Now in WEFland Switzerland, Swiss residents are thrown out of their apartments and replaced by Ukrainian refugees


This is bad, real bad! I don’t want to see that in my country! Swiss citizens are now facing forced evictions to house Ukrainian refugees. Just one step further and officials in Switzerland will start requisitioning private property and possessions for Ukrainian refugees. This has already started in Germany…

In the latest news, the municipality of Seegräben in Canton Zürich is throwing out a long-term tenant out of his apartment because they are unable to find apartments to accommodate asylum seekers from Ukraine.

I think this is just the beginning… Fight for your rights…

Swiss tenant has to leave apartment for Ukrainian refugees
Swiss tenant has to leave apartment for Ukrainian refugees

Here is the translation of the document above:

This is just the beginning! Swiss tenant has to leave apartment for Ukrainian refugees
This is just the beginning! Swiss tenant has to leave apartment for Ukrainian refugees…

A long-term renter of a 5.5-room apartment in the municipality of Seegräben, Zürich has received a letter of termination from the municipal administration. He has to leave his apartment before May 31, 2023 to be replaced by Ukrainian refugees.

Despite an intensive search in recent weeks, no suitable apartments can currently be found on the open market,” writes the municipal administration.

Comment: I must say, this is not his problem at all…

Of course, the outrage on social media is great. “Incredible!” writes a Twitter user. “Incredible, where are we?” one person commented on Facebook. “You ‘can’ deal with a Swiss citizen like that… For me, a bottomless impertinence.” Others call on the municipality to support the tenant in finding an apartment. “That would be the least the community could do.

This is how the mayor Marco Pezzatti confirmed the letter to some news portals in Switzerland: “It was clear to us that this measure would not be without. It was a very difficult decision for the community. Unfortunately, this measure was the last chance to achieve the acceptance quota for refugees prescribed by the canton. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to take unpopular decisions if you want to comply with the requirements of the authorities

According to official specifications, the village should take in 13 refugees – but only nine have been living there for several months.

Over the last six months, we have been trying hard to find housing for refugees. We have asked privates and even real estate portals – but unfortunately without success,” says Pezzatti.

The affected apartment is to be occupied by a family of five in the future.

Another municipality, Mettmenstetten, will buy an apartment for over a million francs for refugees

The Zurich municipality of Mettmenstetten, ZH, is taking a different approach to the problem.

In order to be able to cover the increased need for apartments for asylum seekers by the summer of 2023, the municipality wants to buy a 5.5-room apartment worth CHF 1.045 million.

The community resists… More than 50 appeals have been received.

Same in Germany

Just a few days ago, I published on my newsletter another case of forced removal of tenants for refugees. At least 40 residents of Wölbinstrasse 21 to 29 in Lörrach, near the Swiss border, have to leave their homes for the same reason.

According to another termination letter, the entire housing complex is to be cleared by the end of 2023 and will be used to house Ukrainian refugees.

The war is terrible, of course. People from Ukraine need a roof over their heads, of course. But don’t put some Swiss or German guys on the street to house those war refugees… This will just lead to more hate against them (because it is already high enough)… [20min]

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  1. This is not humanity any more endless war and Americans pay for it… Hell with Zelinesky and puppet of UK war is destructions and destructions are part of constructions.

    • Very sad. USA and Switzerland were both established in 1776 by the masons I believe. Makes you think twice about what truly lurks under the sweet white underbelly of “free countries” just as much as the “worse evils”.

      Remember that violent student mauling his teacher aide to a pulp in “paradise state” FL? Because she took his nintendo switch. No one thinks about the aluminum in “neurodiverse” brains let alone what happens when you put silverware into a microwave. Even FL’s schools are all radiated with fivejee tech. RD will never take the towers down.

      • Au.tis.tic populations, including the severely and violently au.tis.tic like that boy you see in that scary video, could be increasing the homeless and prison populations as much as mass migrants are. That is why JL supports neuron-destroying aluminum ASD shawts as long as they’re “non MRNA” which is a lie since they’ll all have fallen angel alien MRNA soon.

      • Lukewarm Christian parents, even that violent au.ti.stic boy’s parents will be held accountable on the day of judgement for many reasons. When Yahweh/Yeshua Jesus returns, he will NOT be a cutesy effeminate caucasian/”white” (crayon color) hug giving man. “White/Caucasian Jesus” didn’t exist until Rome watered down and bastardized our creator and demoted him to a mere man, as in the corrupt English/KJV trinity bibles.

        Children who are force-fed Christianity by the same parents that let them look at filth on unsupervised devices – being foolish enough to think children can spiritually defend themselves – grow up to be disabled violent teens and adults with numerous mental and developental disorders. Which will increase the homeless/migrant populations around the world, at least in regions such as the USA Babalon/other places where atheism (caused mainly by those toxic and negligent/hypocritical parents and their rearings) is gaining traction, if not being outpaced by other devilish religions such as Islam/Hinduism/Buddhism/Shintoism/etc.

  2. Governments worldwide have gone rogue & no longer represent their citizens but follow orders from the One World dictatorial government conspirators. Harming their own citizens to advance foreign agendas is not the actions of a government that is protecting its citizens from predation & harm, from outside & from inside, which is the BASIC reason to have a government. These governments have been infiltrated & hijacked from the citizens who support them to enslave those very citizens. They are slowly squiring power OVER their citizens and already behaving as though they are slaves to be disposed of like cattle.

    • Greebo,

      Governments never represented own people or acted on their interest. Never. They were always a cancerous growth, a parasite which mesmerized dumb mob and convinced them that fascist authority is necessary.

      • It baffles me to see people love and worship a nation, yet villainize its government systems. Nation is government and vice versa, once you really think about how it works.

        The disgusting cult of corporate chri.stia.nity and the “once saved always saved” doctrine that lets you get away with sin? I believe it came from a “string” of Masonic henchmen, one of them being Billy Graham and his feel-good, 4kids-dub-like doctrines and I cannot watch a Billy Graham/”spoon feeding” Christian video involving such repetitive and simple vocabulary without going insane and wanting to yell at the screen.

        Religious Christian (and religious/even atheism too in general) parents are the most hypocritical and contradictory dirtbags you’ll ever see, only second to the highly annoying and prideful Gen Z zoo specimens running around like guinea pigs everywhere on their phones, especially the obese ones.

  3. Well, in Sweden the Foreign Nazi Rulers kick Swedes out of their homes for Third World Criminal Terrorists!


    • Yes, this is true! And also they can take Swedish folks summer cabins. It’s been this way for quite a few years now. Everyone complains but, as usual, not many do anything about it! The Swedish mindset at its best: “Don’t rock the boat and create waves”…


    • Zelensky is another clown who’ll probably move to FL when the war does not go his way. Keep in mind that Joeseph Ladapo supports and claims “non MRNA” marks of the beast are somehow much safer and smaller than the new Cordyceps/nanowie-forming ones that DJT rolled out at warp speed.

      Anyone putting their trust in Sa.tan – who counterfeits Yeshua, in the manner of a cuddly, “family-friendly” (reminds me of 4Kids dubs) Caucasian/”white” effeminate man created by Rome – or any of his political and celebrity minions/idols… anyone putting their trust in there, isn’t on Yah’s narrow path.

  4. Why is a refugee entitled to an apartment, and especially that of a paying, long-term renter? Are there no empty army barracks available in the country? I thought that refugees were housed in fenced, tent encampments, and why isn’t that entitled and wealthy acolyte of Klaus Schwab being billed to house his own citizens. With all the money the U.S. has lavished on Zalenski I’d think there would be a couple of dollars left for a tent and a woodstove, excuse me an ELECTRIC heater. But of course, Zalenski acts like he doesn’t have two Euros to rub together and keeps grifting for more, more, more. My guess is he found another Italian villa he wants to buy. If the Swiss would eject the WEF scum, there would be more than enough housing for the refugees, and I’d bet they’ve stockpiled tons of quality food for the coming famine that they have engineered. But, of course, they are entitled and not to be disturbed while they set about planning the destruction of mankind. Damn was I wrong in thinking the Swiss were an intelligent people and my daughter almost married one and would have moved there. Well, at least she was fortunate.


  5. They did the same thing to countless, starving German survivors after the war to make room for the out-of-the-woodwork, Jewish “DP” hordes. Patton was outraged.

  6. NATO and the started the war. Let those a holes find a place to house all their wandering pets. How about internment camps until Russia finishes cleaning out all the NAZIS and US bioweapon labs in Ukraine.

  7. Kick all politicians that support this and give the refugees their homes. If the politicians protest, shoot them. If they come to their senses at the last minute, then there will be no evictions and no need for executions. The citizens keep their homes.

  8. I reckon thats what they get for hosting the Davos group. Yall missed a real good opportunity. Suffer the consequences.

  9. Folks this is what happens when We the people, the actual fucking citizens continue to sit-back like impotent do NOTHINGS and allow this vile, out of control, criminal govt to pull horrible bullshit nonsense like this!! Seriously folks when in all hell is enough going to be ENOUGH? If we do not man up and start to put up a real fight, it is painfully obvious how things are going to play out for so, so many of us.

  10. The politicians and government employees should take them in. The Canton is responsible to the tax paying citizens not the reverse. Come on Klaus don’t be a louse!

  11. Holy shit… I knew something is going on, because now in ukropolish media there is so enormous cesspit propaganda being vomited, that I want to vomit too. Hypocrisy exceeded veeery far any known levels, leftist scum cries and bleats about love, peace and solidarity, and at the same time crowds of mutated retards scream “more weapons for pukraine” and even say that hate gives them strength against Russia. Aren`t they the same paranoid leftists who once screamed and bleated that hate is so bad? Hahaha. So stupid and disgusting, I`m surprised that this world, especially west didn`t die from its idiocy yet.

  12. Don’t Swiss citizens have access to automatic weapons in their home as a citizen militia? One of the few countries in the world other than America. If I were that guy, I would deploy myself as an armed citizen soldier and resist any law enforcement that showed up.

    • I heard awhile ago (pre-pland.emic) that the Swiss were highly armed and trained with such tools, having only one school shewting for many years – unlike the USA, which still turns its children and babies into human guinea pigs for injected aluminum salts/animal cells/graphene etc just to attend school/prevent children from being taken away from the parents.

      Gen Z (the most highly aluminum vexxxed and developmentally disabled in world history, and the last generation of man) is mainly helpless against this.

  13. Trouble is, the Main Rat Hole for the WEF crowd is under Bern, Switzerland. I know Ben Fulford is in favor of nuking the entire area to get rid of them.

  14. Maybe the Swiss Army of 5,000 that guards WEF political satanists should be utilized to throw the KM alien-shitbombs back to Pukraine?

    • The ass-clowns in the military are NOT with the people nor are the pigs with tin badges on their chests either. Folks they are all AGAINST us, the people. Fight back or end up dead or in a fucking FEMA CAGE. It is that simple and that is where we are now.

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