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A Cedar County family’s cat is recovering after being shot with an arrow, and now a reward of up to $5,000 is being offered for information leading to an arrest in the case.

The Humane Society of the U.S. is offering the reward. In a press release, staff said it happened on or around Oct. 30. Family members reported having found their red tabby domestic short hair cat, named Atticus, had been shot, possibly by a crossbow arrow.

The family immediately rushed him to a veterinarian, where the arrow was removed.

Atticus was barely able to walk or stand at the time, but is now recovering from the wounds. [KCRG] has been banned from ad networks and is now entirely reader-supported CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK… Thanks in advance!

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  1. That poor cat.The person who did this will get theres.Called karma.
    He’ll it’s bad enough when it’s an accident.Kittens are notorious for getting under and in the frame engine wheels.Even opening the hood checking the engine and blowing the horn doesn’t always dislodge them.They get where you can’t see them.

  2. If this isn’t enough reason to keep your pets indoors I don’t know what would.
    Crazy nutjobs
    seem to abound.

  3. Cat killers are new from COVID -19 vaccines.. We see more death and destruction’s ofThird World War because of side effects of COVID-19. Dog Killers and human killers we see it every day in USA.
    Go put more shots in your system and corrupt it.. COVID is agent of New World Order and want total destruction’s world. Pfizer now sues Modern …lol…

    • Annonymos,
      I give up. Like 50cal said, you’re a nutjob. All you spew is fanatical hate and off topic copy and paste gibberish. You are not doing God’s work. I’m more certain you are a paid Troll with the job of ruining this site. If you really are in Florida, maybe you should hook-up with Colleen. You two have a lot in common. She speaks better English though. Good luck.

  4. A$D Pee-Doughs that must be exposed to everyone ASAP: Geoshea (Gabriel Garcia), Crystal Mae Franks/Chibiyima and many other names, Amari Turcol/ladyalt69, Alex Mahan, and Christine Chandler.

    • Anonymous,
      You do the folks who visit this Site a dis-service. Worse than that Jane Fonda interview. This post is about a poor cat that some moron shot with an arrow. So, you bomb it again with off topic gibberish. Now I suppose you’ll start copy and pasting like crazy and post a dozen more to swamp any real discussion. And anyone passing by will consider the entire blog stupid.

      • Alongside this poor cat getting hurt, these pds need to be exposed. Call it “spam” if you like. This arrow story and the pds both represent the decay of our society.

      • Well, I for one never read your off-topic copy and paste spam. Pretty sure nobody else does either. I mean crap, you spam a post with half a dozen, full page posts completely off topic! If you wish to educate others, this is not the way. Try joining in on the regular conversation about the article posted by SS, and you’ll do 100x more service. Plus, you may enjoy the conversation and attract others to get involved. What you have been doing sends people into immediate lockdown. They bow up and would never read any of it if you paid them. PLEASE!!

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