Make it make sense, please! Another Vinyl Chloride train derailed back in 2012 in New Jersey – Although exposed to 9x less poison than in Ohio, people were evacuated from Paulsboro during 3 weeks

train derails in Ohio emergency
train derails in Ohio emergency

Another Vinyl Chloride train crashed back in 2012.

The 2012 crash involved 120,000 lbs of released Vinyl Chloride, while this year’s crash released 1.1 million lbs…

So the East Palestine, OH crash was 9x the amount of vinyl chloride exposure compared to the 2012 Paulsboro, N.J.

Yet, people were evacuated from Paulsboro for 3 weeks while OH only evacuated for 5 days..

Can you please make it make sense? Thank you…

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  2. Ok, this train crash was an accident. That whole region is in motion as the New Madrid is ready to blow. It’s a stretch zone. Bends tracks. Stretches don’t register as EQs. Trains are derailing. Water mains are breaking. Gas pipelines are breaking. Whole buildings have collapsed. Sinkholes everywhere. Bridges being closed due to torque stress damage. Another just a couple days ago. I fail to see what the continuous trash on Desantis has to do with this? Or President Trump for actually showing up and having concern for folks. Why the hate? I also think them putting out it is normal for 3 to 5 trains a day to derail is BS. Spin to cover the building natural disasters due to increasing plate stress due to the approach of Nibiru.

    • Biden flys to Pukraine to launder another half billion dollars with his KM pals. No help for Ohio, except President Trump got FEMA to start process for aid.

    • You should see Ohioans, they all came out with FJB signs and cheered too. He cares about those people a heck of lot more than the bumbling bozobiden, that is for sure.

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      • I’m not a leftist. Not everyone who opposes the R.P. is, I am independent and strongly oppose both parties. Watch I Pet Goat 2 and see the duality of Bush turning into Obama.

  4. Let me clarify.The enemy of the state is running the state.We are at war.Have been for decades.They our leaders (what a joke)are helping the enemy kill us.
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  5. The cdc changed the toxicity definition of vinyl chloride before the East Palistine dump, the cdc loves to redefine.

  6. Make it make sense? Okay. The same people that erected the “Georgia Guidestones” are the ones that derailed this train. How long is it going to take for those sleeping masses of people to see that we are being systematically DESTROYED along with the earth? And the ones doing it believe that they will escape via their underground cities where they have made a literal, luxurious world underground so they could survive their own destruction and it cost TRILLIONS of dollars…Our TAX dollars which they stole and put into their survival bunkers to hide in to live indefinitely in LUXURY and leave the rest of humanity to die in the wreckage above! But God will LAUGH (literally) at them and have them in derision. Psalm 2:4 And they will call out to the rocks and mountains to fall on them and hide them from the WRATH OF GOD!!! Revelation 6:16. Complete and utter devastation of this earth is their goal and it’s coming soon to a city near you. Jesus is our ONLY hope folks. If you don’t know Him, I beg of you, PLEASE call upon His Name TODAY!

    • Anyone who thinks R.D. and FL Babalon will save Amerika is headed for a very rude awakening. Watch TrumpetForYahweh on Rumble and read Jeremiah 51 (the fall of Babalon) and you’ll see that R.D. will be the Orkin Man of our children and families who have foolishly put trust in R.D./DJT/i.dolls in place of Yeshua Hamashia/Jesus.

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      Those in the .gov bunkers will have to stay there underground for a lot longer than they will have food / energy for, and in the end perish, if they do not have the means to flee the USA, becoming strangers in South America…if they make it ther alive ( doubtful. I’m not sure the Southern Mexican survivors would let them pass!).

  7. That’s easy. About 75% of the people in Ohio voted for Trump. The government doesn’t care about them.

    • Votes are numbers on paper. DJT rolled out fivejee and the M0TB snake bites onto Babbalon and its breinded zombee sheeple who put trust and faith in other gods instead of Yeshua Jesus alone. R.D. will do the same if he hasn’t already.

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      • DJT is the king of the deep state, he is 100% controlled opposition. Same with RD and all the “good guys” in both parties.

  8. I think the chemicals will create the walking dead next. I mean, they film these things as practice runs it seems. No more Starbucks for the sheep in that scenario.

  9. Hi Steve. I have been reading our site for a few years. Thank you for all you do.
    This is ALL senseless….Depop goals coming to fruition. DeWine still has not declared a state of Emergency. Then look at this: 72 organic farms, 30 meat processing plants, many heirloom seed growers are in East Palestine Ohio. tells you all you need to know about the location choice- all RUINED .
    Go see this link as well for the report on the mustard gas leaking into the atmosphere….—must-read-and-share-2d6cNDIPdYtLqQR?fbclid=IwAR1-BpTm09ji_fZ4-xSRjKJyKac-NlJEfaAkHo2IeWbdgzxO3I8gliPRTt4

  10. How about a few truckloads of bottled water for the Ohio taxpaying residents instead of feeding pukrainian nazi dickweeds?

    • Damn straight. Trump had many faults, but putting Americans first was a priority. And a friggin good priority. I’m sick of war. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian people are the ones dying in defense of a war they’ll never win. What the hell is the Biden administration smoking?

      • You can vote C all you want and you’ll still be in the eternal lake of fire, 50666k. Both parties are 100% crooked since their birth to the grave. Pa.tri.otism is a pagan religion.

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        How’s your Hello Kitty purse working out for you, Dolt!

  11. New Jersey pays more in federal taxes each year than it receives back. Ohio receives more each year than it pays in. In emergency’s money goes back to whomever is funding more of the burden to keep the entire country functioning. As with the airline example, the “adult” needs to put their oxygen mask on first and then attend to the children.

    • Let’s hope a gas cloud or water poisoning doesn’t happen near you, eh? With all the incompetence and asinine people we have in office fckin up a wet dream.

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  12. It is simple, Ohio votes Conservative, therefore they are let to suffer. Same type of thinking explains why Red counties and States received more dangerous fake vax. They attack their enemies with a new type of warfare. See our corrupt court shitclowns. Always ruling against Conservatives and protecting the pedosatanists.

      • All governors are b….rds… and you cannot be one in the USA (soon globally) unless you support “safe real” vex666sines that have destroyed our children’s health and wellbeing for decades. Del Bigtree/L.dapo/R.-D and others all support this dumpster fire of “safer smaller vxxxines” and you obviously don’t care about the babies or children, don’t you. Loser and blasphemer.

      • You have divorced yourself from Yeshua Hamashia/Jesus in favor of your other gods, 50k. Mario Brisson/TVC isn’t that different from you. Voting will never save Babalon from her humongous implosion. You live in Alice’s Wonderland/the “rabbit hole” with your pa.tri.ot ho/res and hive-minded “free-thinking men”.

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      • So I’m a malcontent dork because I don’t want to watch babies and children being forcefully injected with these charagmas called “safe real vs”? You need to go straight to an insane asylum or get serious mental help 50C. Opposing both parties isn’t a vote for the “worse”, it’s saying NO to id.ola.try and the Masonic S.O.S. cult.

        “National Divorces” will completely destroy this nation via strife and riots, and you are far too strifeful and delusional to see it.

      • You claim you don’t worship any man, but you do. You rabidly attack anyone who tells you unhappy facts about these people you love. You obey everything they tell you, without any critical thinking skills nor questioning anything. Obedience is the highest form of worship. You’re going to he.ll unless you truly repent from this.

    • But those toxins don’t obey state borders. This happened right next to Beaver County PA, where my brother lived for nearly 40 years (until they killed him with Remdesivir). Now, they want to kill my dad with Vinyl Chloride, he lives in Pittsburgh, only 80 miles from ground zero.

      • Jim,

        Sorry to hear about your brother. I think between Covid and the Injections everyone knows someone who was either hurt badly or died…Lost my grandmother after the shot ( she gave up eating)…had a sister in law who “forgot to eat” for a while…one was Jansen, the other Pfizer, same effect.

        My father had a bad case of Covid, he was advised to go to the hospital, but my mother ( an old nurse) and myself convinced him not to go…instead I found out about nebulizing Hydrogen Peroxide. Helped him get over the worst of it…

    • You’re so domb and breinded, this isn’t a “fake” v but the mark of the beast! Joaquin and Boaz – two cheeks of the same arse. You obviously love RD and DJT – the father of the MOTBs – and you have obviously rejected Christ for peace and safety. Total zombie.

      • First off feggethole, I don’t worship any man. That’s where you are a complete imbecile. We have choices to make—even if voting is useless. Get off your superiority complex. You have nothing noteworthy to say or offer. That is why people mock you.

    • Does not matter. Votes do nothing, all go.v.’s are selected by the top on both parties, and all your gods are actively (and always will until they’re caught guilty on the day of judgement) funding and rolling out your demise. All they care is to give you the mark of the beast/charagma and take away/end your offspring and their lives/futures. They want id.olarty and depo.pulation and to get as many souls into he.ll as possible, even through the churches too.

      • Do not be deceived. The R. party exists soley to tear your faith and trust away from Yeshua, and to destroy your children and their futures via vac.cines and govt. regulated education. USA is Babbalon! Read Jeremiah 51 and Revelation 18.

        A rotten tree cannot create healthy fruit, a thorn tree cannot create figs. 50C, you, your gods and this nation you still love, are all completely and officially (since day one) rotten inside out, and their and your fruits are extremely rotten. You will be harshly judged along with her (Babbalon) and the gods you worship. I’m not “skitzo” these are biblical facts. Flee your gods and men you love, before they become demons ripping at your body in the pit forever.

    • Accuse me of doing p.rno and having HP merch I have nowhere in my house, you disgusting and foul mouthed dirtbag 50c.roach. THAT IS NOT A FAKE V.A.X! I have been warning you that “real vs” have kd and maimed millions of children and people, decades before this thing was rolled out. I repeat solely because you ignore everything like a tipsy dunce on LSD.

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