You will eat ze bugs! EU allows house crickets and lesser mealworm larvae in food products


Coerced bug-eating is part of a wider neo-Malthusian program that goes back a hundred years. The WEF is currently its biggest and most successful purveyor, following in the footsteps of the Rhodes roundtable groups, the CFR, and Trilateral Commission, among others. The basic overarching goal: undo the developed world, and keep the developing world from developing. Economic development is not “sustainable,” you see.

EU allows house crickets in food products
EU allows house crickets in food products. CC BY-SA 3.0 // Wikipedia

The European Union recently allowed Acheta Domesticus, better known as the house cricket, to show up on European Union consumers’ tables. The newly approved regulation will allow food producers to introduce the partially defatted powder of Acheta Domesticus to the E.U. food market.

The E.U. Commission passed the application presented in 2019 by the Cricket One Company. Now, food producers can use the powder in the production of several foods, including pizza and pasta-based products, nuts and oilseeds, snacks and sauces, meat preparations and soups, multigrain bread and rolls, crackers and breadsticks, cereal bars, dry pre-mixes for baked products, biscuits, processed potato products, legume- and vegetable-based dishes, whey powder, maize flour-based snacks, beer-like beverages and chocolate confectionery.

The go-ahead came on the heels of the scientific opinion expressed by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), which verified and approved the safety of the new powder.

EFSA also approved the powder production process, which includes a 24-hours fasting period for the insects before they are frozen, washed, thermally processed, have their oil extracted and, finally, transformed into dried-up powder.

The march of house crickets into European kitchens will not be completed alone. On January 6th, the E.U. Commission also approved the introduction of the frozen, paste, dried and powdered forms of Alphitobius diaperinus larvae, also known as the lesser mealworm, to the consumer food market.

Lesser mealworm larvae have also been found safe by the EFSA and, in the approved forms, are now allowed as ingredients in several food products destined for the general population. The powder of the mealworm larvae will also be used as a food supplement.

Food containing the insect products will require appropriate labels. Some researchers believe that these food items could cause reactions in consumers allergic to crustaceans, mollusks and dust mites.

The two insect preparations will join the list of E.U.-approved insect foods, including dried Tenebrio Molitor mealworm and the dried powder of the migratory locust.

Besides such approvals, eight other applications for insect foods have been presented to the European Union and are currently under evaluation.

The E.U. Commission’s dedicated website explained that “the consumption of insects (…) contributes positively to the environment and to health and livelihoods.” The E.U. executive branch also noted that insects “are a highly nutritious and healthy food source with high fat, protein, vitamin, fibre and mineral content. Therefore, they are an alternative protein source facilitating the shift towards healthy and sustainable diets.”

The new Acheta and Aplhitobius regulations will take effect at the end of the month. [OliveOilTimes]


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  1. The fault of these scumbags:

    (All phone and emails are correct)

    ‘ursula’ vanderleyen, +32-229-560 70

    Margrethe VESTAGER-Executive Vice-President for a Europe fit for the Digital Age-Tel:
    +32-229-55136 (Denmark)

    Valdis DOMBROVSKIS-Executive Vice-President for an Economy that works for People (sic)-Tel:
    +32-229-55446 – Latvia

    Joseph borrell – One of the most political corrupt career criminal. Representative of the
    Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Tel: +32-229-98818 – Spain

    Maros SEFCOVIC-Vice-President for Interinstitutional Relations and Foresight-Tel:+32-229-64373 – Slovakia

    Vera JOUROVA-Vice-President for Values and Transparency (SIC)-Tel:+32-229-55144

    Dubravka ŠUICA-Vice-President for Democracy and Demography-Tel: +32-229-50660

    Johannes HAHN-Commissioner for Budget and Administration-Tel:+32-229-86472 – Germany

    Mairead McGuinness – Financial services, financial stability and Capital Markets Union- +32-229-53200 – cab- mcguinness – Ireland

    Mariya GABRIEL-Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth +32-229-55960 – Bulgaria

    Nicolas SCHMIT-Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights-Tel:+32-229-50090 – Luxembourg

    Paolo GENTILONI-Commissioner for Economy-Tel: +32-229-50250 – Italy

    Janusz WOJCIECHOWSKI-Commissioner for Agriculture-Tel: +32-229-50220 Poland

    Thierry BRETON Commissioner for the Internal Market-Tel:+32-229-90200

    Elisa FERREIRA-Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms-Tel: +32-229-51050 – Portugal

    Stella KYRIAKIDES-Commissioner for Health and Food Safety-Tel: +32-229-51020 –

    Didier REYNDERS-Commissioner for Justice -Tel: +(SIC) 32-229-50900

    Helena DALLI-Commissioner for Equality-Tel: +32-229-50200

    Ylva JOHANSSON-Commissioner for Home Affairs-Tel: +32-229-50170

    Janez LENARCIC-Commissioner for Crisis Management (WTF)-Tel: +32-229-50400 – Slovenia

    Adina VALEAN-Commissioner for Transport-Tel: +32-229-51500 Romania

    Oliver VARHELYI-Commissioner for Neighbourhood and Enlargement-Tel: +32-229-90300 – Hungary

    Jutta URPILAINEN-Commissioner for International Partnerships-Tel: +32-229-50450

    Kadri SIMSON-Commissioner for Energy-Tel: +32-229-50520 Estonia

    Virginijus SINKEVICIUS-Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries-Tel: +32-229-50270 – Lithuania (infiltrated puppet ‘young global leader’)

  2. Food for YOU!
    Not for the JEW!
    Shlomo is still eating Sirloin Steaks and Roast Duck!
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  3. Think about what the degenerate frankescience perverts will be feeding these crickets and mealworms. Probably mRNA vaxx garbage. Also, if you allow mealworms to mature, they turn into huge flies. So, basically you are eating maggots.

    • Think about what the degenerate frankenscience perverts will be feeding these crickets and mealworms. Probably mRNA vaxx garbage. Also, if you allow mealworms to mature, they turn into huge flies. So, basically you are eating maggots.

  4. This is all very sad. Nothing better for humans or the “environment” than properly managed grass fed Beef.

    Instead they go for the lowest critters. You can read ingredient lables, but they dont have to include everything:

    I once found mouse flesh on bone, (and a skull to boot) in imported Italian tomato sauce…all the FDA cared about was “did anyone get sick”, and they informed me they did not even have a lab anymore to test the product…IOW the guidlines mean NOTHING because there is no real enforcement even of the already lax rules.

    I would like to tell you commercial Kosher and Halal certified products are better, but that is not exactly the case; most kosher /Halal just work off ingredient lists, or spot checking…and the manufactuers use the FDA guidelines. So just cook everything proccesed very well. The same goes for raw meat, but for different reasons ( Parisites, Pathogens).

    • They will be mRNA jabbing all supermarket meats to poison people that do not want to be vaxxed. Grass fed free range beef will be your best option. TZVI.

      Also, vegetables will be mRNA poisoned. They are probably doing it now.

  5. Once I had a pet red knee tarantula. I fed him crickets. Crickets are pet food. Not good for human consumption. That chitin in them is bad. They have parasites too. Might be good food for chickens. Chikens can digest crickets better than humans.

    • Chitin is a big story unto itself. I am totaly against this movement to slip (more) insects into food products due to my religious beliefs and concerns about parasites.

      When it’s dust and inhaled ( think dust mites) it causes many bad immune reponses…that would be the danger in people buying cricket flour to add into food ( dust in the kitchen air). However chitin can also be an Anti-Macrobial, Anti-fungal, and when made into nano particles anti-cancer in Vitro. Chitin from eating insects is not really proccessed in the Human Gut ( aka not very Bio-available), so most of the “benefits” will be minimal at best.

      Anything made form insects would need to be cooked, only silly people would eat dessicated ( non cooked) insects of any kind…crickets in the wild carry nematodes, etc. Cricket farmers CLAIM their crickets are “clean”, but who is checking? The FDA is a joke.

      The only insect in the Bible that is considered “clean” is Locust, ( see Leviticus 11:20-22).

      The UN ( FAO) offers some Locust Recipes ( notice they are all cooked!)…but they dont tell you you need to pop off the head, and soak in water for 24 hours before cooking to release the “poisons” BEFORE cooking, otherwise you can get heartburn.

  6. This World Tyranny in our time and front of our faces indeed… 1984 is here…. in near future no one has any freedoms or privacy. Thanks to NWO crap.

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