Censorship! Today I have received a Search Engine Removal notice from Google for a post about Maxwell and Disney – One means hundreds? Probably


They are slamming StrangeSounds at the beginning of each year.

Google Search Engine Removal
Google Search Engine Removal. via Email

Last year, they removed all of my ads.

This year they have censored one of my post about Maxwell and Disney…

Here’s the article:

Disney World Ring: Ghislaine Maxwell doing fundraisers for Disney in 1985

But if they tell me about one, they are probably censoring hundreds others… StrangeSounds is now banned from search results? I hope not…

And if it is really the case… What’s next? Are they going to shut down my site? No worries, I will continue the battle for freedom!

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  1. It’s much bigger than disney.

    The tail is disney, the WEFers, All world leaders and their military, kings, many alphabet soup agents, WHO, CDC, world banks, science, pharmakia, physicians, educational insitutions, non profit organizations including those non profit ( non prophet ) 501c3 sunday churches, all religious entities, people like epstein the list goes on. They are the Tail.


    But the head is and always has been the RRC.


    they all bow to him. he tells them All what to do.


    research world leaders, and the popes of rome. they all bow down to the popes of Rome.

    He wanted the vaccines mandated, that is why it was mandated worldwide.

    Revelation 9:19 kjv

    Now with one of the heads cut down, RATzinger (pedo & protector of them) berGOGlio has full reign. He is a jesuit, the antichrist, that controls the world. But only for a short time. The Almighty God will allow this until he sends Christ Je’sus back.

  2. print out lots, use folders and store in a fire proof box, then keep that in a water tight container. share them with whomever you meet.

  3. the AI Quantum supercomputer is removing many websites, posts, revealing the truth. However people are using other means of communicating, dumping their stupid smart phones and other eletronic devices.

    We can still talk to others about whats happening, so long as we dont get shot or pcr tested. We know, we remember.
    btw, the AI ate my post again.
    Keep up the good fight Manuel. We win in the end.

  4. Hitting them hard. Having to attempt damage control. But it won’t do them any good. Truth is starting to avalanche. And they can’t operate in the light thanks to folks like you Manuel. Censorship is the last thing before they cave. We’re winning.

    • ??biden is attempting to do another “misinformation/disinformation” block on the alternative news. Fake fact checkers and reeducation trolls to spit out and peddle lies harder.

      Read a report on it two days ago. He already tried with that Scary Poppins androgenous looking witch, but she was shitcanned. So, round two is inbound.

  5. Good work, rattling some bones since it would had been shared. Silly thing is, everything you post is possible to be found via searches. You are only taking the work out for others.

  6. Well Manuel,
    Wear it like a badge of honor. No surprise Scroogle backs satanic pedosatanists. Most of their original seed money came from deep state pedosatanists. Dizney is pushing the pedo agenda as are most big corporations.

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