California weather war: Storm death toll rises to 17 as flooding, mudslides prompt evacuations

California weather war bomb cyclones
California weather war bomb cyclones

More rain is dropping across California on Tuesday, threatening more flooding and disruption as part of a parade of storms that have forced thousands to evacuate and prompted dozens of rescues in recent days and left more than 17 dead in recent weeks.

More than 20 million people across California are under flood alerts as the risk of mudslides also spreads to the Los Angeles and San Diego areas.

Further north, in San Francisco, a flash flood warning was issued until 3:30 p.m., according to the National Weather Service. The warning, which covers about a million people, comes as strong thunderstorms move onshore, bringing with them heavy rain, powerful winds and hail.

Across central California, weather service officials had received more than two dozen reports of strong winds by Tuesday afternoon as the rain moved in.

Tuesday’s rain is part of a wave of atmospheric rivers — long, narrow regions in the atmosphere that can transport moisture thousands of miles — that have thrashed the West Coast in the last several weeks. The storms have led to dangerous flooding and mudslides and prompted evacuations across the state, with much of California getting rainfall totals that are 400% to 600% above average in that time.

Several more inches of could fall across much of the state Tuesday, after 2 to 7 inches fell over 24 hours ending Monday night across much of the state’s lower elevations. It was wetter in the mountainous areas of Southern California, where more than a foot of rain fell from Sunday to early Tuesday, particularly along the Ventura and Santa Barbara County mountains.

The greatest threat for new flooding Tuesday is in the mountains just east of Los Angeles, where 2 to 4 more inches of rain could fall.

“Today’s heavy rain will further exacerbate ongoing flooding while prolonging the risk of … mudslides,” the Weather Prediction Center said Tuesday, no small threat for California soil already scarred by historic drought and devastating wildfires.

From north to south in the Golden State this week, flooding, mudslides or threats thereof have led to evacuations, road closures and desperate rescues. On Monday, trees crashed down, homes lost power and major roadways were turned into rivers or otherwise closed as storms unleashed powerful winds and heavy downpours.

In Santa Cruz County just southwest of San Jose, Rachel Oliveria stayed home Monday as water from a nearby river rose and flooded her residence.

“It just came really quick,” Oliveira said. “Within a matter of minutes, it was from across the street all the way into our yard, and it went really fast.”

A wrap of recent developments

Driver killed: On California’s central coast, a driver died Monday afternoon after entering a flooded roadway in Avila Beach, roughly a 180-mile drive northwest of Los Angeles, the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office said. As of Monday afternoon, at least 14 people in California have died because of recent storms — “more lives than wildfires in the past two years combined,” Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office said Monday.

Child missing: A 5-year-old was swept away by floodwaters Monday morning near the Salinas River in San Miguel, about a 215-mile drive northwest of Los Angeles, authorities said. An hourslong search for the child was suspended Monday afternoon “because the weather had become too severe and it was not safe anymore for first responders,” San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Tony Cipolla told CNN.

Two motorists killed: In interior California’s San Joaquin Valley, a tree fell on a pickup truck on State Route 99 in Visalia early Tuesday, killing the driver and leading to the death of a motorcyclist who crashed into the tree, the California Highway Patrol said. That brings the state’s death toll in recent storms to at least 16, including the 14 that Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office announced Monday evening.

Montecito evacuated: In Southern California, the entire oceanside town of Montecito — a haven for the rich and famous — was ordered to evacuate Monday because of significant flooding, mudslides and debris flows. Also ordered to evacuate: Residents nearby, including in parts of Santa Barbara, Carpinteria and Summerland. Montecito got a whopping 9.89 inches over 24 hours ending late Monday.

Evacuations in Northern California: Evacuations also have been ordered for about 32,000 people in parts of Santa Cruz County outside San Jose, the county said. In the coastal town of Aptos, water on Tuesday morning covered the streets of a neighborhood and came up to numerous homes.

Power outages: Storms have downed utility lines, contributing to power outages. More than 158,000 homes, businesses and other utility customers were without electricity service in California as of 2 p.m. local time, according to

Major road closures: Flooding has closed numerous roadways this week, including parts of the seaside Pacific Coast Highway (State Route 1) in Southern California, officials said. US 101 was closed Tuesday in places like Ventura — about 70 miles west of Los Angeles — with receding floodwater leaving a muddy mess. Between Fresno and Shaver Lake, a rock slide — caught on video by police — crashed onto State Route 168 Monday, closing that road.

President Joe Biden on Monday approved a measure to support California’s efforts to respond to the storms that for weeks have whacked the state like cascading dominoes.

Swollen rivers, water rescues and broad damage

Montecito – located between the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean in Southern California’s Santa Barbara County – got Monday’s evacuation orders on the five-year anniversary of a 2018 mudslide that killed 23 people as mud and boulders the size of houses plowed down hillsides, splintering more than 100 homes and rupturing a gas main, according to the state’s Office of Emergency Services.

Cars traversed flooded streets Monday as water raged in a nearby creek in Montecito and mud oozed down a hillside, video from CNN affiliate KEYT showed. Roads were impacted by boulders, debris and flooding, Santa Barbara city officials reported.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown asked county residents to shelter in place Monday evening as travel became a nightmare with rockslides, flooded roads and closed highways.

Crews in Santa Barbara County have responded to more than 200 incident calls due to the heavy rains, according to Captain Scott Safechuck, spokesperson for a Santa Barbara County Incident Management Team.

Around 10 to 15 homes were damaged due to flooding in the county on Monday, according to Santa Barbara County Fire, which released images showing a flooded neighborhood and a sinkhole that developed.

To the north, on the central coast, Santa Cruz County saw widespread damage Monday, according to images from Cal Fire. The San Lorenzo River swelled 14 feet in just over four hours Monday morning as heavy rain pounded the region, putting the river in a major flood stage.

Fast-moving water in Santa Cruz knocked out a bridge and flooded state parks, video showed.

The National Weather Service reported a “possible levee breach” along the Pajaro River Monday morning and warned of “life threatening flash flooding.”

Also on the central coast, in San Luis Obispo County, authorities urged residents south of the Arroyo Grande Creek Levee to evacuate to higher ground immediately Monday evening.

The deluge prompted numerous water rescues throughout the state Monday, as rising waters trapped drivers.

In Southern California, just northwest of Los Angeles, at least 18 people were rescued Monday by the Ventura County Fire Department, including multiple people who were stranded on an island in the Ventura River, fire officials said.

That included several people who were clinging to branches of floodwater-surrounded trees. Rescuers helped those people get onto and climb a ladder to a bridge above, video tweeted Monday by the fire department shows.

As rainfall intensified Monday night, officers in Ventura County’s Moorpark were working to rescue stranded drivers on State Route 126, according to the California Highway Patrol. State Route 126 was closed from Fillmore City limits to Fairview Canyon.

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  1. I have a solution. How about managing the forests and canyons, and removing debris?

    On areas that have been burned, how about planting ice plant, or ivy on the now fertile hillsides so you don’t have mudslides and severe runoff in Winter? This crap happens every wet season following fires. Duh!

    How about an I.Q. and random drug testing for all political candidates and elected officials?

    People running that state are retards, drunks, or higher than a kite!

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  6. Definitely geoengineering, they have started in the 1960’s with experiments to trigger rain (explosions in clouds, aluminum).
    They are now probably mastering other techniques, the links from Thomas can help.

    There is no global warming, human made ‘climate change’ is an hoax as for eliminating CO2, it is the biggest bullshit any honest scientist could take.

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    • The retards don’t understand the Krebb’s cycle. By the early 1980’s the Greenhouse effect was being spoon fed over the Krebb’s cycle in college courses. I remember, since I beefed the biology teacher on it while scratching my head in irritation.

  7. I agree, it’s not global warming, however man made scalar energy weapons. as for whom is attacking us, anyones guess.

    Scientific data for you.

    off the charts

    Scalar waves on GOES magnetometer

    The real reason flights were grounded this morning since aircraft, spacecraft, animals use magnetic field for navigation.

    solar flare yesterday Sunspot AR3182, however I’ve seen larger x10 but never seen supercell storms back to back like these.

  8. I saw this post early this morning and started going down memory lane. I spent most of my life growing up in CA. All over. Lived in the 4-Corners area (Adalento) when JFK was shot. The jets could break the sound barrier then and they’d come out of Edwards Airforce base and almost break our windows. Lived in northern CA and everywhere in between. My dad was restless maybe as a result of his WW2 experiences, so we moved around a lot. Camped out with just a sleeping bag on the ground. Seldom stayed in a motel. Also, gas was cheap, so we spent the weekends driving around and seeing the sites. Graduated Highschool in the NE area. Modoc County. Joined the Air Force and got my physical in Oakland. When I got out of the Air Force, I worked in Santa Clara (South Bay Area) in the electronics industry for 3 years before leaving CA. Anyway, I do not remember there being constant fires, windstorms and massive amounts of rain on a continuous basis. What is going on is not normal, nor is man causing it. This new term, “Atmospheric River” didn’t exist. They made it up in recent years to make it sound like everything is normal. It’s not.

    • Thanks for the link 50cal. I read it. But like the article here on SS about the Sun coming up 10 days early in Siberia shows, It’s the Earth moving under the Jet Stream not the Jet Stream whipping about. And yes, we have a Solar Minimum, which messed up NASA’s plans of blaming the Sun and solar activity on the extreme climate being caused by the approach of Nibiru. Since when does a calm Sun create more erratic weather? The opposite is true. During the Maunder Minimum a couple hundred years ago, it was cold, but not erratic. The Jet Stream started crossing the Equator a few years ago. Before that happened, the experts would have said that was impossible. But enter the increasing Earth Wobble, due to the approach of Nibiru. Then things add up. They have Spin Doctors everywhere to confuse the issue as much as possible to hide the truth. Remember that post from SS on the sky turning red in Bavaria? After I posted the Iron Oxide from Nibiru’s tail being the cause, then posts with crazy ideas came out in a flood! There are over 40 comments currently. This does what our Anonymous friend does with his page long copy-and-paste crap. Destroys the flow of conversation. Or to quote one of my dad’s many crude Navy expressions “Baffle Them with Bull Shit”. 🙂

  9. Fires destroy ground cover, and mudslides occur in Winter. Happens every year for decades. Of course, people on the left will blame global warming, and people on the right will blame weather warfare. Jumping to conclusions is not scientifc!

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