Welcome to the new normal! US Baby dies from blood clot after a transfusion with vaxxed blood

US baby Alex dies from blood clot after being infused with vaxxed blood
US baby Alex dies from blood clot after being infused with vaxxed blood. Picture via Twitter

The pure blood idea is spreading, BUT…

A newborn baby boy named Alex was born in Washington state with a 95% survivable congenital heart defect and was also anemic and needed a blood transfusion.

Backstory: In 2021 the baby’s parents had a close family friend die of a heart attack shortly after she received her Covid—19 vaccine. By all accounts their friend was healthy and her death caused alarm bells to go off about the safety of the mRNA vaccine.

Because of their experience with their family friend, they wanted to make sure Baby Alex had unvaccinated blood for his transfusion. So they found match through a member at their church and paid to have the proper protocol take place for Alex to receive that donors blood.

However, when it came time for the hospital to initiate the transfusion the doctors and nurses claimed they were unable to locate the unvaccinated donors blood the parents had procured. So without the parents consent they took blood from the hospitals general stockpile.

The doctors and nurses assured the parents that Baby Alex would be fine—and told them babies rarely, if ever get blood clots.

Shortly after the transfusion, Baby Alex developed a large blood clot. The blood clot ran from his knee all the way up to his heart. The hospital changed their tune saying babies get blood clots all the time and this was normal.

Baby Alex was put on the highest dose of blood thinners possible for his age and size—but the blood clot didn’t dissipate at all.

Just 12 days later, Baby Alex sadly passed away as a result of the large blood clot.

Now the Sacred Heart Childrens Hospital, claims there’s no record of Baby Alex being at the hospital-despite ample evidence, including pictures, medical bills, and his death certificate.

If you would like to support Baby Alex’s family, here’s a link to their GoFundMe page

If this is all true, what the hell is going on here?

The pure blood idea is spreading, BUT almost all the blood in the banks is vaxxed blood. Unvaxxed blood is a rarity, a gem! [Twitter, GoFundMe]

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  1. There is no scientific or clinical information to support transfusion of blood from a vaccinated donor as being more dangerous than blood from an unvaccinated donor. Transfusions do carry significant risks, no doubt. But this claim is total nonsense.

  2. Anyone who says “the vxxxine is NOT the mark of the beast” is totally spiritually blind at this point. This poor man is vomiting up buckets of blood after his magic potion injections – truly horrifying, if SADS wasn’t scary enough. https://t.me/covidbc/7910

  3. This story was on the Stew Peters Show this week. I’m a pure blood and I intend to KEEP my blood inside my body. I know accidents happen but we have been given free access to the Sovereign of the universe (by dwelling in His secret place; Psalm 91:1) He can and does control all things, even stopping the dog that potentially ran out in front of you which caused you to swerve, lose control and crash, losing blood, taken to hospital and given toxic blood transfusion.
    This fictional scenario is possible, in fact happens often in this world but to those who seek His Face and pray every day and are in His Will, He “will give His angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways; they shall bear thee up in their hands lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.” Psalm 91:12
    God knows that I believe this and I live under His promises. I have memorized many Scripture verses, even whole chapters including Psalm 91. He has given me great faith simply because I ASKED for it! Please don’t think I am boasting, I am simply giving witness to what He is to me and what He has done in my life. Psalms 91 (the whole chapter) are little known promises from His written word, even within the Christian community but it is REAL and God is a Keeper of His promises but only to those that truly BELIEVE.
    Do you desire faith like this? Seek to know Him better by spending time (good, serious time/effort) in His written word and prayer. Go to Him on your knees and ask Him to show you these mysterious things of His Eternal Nature. The more time you spend seeking Him, the more He will reveal Himself to you. Soon you will find yourself memorizing Scripture.
    Don’t expect to hear an audible voice from Him for He doesn’t speak to us directly in everyday prayer except on very rare occasions. He communicates with us by praying WITH us, in The Spirit, through THOUGHTS, showing us our lives as we realize our mistakes from our past. Many claim to “hear” His voice audibly and often even hearing Him tell them things which have not yet happened.
    Some even call themselves prophets. There are no true prophets in this dispensation only faithful Christians like myself and I am willing to tell you the truth about these things. There have been rare occasions in my life where I have had instantaneous communication from Him which I did not initiate on my own but even these aren’t words, they are whole thoughts, communicated in mere nano seconds and I can count on one hand the times this has happened to me.
    Set time aside to pray. For me it is morning, night and before every meal giving thanks for arranging my life in this part of the world where food is abundant (for now). I think about those areas of the world where starvation is common. This is a good way to be thankful (but again, you must truly believe that He is responsible for everything about your life – where and when you were born and to which parents you would come into the world – this is true faith, knowing that our God is Sovereign in every detail of our lives.
    I came here only to comment about baby Alex being on the Stew Peters Show and my fingers ran away on the keyboard. This happens sometimes and when it does, I let it. This could be for someone specific. If you read this far, thank you and may God bless you, ushering you further and further into His Faith and Knowledge. All faith proceeds from the Throne of God so, as Galatians 2:20 says, “…we are not justified by the works of the law but by the faith OF Jesus Christ….” (emphasis mine)

  4. Aut!sm truther websites refused to post my comments about the word “vxxxine” (decode) translating into “666” in English Gematria. If there is a precursor to the mark, it is literally every single childhood vxxxine imaginable, as well as Garda$il which severely crippled healthy teenage girls shortly after being administered. “Mon$santo” also translates into 666 in Gematria I believe. Use Gematrix to find out.

    “Shadow of the Beast” is about a human boy who is kidnapped, given drugs/vxxxines? and turned into a demon who later escapes, becomes human and saves his baby sister from being turned into a demon. Predictive programming?

      • If you think that God’s Word is “bullsh!t” good luck in the lake of fire where you cannot escape, that happens to everyone who rejects Yeshua Jesus. Numbers do not lie.

    • This is REALLY following the “science” of – – – MASS MURDER! Al these American “know-it-alls” who think they are “good patriots” for taking the Covid jab disgust me! Their profound ignorance and unawareness of Big Pharma and its deadly non-accountable history of killing people with their products would have been a nice thing to consider before having someone stick a needle full of BP goodies into their arms! Even the narrative of the “Covid pandemic” has enough holes in it to be called the “cheddar cheese” pandemic! Let’s face it- those who are unable to use critical thought to protect themselves and their loved ones against this kind of massive scare campaign are ripe to be turned into a bioweapon against their fellow man.

      • Patriotism is idolatry and no idolater enters the Kingdom of God. Constitution worship/nation worship/president worship/governor worship is also being aimed at children, even in home education from “Christian” companies. A home education “Abeka Book” health textbook even praised childhood vaxxxines (numerous years before the C thing struck!) and claimed they make you healthier. “Abeka” means “sick” or such terms in Choctaw (an American language) you’ll see so in an Archive dotorg Choctaw dictionary.

  5. “Sacred Heart” = Roman Catholicism right off the bat. These poor parents lost a baby because of this hospital’s jabberwocky blood. Not just California k1ling babies and children and the disabled via jabbed blood, this was Washington State, soon it will be nationwide with our countless political distractions/raging about how only California/NY is bad and how Floriduh/ModernaTexas is a heavenly flawless utopia of mobility scooters, morbid obesity, and child secks trafficking.

    • Yeah, so you identify as a Christian. lol

      Do you read astrology, wicca, crowley, phrenology, palmistry, besides your gemantria/numerology?

      Dance around naked under the moonlight with your coven of nutjobs?

      • No, a user named RoseHannah-ihatebugs777 is decoding Gematria meanings found in words and subliminal messages. I don’t read any wicca/anything you mentioned.

        Freemasons and occultists hide truth in plain sight via gematria and symbology/subliminal messages, Mr. pmouth. They follow Ezekiel 3 much more than you do, but will not openly tell others of their true plans in literal straight words with occasional exceptions.

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