Doomsday plane doing racetrack patterns on the west coast of Oregon


Check out the Doomsday plane doing racetrack patterns on the west coast of Oregon…

Doomsday plane doing racetrack patterns on the west coast of Oregon
Strange flight of the Doomsday plane along the coast of Oregon.

And here the racetrack flight pattern:

Doomsday plane doing racetrack patterns on the west coast of Oregon
Doomsday plane doing racetrack patterns on the west coast of Oregon

It’s a Boeing E-6B Mercury and is nicknamed the Doomsday plane.

“…..E-6B can do many things: it can perform the so-called Looking Glass mission (mirroring the ground-based C3 center at Offutt AFB and relaying orders), talk to submarines trailing a 26,000 ft wire antenna, launch commands to ICBMs (InterContinental Ballistic Missiles) via Airborne Launch Control System, and perform C3 (Command Control Communication) operations to forces operating in theatre.”

The plane is flying over the Cascadia Subduction zone… Please, don’t tell me it can trigger a powerful earthquake… This morning a M6.4 earthquake already hit Northern California just off Ferndale

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  1. I think a little reconnisence is your answer.
    41 latitude intersects with North Korea and Medford Oregon.
    Cascadia fault ruptured in 1700.Alledgedly only ruptures every 250 to 500 years.That doesn’t mean it will always remain in that pattern.
    Example of that was Chiatin volcano in chile.Alledgly extinct.
    Blew for the first time in hundreds of thousands of years.
    My question is this.What happens if the pressure on the cascadia fault suddenly increase?
    Worse yet if cascadia fault suddenly locked with all that pressure.Sending the pressure backwards it would devastate the 36° to39° latitude.Going through New Madrid
    The Atlantic Ocean Straits of Gibralter racing through the Mediterrian and The Five Sisters of Greece and beyond.
    How far it would travel is entirely dependent on how much pressure it built up.Also consider all the other quakes it would set off in the process
    In essence destroying the craton we live on.

  2. Sorry, but the E-6B is Not the “Doomsday Bird”, but a TACAMO (TAke Control And Move Out) aircraft. the “Doomsday Plane” is the E-4B Nightwatch “Advanced Airborne Command Post” (AACP). The E-4B confirms the launch command (if the president is not on board), controls the missle silos, bombers, while the E-6B talks to the submarines.

  3. I’m just waiting for Yellowstone to blow and put my old Homeland out of its misery!
    There is only ONE White, Christian country in the world today and that country is Russia!
    I hated Jew-Nazi USA so I moved to Russia!
    And I’m lovin it! ?

    • Dan,
      I understand Yellowstone will not be an issue. If it blows, it will be no greater than a regular volcano. Most likly just ooz a bit. The New Madrid has no effect on Russia, but the Pole Shift floods 3/4 of Russia. Most of Russia is low ground. This is why they are opening up the NE in Siberia and giving folks free land to move there. Also, portable nuclear power plants being moved in. The Ural Mtns will be islands. So, you better grab some of that free land in Siberia. It will be warm there after the Pole Shift. These activities are on record for anyone wishing to confirm:-)

  4. Oh Boy!, It’s really amazing human’s made it this far!, Did everybody forget that we are in a de-facto war with Russia, And ma-be that’s why?

  5. I bet if someone had the resources to check, the Billionaires/Elite are bailing out of Coastal areas in their private jets right now. Heading for their Survival Retreats.

  6. It can’t trigger EQs. It’s doing surveillance because the Establishment knows the New Madrid is due at any moment and they are worried. Since when all the concern over one EQ?? Because they know something big is coming…….At any moment.

    • The Madrid, when it lets loose, will affect America/Mexico/Canada from the Eastern Rockies to Newfoundland and from Mexico City in the South to the Hudson Bay in the North.
      That means +- 1/2 to 2/3rd of the North American land mass will be affected.
      Remember this one part of the 1811-1812 Madrid Quake…the Boston Commons Church bell rang as the church building SWAYED back and forth!!!
      Now think of all of the cities in the East waving & swaying like drunks in a hurricane!!!
      During the 1812 quake in Louisville, KY , a news reporter wrote that ‘the land surface waves (rolls?) like the open Ocean at 2-3 foot swells! Liquification happened where numerous buildings and whole ‘town’s’ sank into the mud.
      AND all bridges from Ground ZERO to +- 250 Miles away will be destroyed and/or badly damaged. Add Oil pipelines, NATGAS lines, water lines, Power lines/poles being severed/damaged badly and you get … well just imagine. So move OUT of the big cities, buy a small farm in a rural area (We live in SC KY), grow crops, raise animals and get to know your Neighbors- who is good and who to stay away from.
      OH…pick a State like Kentucky/Tennessee where your Inherent Rights are protected and Free American Citizens can Carry without a Permit ANYWHERE!
      MOLON LABE (Sorry Texas – we all use it now!) MAGA 2016, 2020, 2024 and Beyond!

      • Michael,
        Yes! And they are expecting this one to be multiples bigger! Chicago is expected to get hit hard. Kentucy and Tennessee should do well. Stay away from the rivers though.

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