Meanwhile in front of the Pfizer World Headquarters in Manhattan, NY


I hope this garners the attention it deserves, and more importantly, we deserve…

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  1. Why only one company? Why is no one speaking also against Astrazeneca/Janssen/J&J/Sinovac and many other companies of these supposedly “fake” witch brews? Anyone who has vecks-damaged loved ones or has been warning about the dangers of all these ones and not just the “fake” ones for years, is silenced by the media or ridiculed by both parties. It’s very rare to see ANYTHING mentioning anywhere on the media, other than genes and Even DooSatanis is pro witch brew and has praised the MMR which has caused “ND” and intellectual disabilities in children. They later ramped up the aluminum while eliminating the mercury, creating more desirable “NDs” without intellectual disabilities but with more learning difficulties/gut problems especially in children.

    • Since lamestream demonskin media didn’t include the video sting of the coco-puffer “trying to impress” on his sodomite-date spilling secrets, perhaps a truck on the street can spread the word.
      Phizer is basically doing gain of function(direct evolution) on new diseases so they can peddle more suicide shots to depopulate the peons.

  2. Pfizer and others are must be trials against all humanity destruction’s in World Court in Hague…
    Any questions ?

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