Investigation of the Corona debacle would be “dangerous to democracy”, claims German Ethics Chairwoman Alena Buyx


Twisted views… An investigation of the Corona policies debacle would be “dangerous to democracy”, claims German Ethics Chairwoman Alena Buyx…

Investigation of the Corona debacle would be “dangerous to democracy”, claims German Ethics Chairwoman Alena Buyx.
Alena Buyx… Investigation of the Corona debacle would be “dangerous to democracy”, claims German Ethics Chairwoman Alena Buyx. Picture via German Ethics Council

Many have noticed: Once outspoken COVID restrictions and vaccine proponents just don’t want to talk about it anymore, and are wishing the whole thing to be forgotten.

Not only has the economic and mental health damage been of immense dimensions, but so has the loss of life resulting from the measures, especially the vaccines, have conservatively run in the hundreds in Germany alone. Injuries have run into the tens of thousands. Excess mortality has skyrocketed.

Hence it’s little wonder today those responsible for having promoted and enacted these damaging measures are now politically behaving like the reckless hit-and-run drunk driver who wakes up the next day realizing something awful has happened and hopes no one will notice and it will just all go away.

One example is Alena Buyx, Chairperson of the German Ethics Council, which served to provide the needed moral cover whenever the German government imposed cruel lockdowns and experimental vaccinations against the will of many people. Buyx was an outspoken promoter of mass vaccination and the restrictive measures.

Investigation “dangerous to democracy”

In an interview with Germany’s centre-left Die Zeit, Buyx told that the need for an investigation “is understandable, but it’s incredibly toxic. It has a profound effect on polarizing society. And it is dangerous to democracy.”

Scared to death of accountability

Now that the data are exposing the greatest medical debacle/fraud of all time, leading persons like Buyx are obviously running scared-to-death of investigations and due process.

“According to Buyx, anyone who is calling for a fundamental reappraisal of Corona’s policies, anyone who demands personal and, if necessary, legal consequences, is an enemy of democracy,” comments here.

That’s the level of ethics we are seeing in Germany today. Recall how the former communist “The German Democratic Republic”, a.k.a. East Germany, used to claim the same about their phony democracy and any political opposition. [PleiteTicker, No Tricks Zone] has been banned from ad networks and is now entirely reader-supported CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK… Thanks in advance!

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  1. Oh no doubt there’s graft and some payoffs.Always are with any govt backed payment system.
    The fact that a experimental vaccine was forced on people in violation of Nuremburg protocols is a ethical and potentially criminal charge.Whether it’s criminal boils down to whether the countries in question gave the vaccine clearance.
    It was in third trial when covid hit.

    • A genuine investigation would be the HEIGHT of democracy. It would only be dangerous to the criminals who perpetrated it. This bitch demands a coverup for herself and those corrupt killers who in a real democracy, would face the noose or electric chair for global GENOCIDE. Hunt them down before they serial kill again.

  2. I will not tolerate your idiocy, 5000cal. You need to stop attacking and us. When you start to pay attention to Loss of brain trust and these serious ASD/SEND crisis articles that should be daily front page news everywhere, you’ll no longer be yawning/laughing/being a fool loafing around here. Try being a Special ed teacher/ASD therapist for at least 24 hours. I’ll wait.

      • Go start your own substack and peddle your pet causes there? I’m sure there are plenty of other nebbish shitclowns that will stroke your narcissistic obsession with drivel.

    • I’m not playing crybully. You’ll wish you were in my shoes/as open-minded as me, when vexxed marburg “Hulk” zombies charge at you on the streets, trying to tear at your flesh due to nanobots/CRISPR turning them into those monsters. You’ll wish you were a “crybully lefty” when you start to vomit out the equally evil “red pills” that aren’t any less toxic than the blue pills.

      All those zombie shows, and predictive programming is in your face worldwide and not hidden, if you think i’m a schizo for pointing out all these facts you attacked me for, look up “Lost Vegas zombies” on Google/other search engine and it’s predictive programming for vehxxed up zombies who are eating the flesh of the ux-hex peoples. You’ll wish you threw away paytrutism and respect for Darthsantus/Flump/Pooptin/Ladapope etc just like you did with the openly evil democarps, when our creator Yeshua Jesus denies he ever knew you due to your foolishness and idolatry.

  3. Yeah don’t investigate as it’d mean prison as well as having to give all that ill gotten cash back, making those WEF puppets poor like everyone else just before the next big ice age, lol

    • Putin shut down their money laundering operation in the Ukraine. The White Hats shut their FTX operation. I bet money is getting tight. Hard times for a Satanist.

  4. Yes sir, they be GUILTY! No doubt about it and they are now worried. Just taking orders has responsibility to it. These guys are worse than the managers at the WW2 camps in Deutschland.

    • When are the Nuremberg II trials getting started? These kabalistic satanists need to be on trial, and executed for crimes against humanity!

      • Won’t happen because “they” control all nations and governments, even Japan, Brasil and Russia too, from the inside out. “Nooks” and “nooclear wars” don’t exist and neither do “mental illness(es)” (demon possession in reality) or “viruses” (actually parasites/harmful bacteria). Stop thinking Darthsatanis/Pooptin/Ladapope etc will be your “saviors” (even if you don’t call them “christ” you flip out when the truth is exposed about them), they’re all pro-vexhexxine and pro-neurodiversity (and the sole cause of ASDs/severe and violent regressive ASDs is the vexxxines, all of them, not just the so-called fake ones).

        If injecting a baby or child with “magic potions” of any kind (but you only demonize the so called fake one, when they’re all rotten) does not make you want to cry and vomit, if you think the world’s children aren’t suffering hell on earth and you don’t think the global education systems will collapse from ASDs and their massive, pervasive needs, as someone who was severely injured and made violent/encephalitic as a child from “safe real essential decades-old” vexhexxines, you really need to wake up and flee from your governors/politicians/nation worship.

        All these “KJV has zero errors/KJV onlyist” frogmen are all pro Flump/Darthsantis/MTG (she does not even appear to be a woman or human), provexx, pro-Ivyfectin and so forth while not giving a frog about the global SEND/ASD crisis. (Autism Made in the USA Documentary)

      • Anonymous idiot has pontificated.

      • Anonymous throwing bombs at chat again. Same copy and paste weapons. Must have some effort for the paycheck.

      • Nuremberg 2 will start when fed up people start holding “People’s Courts” and completely bypassing the regime’s pure bovine scatology.

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