Videos: Strong M6.0 earthquake rattles Mindanao in the Philippines

M6.0 earthquake hits Philippines on February 1, 2023.
M6.0 earthquake hits Philippines on February 1, 2023.

A strong M6.0 earthquake hit Mindanao, Philippines at 10:44 UTC on February 1, 2023 at a depth of 13.5 km (8.3 miles) about 4.3 km (2.7 miles) SSW of Monkayo (population 51 393) and 91.9 km (57.1 miles) NNE of Davao (population 1 212 504).

Estimates indicate 170 000 people have felt very strong shaking, 470 000 strong, 1 397 000 moderate and 10 567 000 light.

Green alert for shaking-related fatalities and economic losses has been released from USGS. There is a low likelihood of casualties and damage.

There may however be some structural damages, as most homes and buildings in the area are earthquake vulnerable and not earthquake-resistant.

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  2. The video of the pool was pretty good. Surprised more water didn’t slosh out? Been by a pool when earthquakes happened. It is very weird if nobody is in the pool, since it sounds like a swimming meet. Then you see the waves hit the edge and splash up and out. Like when a breaker hits the rocks.

  3. 6.0 also in Iran Khoy Iran and no one is helping well… So Iranian from other places going to center of storm to help others… If you wait Islamic terrorist do something never happens indeed…..

  4. That entire region keeps getting hammered. Guess the Indonesian Plate is Sub-Ducting under the Himalayans. Hard time for folks from India to western Australia. Establishment hiding what’s happening. Special place for them when they leave this life.

    • Gary,
      Funny, but in my mid 20’s I was considering moving to the Phillipines. Wanted to just go elsewhere and live on an island by the water for fishing, and tropical paradise. Wasn’t in the cards. Anyways, usually on SS here, it is a volcano or earthquake at least every three months or so. Dodged a bullet I guess — since I do not like volcanoes, like Indiana Jones hates snakes. ?

      • I hear you. I had similar ideas. Love the tropics and scuba diving. And beautiful clear (warm) waters filled with colorful fish. Bali was my thinking. I think we get guided on such things. That is if we listen. Not saying it’s a conscious thing, but we get urges if we pay attention.

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