The WHO plans to introduce over 500 new vaccines by 2030. Covid-19 vaccines are just the first of many coming soon


Covid-19 vaccines were just the beginning… The WHO wants to introduce over 500 new vaccines by 2030.

Immunization Agenda 2030 WHO
WHO: Immunization Agenda 2030

According to their website, by 2030, the Immunization Agenda aims to:

  • Achieve 90% coverage for essential vaccines given in childhood & adolescence
  • Halve the number of children who completely miss out on vaccination
  • Introduce 500 new vaccines in low & middle-income countries

This is what they want to achieve:

The impact of childhood vaccination is increasing:

  • 20 million lives saved in 2001-10
  • 30 million lives saved in 2011-20
  • 40 million lives will be saved in 2021-30, if global targets are met
impact of children vaccination
WHO: impact of children vaccination

Of course, they argue that vaccines protect us from diseases at every stage of our life, from infancy through adolescence and into old age…

vaccines protect us from diseases at every stage of our life
vaccines protect us from diseases at every stage of our life

Go to the WHO website to learn some more

Exactly… vaccines are used to depopulate the world… And are advertised the vaccines as being a way to make people healthy… But never forget that those pushing for vaccines are the kings of the depopulation agenda…

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    If suicide shots don’t kill you off, there’s the yummy meat tumors(immortal cell lines) from bilbo gates, the dicknose demonskin.

    Like I said before, this is fifth gen warfare. Many different techniques are being use simultaneously to kill off the peons. Yes, we are peons to billionaire pedosatanists. Psychopathic monsters could care less about humanity.

    You can look at the faces of Count sørøs, Klausiepoo, Homo-harrari, Pigface Bourla, Stephane-Moderna-demonskin, Gates of hell, and the others. Look at their eyes and wicked smiles. So obvious.

    * Baxter at newspunch on report.

  2. Can you please link directly to the graphics themselves at the WHO website?

    I have not been able to locate them and so I cannot answer people who simple call them fake and refuse to look themselves.

  3. Had to visit the dentist today – dentist, not doctors – and there was TONS of vexxxine advertisements on TV, including advertising vexxxines for babies and tween boys (HPV/Gardasil). A huge cardboard sign advertising all kinds of these brews. Tell me the new thing is a “fake vexxxine” again you 50cal MAGAt with zero critical thinking skills.

  4. Hmmm, so bozobiden sells our sovereignty to WHO demonskins, then more sheeple get suicide shots, WEF demonskins rub their hands together and snicker, and millions of people die.

    Nah, how about Putin sends them a hypersonic greeting card?

    • You sound like a Dr. Seuss on LSD with as.pergers, 50cal. Putin is pro nw.0 too just like vexxine/MMR lovers RD and JL are.

      Blame one president all you like, and freely deny it if you want, but Republicans are all 100% pro vexxxine just as much as Democrats are. All of them are junk, not just the new “fake” ones. Look up Gardasil Girls/MMR and a.t.ism/DTAP (or other TDP/TAP shouts) side effects including brain swelling and Neurodiversity has whitewashed this disorder into unicorns and rainbows with K drama/Attorney Woo/Good Doctor.

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