US corn market about to collapse? US farmers sound alarm on single-most catastrophic thing headed for corn crops


Corn farmers visit DC warning they could go out of business over Mexico’s genetically modified corn ban…

Mexico’s Planned GMO Corn Ban Will Cost US Corn Industry $3.56 Billion in 2024
Mexico’s Planned GMO Corn Ban Will Cost US Corn Industry $3.56 Billion in 2024

A regulatory move within Mexico’s agricultural sector has U.S. farmers concerned it will “corn-er” their corn crop production.

Most farmers, my generation and younger, have never even used conventional corn. We’re not set up to do it. We don’t have the equipment to do it,” Hinkel Farms’ Elizabeth Hinkel told FOX Business’ Madison Alworth on “Mornings with Maria” Tuesday. “So it would be a huge investment if we had to go back to growing conventional. And on top of that, our yields would be decreased.

American farmers are headed to Capitol Hill to voice concerns about Mexico’s proposed ban on U.S. imports of genetically modified corn, reportedly warning the move could become the most catastrophic thing to happen to corn farmers.

Mexico represents America’s biggest buyer of corn, purchasing more than $10 billion worth of yellow and white U.S. corn last season alone.

Even though here in Pennsylvania, our corn stays fairly local, our price is still determined by the board. So if that price goes down, it’s going to affect farmers all over the United States, no matter where their corn is being sold. I just can’t even picture in my mind what this is going to do. It’s farmers from one end of the United States to the other. It doesn’t matter where you sell it or what it’s used for, it’s going to have an effect.

Farmers remain husky about Mexico’s GMO ban as they fear it’ll hit their bottom line.

With the ban set to take effect in 2024, Mexico has claimed that the regulation would help increase its own domestic production. Last week, U.S. trade representative Jayme White met with Mexico’s Under Secretary of Economy for Foreign Trade Alejandro Encinas to further discuss the GMO decision and the countries’ future relations.

Following the meeting, the USDA released this statement: “Mexico’s proposed approach, which is not grounded in science, still threatens to disrupt billions of dollars in bilateral agricultural trade, cause serious economic harm to U.S. farmers and Mexican livestock producers, and stifle important innovations needed to help producers respond to pressing climate and food security challenges.

A fifth-generation Nebraska corn farmer, who mainly grows white corn for Mexican consumption, noted he wouldn’t switch to growing non-GMO corn due to environmental and financial consequences.

Nebraska Corn Growers Association Chairman Andy Jobman also told Alworth on Tuesday: “Our destinies are tied together. They need us as much as we need them. And so we really need to come to the table and just resolve this issue and allow GMO corn to continue going into Mexico.

As Mexico prepares for the potential ban, the country, in the meantime, has passed regulation that discourages exports, including a 50% tariff on any white corn leaving the nation. [AgriPulse, Fox]

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    • I did some research on Stevia after Strange Sounds had that old article up on substack a short while ago, and I am not convinced the Extracts of Stevia (stevioside, rebaudioside A and C) are contraceptive, whole leaf may be another issue.

      “To investigate this claim, Professor Joseph Kruc of Purdue University performed a study using rats (1968). He fed the rats stevia (enormous quantities by human standards), and they produced fewer offspring than the control group. (2, 3, 4) However, the study has been described as having dubious scientific methodology, and multiple studies attempting to replicate its findings failed. Kruc later admitted that the rats’ lower fertility rates may have resulted from his “overdosing” them on the compound. (5)

      Fast forward 20 years to Brazil, Professor Mauro Alvarez repeated the Kruc study and confirmed a contraceptive effect from stevia among female mice. However, his methodology was the subject of even more criticism. Many subsequent researchers were unable to find any fertility effects, so Alvarez eventually joined them in concluding that Stevia poses no threat to fertility. As for the Matto Grosso Indian tribes who supposedly used stevia for contraceptive purposes, at least one attempt by scientists to confirm the story reportedly failed..”

      OTOH I am 100% convinced that GLYPHOSATE ( roundup), and GMO “Roundup Ready” Corn / Soy IS very bad for reproduction and cancer…our American Buff Geese were laying sterile eggs after a few years of commercial feed. This was @ 5 years ago…real breeders grow thier own feed because of that issue.

      IMHO they are going to blame Stevia Extract for all the bad things they are pumping into you from the food and the Air, etc.

      While there are some studies that say “YES” stevia effects fertility, others say “NO”:

      Anti Cancer Stevia:

      “These properties of the plant’s derivatives have spurred research on their biological activities revealing a multitude of benefits to human health, including antidiabetic, anticariogenic, antioxidant, hypotensive, antihypertensive, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antitumor actions…”

  1. There is no such thing as GMO wheat. I’ve been farming for 45 years. This will be my 45th crop. Yes I grow GMO corn and soybeans. I would grow nonGMO if there was a market for it. I will get the same price for GMO and non GMO per bushel and the non GMO yields less. I ran a test this past season with 6 nonGMO corn hybrids against the same hybrid only GMO. The nonGMO averaged 20 bushels less per acre or 140.00 less money per acre. Farmers will grow whatever the public wants, and it’s clear most people want cheap food and don’t care about the GMO issue. As far as what’s the difference between GMO and non? Nothing.

    • Using an agent to dry your crop of wheat ,what is the chemical used to dry our crops now ? technically WHEAT is not gmo BUT is treated with it.

      • We have do not use a drying agent on our crops, wheat included. When we grew grain sorghum, we used sodium chloride. Salt. I understand some wheat growers out west have used glyphosate to terminate their crops, but it is not a wide spread practice across most of the United States.

        There have been several articles recently about the milk industry. The big bad dairy industry is owned by the farmers who deliver the milk. DFA= Dairy Farmers of America, Prarie Farms, Land O’Lakes, etc are all owned by the dairy’s (farmers) milk producers.

    • Sorry, I disagree with your last comment 100%. Read just ONE Jeffrey Smith book and then come back here and let us know what you learned…

    • Probably can, but then they can’t depopulate as easy, and make big pharma rich. People get fat and prediabetic. There’s big money keeping people sick. Fat people don’t live long either.

  2. Genetically modified WHEAT and CORN need to go!!!! Both products here in the States make my wife and I PHYSICALLY ILL!!! We can eat non-gmo wheat and corn from Europe all day and NOT GET SICK. Our bodies can not break down the loooong amino acid chains of gmo’d food efficiently. This is why so many Americans are sick, sick, SICK! All kinds of health issues are a direct consequence of eating this crap food. GMO corn, in the form of corn starch, is in most U.S. products. The pharmaceutical companies are selling .Mabs and .Mibs on TV to people that would get well if they’d just quit eating GMO wheat and corn! Read “The Wheat Belly” book for the voodoo science behind these products. GO Mexico!!

    • I won’t eat wheat or corn. My geese, ducks, and chicken eat cracked corn. If my dogs get into it, they have allergic reactions. They gnaw at their legs/feet, or scratch themselves excessively. I know it is the cracked corn too. Now, I walk them on leash on my ranch, and no more issues.

      • Thanks. Glad I quit eating it. Wheat breads don’t taste right. I remember how good they used to taste. I moved into a 12 grain bread, but it was too expensive. I just don’t eat bread. I make baby sandwiches with potato skins now.

    • I used to love whole grain wheat bread. Now, it doesn’t taste the same, and makes me gain weight. So after I cut it from my diet, weight is normal, no fat. White breads used to do that back in the 1980’s so I quit them way back. Corn is not the same either. Makes people fat and lethargic. Sugars convert to fat.

  3. Over a decade of more and more people refusing to support any GMO product financially ,also Farmers Have Been Aware of this the whole time and Refused to change what they are doing that is profitable for them and harmful to People of Earth and they chose and We chose Not to ever Give into The Farmers of Death. I stood in Stores reading labels and telling people why for years .

  4. Good for mex! We are tired of monsanto and all of their trash pushing. We are tired of cancers and disease. The only reason those gmo giants are worried is because many people want to be healthy and will choose organic.

  5. I think banning GMO Corn is a good plan. Tons of negative health impacts. I’m on Mexico’s side there. Corn pollen migrates for miles past where it is grown. Contaminates natural, non-GMO corn. The stuff is like a disease. There’s a reason many foods are labeled non-GMO. People who know don’t want it.

    • Not just GMO corn, but other GMO crops as well would be a good plan.
      Back in June of 2019, tho, remember that Trump signed an executive order directing Fed agencies to make it easier for genetically engineered plants and animals to enter the food supply. Once again, Mr. “warp speed” is on the wrong side of things.
      I hope Mexico prevails.

    • If you look at pictures of Trump’s inauguration and bozobiden, you can see hardly anybody showed up for bozobiden. Looks like voter fraud to me. I despise lefties too, though. Let’s hope they vaxxed and boostered alot. Bunch of perverts, dopers, and mental defective fa990ts.

      • The real numbers I’ve seen show Trump got 82% of the vote. Even took CA. That leaves 18% for The Biden Show. That’s why they had to go to such extremes to steal it. Exposed themselves.

    • NOBODY voted for Biden. British voting machine programs have been in use for about 30 years, around the world. Look around now and you will see the result of their works. They are our “friend”? The UK is the greatest ENEMY America and the world has ever had, next to their V
      Vatican master/partner.

      • Absolutely! “City of London” one square mile area right there in London. Where the real Evil folks gather and plan world events.

      • Now it’s a crime to notice election fraud. Or notice traitors spitting on America and crapping on our Constitution.

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