Strong M6.4 earthquake hits off Ferndale, Northern California – Dozens of aftershocks – Power out across Humbolt County

M6.4 earthquake hits Humbolt County California on December 20, 2022
M6.4 earthquake hits Humbolt County California on December 20, 2022. Map via USGS

A magnitude 6.4 earthquake rocked the northern California coast early Tuesday morning.

USGS reports the strong quake struck at 2:34 a.m. Tuesday, about 7.5 miles west-southwest of Ferndale, a city in Humboldt County.

The quake was felt in nearby cities, including Eureka and Redding.

Redding is about 100 miles from the epicenter.

There have been more than a dozen aftershocks since the initial quake.

Aftershocks registered as high as magnitude 4.6.

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office tweeted that power is out across the county, but urged residents not to call 911, unless they are experiencing an immediate emergency.

Authorities did not mention if there were any injuries associated with the quake.

The PG&E outage map shows some 50,000 homes and businesses in the region could be affected.

U.S. National Tsunami Warning System announced this quake did not trigger a tsunami.

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  1. With highest tetra tetra gallons of water of rain floods and mud and tornadoes in West Coast of USA .
    There will be multiple 7 pluses and 8.5 plus will shake down the west coast of USA . Sandiego to Alaska ? wait for FEB full moon and new shaking of west coast will be in final motions…. We must not forget the Eclipse of Sun April of 8 2024 world will be upside down?

    April 8, 2024, Solar Eclipse
    On April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse will cross North America, passing over Mexico, United States, and Canada.
    Eiffel Tower lights up in support of women protesting in Iran

    This video can not be played
    To play this video you need to enable JavaScript in your browser.

    The Eiffel Tower in France has lit up with messages of support for protesting women in Iran.

    The slogan “Femme, Vie, Liberte” was seen on the landmark in Paris, which translates to “Women, Life, Freedom”.

    Mass protests have been continuing since the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini four months ago.

  2. I believe the big earthquake will be in February when The Russian and Chinese subs off the west coast, send nuclear ICBMs to California, setting off the fault lines, and Yellowstone super-volcano, in a surprise attack. Because they said they would do it, the Russian Military bragged, that if they did that, they could take down america in 3 weeks. The vision Joe Brandt:
    and of Also because of knowing (The BIS, is slated to crush the US economy in January. To zero out the fiat currency of the US as debt.) and this prophecy from 1999:

    Within 10 days of the economic collapse we have the first earthquake affecting Utah, which takes place early in the morning, about 4 or 5 am. When I first saw it I didn’t think it was very hard because I saw there wasn’t much damage done to my home in Utah County, but it lasts a long time. People will think this is the big one. I saw that this earthquake was much stronger somewhere else like on the west coast area of California but it also affects Nevada. There is a lot of damage done and there is some loss of life though there are a lot of people who survive. The second time my mother showed it to me I realized that it is a very significant earthquake.

    The second earthquake affecting Utah takes place about 15 days after the first and also takes place in the early morning around 4 or 5 am. This earthquake is like the world has never seen and affects a much larger area than just Utah. It’s right off the Richter Scale. I saw the dams in the mountains in the Wasatch Front area breaking. I don’t know if all of them break or if some of them break in the third earthquake, but I know that all of the dams eventually break. I do know that Jordanelle Dam breaks first and comes down and breaks Deer creek Dam. I saw a wall of water 80′ high come roaring down Provo Canyon with such force it hits houses and they literally explode. When it hits Utah Lake it surges down the Jordan River and it wipes everything out on both sides of the river all the way to the Great Salt Lake. I saw homes out in the west like in Magna and Plains City sinking into the ground like quicksand due to liquefaction. I saw buildings and trees falling like dominos. I saw myself in my home trying to get out the door to safety. I was thrown to the floor with such force that I looked up at the wall and I thought if that wall were to fall on me it would just have to fall because I can’t even raise my head up or get to my hands and knees to crawl out of the way to safety. I saw cracks opening up in the earth running from east to west and I thought that was really strange because I thought the faults ran north to south. These cracks open at the Point of the Mountain, where the freeway goes over the mountain from Utah County to Salt Lake County, Beck Street in Salt Lake City and at Willard Bay. I saw these huge cracks 600 to 1000 feet deep and 500 to 600 feet across with homes, people and everything falling down into these cracks. They run from the mountain clear out to the valley floors. These cracks separate Utah County from Salt Lake County, Salt Lake County from Davis County and Davis County from Weber County. I think these cracks may open in the 2nd or 3rd earthquakes but I really don’t know. I know later I saw molten lava coming up through these cracks in the earth.
    I hope I am wrong.
    Prayer can change anything and everything.

    • Earth Changes are natural events. Although they will try and blame Russia for the tsunami on the East Coast:-) That’s why all that crap about that Nuclear Sub a couple months back and how it could sneak up on our East Coast and set off a Nuke and create a tsunami. Setting the stage for the lie.

    • And if an earthquake in the Caribbean sends a tsunami at Florida? Where we are, Arizona, we get minor quakes, but if Tio Popocatepetl goes off, and he’s well overdo, we’re in trouble. He’s called the key of the Ring of Fire.

    • Dave,
      The New Madrid event is supposed to creates a 50-foot tsunami on the entire East Coast. It’ll be a few hours after so better head for high ground when it happens. They have sandbags around the White House. Put up a 10-foot concrete barrier around the Federal Reserve Building. Independent Reporters say there is nobody in DC. Wonder why???

  3. Before the money system came to ancient Babylon, you lived in communities, as real natural communities/tribes, with no money system. You lived as ONE family.

    No one owned the earth or its resources, they were given by God, in return for your worship and service to God and your reverence to him, the creator. You all shared equally whatever you produced, was produced together as ONE people, one family under God.

    You worshiped God for all you received from nature and did not spoil it or harm the earth or ecosystem. It was clean, pure and natural. The more you loved God and and loved one another as ONE people of God and lived by the laws of creation, the more you loved one another as total equals, the way Jesus had to re teach you to do.

    No one had any More or any Less than any other. It was beautiful and a paradise. When anyone disobeyed God’s laws of creation, or harmed and hated one another, the abundance would wane, and then by restoring Love for God and for one another, showing forgiveness and mercy, it would increase. By increasing the love for one another equally for all and prayer and ONENESS brought good climate and abundant harvests.

    You were ONE with God and Creation. Nature still only mirrors back what human nature is revealing what the status of what state their souls are presently in, due to what they do to or for one another, good or evil, and how much they love or deny God.

    Everything that is a conflict, war, contest and competition.
    Is run by the satanists/freemasons.
    What they do not want is anyone to UNITE as One in truth, LOVE, Peace and Harmony and especially in cooperation rather than competition.
    So they glorify all their conflicts, wars, contests and competitions.
    They get you to fight and kill one another, for them, for Satan.
    When you are divided by race, religion and nationality, Satan wins.
    The jews are not like Gentiles, only if they have a Jewish mother they are a jew, and of Satan.
    All Gentiles have souls and can get to Heaven BUT only if they and When they UNITE as ONE, all children of GOD.
    The coming New One world Religion is not that. It will end all different religions as one.
    You must UNITE as one despite your different skin colors, races, religions and nationalities, keep what they each have but live and love one another as ONE people of God.
    Pray for one another. All Gentiles are God’s Children, the jews are not.
    All Gentiles can get to Heaven. The jews cannot escape eternal Hell.
    The jews do everything they can to take all Gentiles to Hell with them and deny them Heaven after death, and to destroy the souls of all Gentiles.

    • They have a country filled with marxist satanic elitists and perverts. Perhaps God is testing his aim for his next Sodom and Gomorrahpocalypse?

  4. The expected at any moment, New Madrid is supposed to trigger the West Coast events. This may be a warning. And I bet it was a lot bigger than reported.

    • Well Texas had a small one now northern Cali. Something is brewing, and it isn’t good. Lefties aren’t preppers, so they will be in zombie scavenger mode under cataclysmic circumstances. Most are out of shape, so they won’t be able to scavenge very far. Mostly localized to their shitholes.

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