iranian officials have publicly threatened a ground operation after months of cross-border tensions and asking Iraq to disarm opposition groups active inside its territories.

    Now in their second month, protests demanding the overthrow of Iran’s clerical rulers erupted after the death of a 22-year-old Kurdish-Iranian woman, Mahsa Amini, in policy custody in Tehran. Thousands have been arrested and hundreds killed as Iranian authorities wield live ammunition to keep control of the streets, but the protests show no signs of abating. Amini’s home Kurdish areas have often been at the center of the unrest.

  6. Anti-white rhetoric with provaxxx ad campaign:

    No such thing as a “safe effective real vaxxxine” and there NEVER will be:


  7. US, Israel Hold Joint Aerial Drills Simulating Attacks on Iran
    The Israeli military published pictures of the exercises on Wednesday
    by Dave DeCamp Posted on November 30, 2022Categories NewsTags Iran, Israel

    The Israeli military on Wednesday published pictures of joint aerial exercises with the US that were held this week and simulated attacks on Iran.

    The drills were held over Israel and the Mediterranean Sea. According to the Times of Israel, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) said the exercises involved four Israeli F-35 fighter jets that joined four US F-15s and a US KC-135 tanker aircraft that refueled two Israeli F-16s. We salute Israeli and USA
    pilots for the bravery and love of Iran. BOMB BOMB IRAN NOW.

  8. Iran will be for 4 days mass demonstrations and final battle of good and evil .. We ask Israel and USA bomb Iran as soon as possible. We strongly think Israeli jets were over Tehran and we are so happy.
    Bomb also all Military bases and bassijis and house of Satan Khamanie dirty child molesters.
    We thank Israel and USA in advance. Iranian danced in streets after USA win as well.

  9. What a bunch of cowardly pissants we have here. Ooga Booga the gubmint gonna getcha. Did you all get dropped on your head as children? It must be tough to hide in the dark and live in fear. I know you all talk tough, but not a single one of you has the cojones to do anything more than slither around on a website run by some tinfoil hat, paranoid, nut case. It wouldn’t take anything more than fresh air and sunlight to take down the basement dwellers that lurk here. I want to thank you all providing me with entertainment, and laughs. I’d like to stay longer, but I’ve got a life to live, and I’m sure you guys have guns that need hugging, bibles to thump, and pearls to clutch, while you cower in fear.

    • Florida refuses to completely halt the distribution of the MRNA bioweapons while advocating and mandating “informed consent” – Surgeon generals are the new Kanye West style idols. RD has also praised vxxxines in the past, claiming they “save lives” and having a secret pro-neph1l1m rebirth hybrid race agenda.

    • Why are you reading it? Hypocrite? Or just an asshole most likely. People like you like to laugh at folks who see something is wrong and maybe prepare. The reason you do is actually you are afraid we may be right. Not so tough. Coward actually.

  10. Florida: The Next CCP? RD and his wife are hunting for children to kidnap into the foster “care” system for luciferian sacrifice – their secret god:

    And WTF – “fight inflation” via child trafficking? “First Lady Casey DeSantis also announced recently that the State of Florida was giving away free government money to Foster and Adoptive homes who were taking care of other people’s children to “fight inflation.”

    “How is this not “child trafficking,” when biological families who are struggling get no support from the State, but those taking care of other families’ children who have been taken away by the State, often illegally, get “free money?”

    “In another investigative report, the I-Team reported on a tragic story where a 9-year-old girl suffered after her parents had a traffic accident and ended up addicted to pain killers, which led to the grandmother reaching out to the Florida Child Welfare system for help. Her granddaughter ended being placed in foster care where she was sexually abused until she aged out of the system at 18.”

  11. Only 10% of those leading the snakebite campaign (in Japan) have taken it at all: “Kyoto University Emeritus Professor, Fukushima: “..only 10% of the members of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare who are leading the vaccine campaign have been vxxccinated.”

    This is NOT a joke translation like “Davido Kun Loves Japan”, this is serious.

    People of Iran celebrating for USA WIN …. Bravo Revolution of Iran.
    Regarding Martial Law Globally i let all you talk about it. When Canada went under Martial Law we predicted world will go in to full Martial Law Globally and now China is in full Martial Law which will
    make Chinese more to fight their Tyranny , We have no business to China why they blame USA
    for their own tyranny.

  13. Hitler was one of the greatest men to ever live. So when you write what you did, I have to assume you’re either a moron, or homosexual jew.

    • No you are the Moron.

      Let’s just say you love Germany…

      How many tens of millions of Germans died because of his blood feud and “Stoopid” mistakes?

      Who left Germany a weak colony until this very day, unable to have it’s own foreign policy before escaping to South America to die there of his Syphilis?

      ( Hint: it was your Idol you worship)

    • I understand Hitler was put in power by the City of London folks to counter the Communist expanse from the Soviet Union, which the same Satanic bunch created a couple of decades prior. Hitler considered England an ally which is why he was surprised when they attacked. As usual, the Satanists in the City of London running the World Banks get history to blame the wrong person or organization. But once the monster was turned loose, it had to be defeated. WW2 at that point had to happen. Whether or not he had Syphilis??? Who knows. They tell us anything to paint a negative on a demon they created.

    • Doubtful, if anyone will attack Japan it would be China, and only if Japan comes to Formosa’s ( Taiwan) aid in a military sense. One cannot trust MSN as a news source.

    • Governments worldwide will be dealing with the increasing Earth Changes, and they know it. Doubt anybody will be attacking anybody. Part of the Ukraine action was to secure Russia’s border. A lot of Europeans will be coming that way I understand. By the way, Florida is not expected to do very well. I’d be moving to high ground. 700 feet at least.

      • Also, this is one of the primary reasons for these lock downs using the Covid Hoax. It’s actually Martial Law with an excuse most accept. But the real reason is the increasing Earth Changes, and fear of loss of control. So, they are getting a jump on it. Not going to work so well it appears. Damnit! 🙂

    • And Desant1s is solidly pro vaxxxine – MMR, MRN.A and otherwise, praising the “benefits” of these sh0ts in front of his worsh1ppers. The true reason for the AT b1lls and R0e V Wade overturn is to increase the amount of Neph1l1m hybrid births via limiting ster1lization in the jabbed young populations and to cause violent civil war.

  14. Locked down folks in China to incl. Australians awhile back, need real men to take a stand and not be treated like caged animals. Too many soy boys passive cowards. The world is full of dimwits in in the U.S. choose friends wisely and dump the duds.

  15. China is not the only nation with authoritarianism, and the USA is not “freedom land” as many believe. Somehow nobody talks about the horrific, increasing mental hospitalizations and drugging/other medical kidnapping of children and teenagers in Florida, because that contradicts the idea that FL is a “flawless paradise led by a great guy who can do no wrong”.

    “Neurodiversity”‘s deadly and heartbreaking consequences:

    Pre-Plandemic FL:

  16. They’re correct, protesting and rioting will not get you what you want. Do you know what will? BULLETS AND LOTS OF THEM !!!

    It is time to stop believing that you can change a Sociopathic Politician’s or Dictator’s mind by protesting. Insurgency will get their attention especially if you start taking out the principles who are pushing that tyranny, Ninja style. You come out in the dark of night, do what must be done, then disappear back into the dark, none the wiser of who you might be !!!

    China has failed to integrate its socialism effectively enough to garner support from the unwilling because it takes decades for the ire to build up to the point the people no longer feel afraid to make their wants and needs known. China had the perfect set up to build their country into a Democratic State when the British handed Hong Kong over to the Chinese CCP. And now, XE is trying to destroy the very city which has brought influence to the fore for China.

    Totalitarianism will always eventually fail, because the humans wanting control do not understand their own basic nature. Humanity’s basic, “Animalistic Territorial Imperatives” will always hold sway for a period of time until a larger group forces a change more beneficial to their needs. China is now at the pivital point as is America !

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