Heavy rain in East Palestine, Ohio causes temporary dam with contaminated water to overflow

East palestine temporary dam with contaminated water overflows
East palestine temporary dam with contaminated water overflows after heavy rains over the weekend. Pictures via Twitter

Friday night’s heavy rain caused water to run over a dam at Leslie Run Creek, about a mile-and-a-half from the train derailment site in East Palestine, Ohio.

The temporary dam built at the juncture of Sulphur and Leslie Runs was designed to hold in contaminated water. There are indeed 5 water wells in close proximity drawing from groundwater. But the dam has overflowed multiple times since its construction…

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Last time was after heavy rains last Friday/Saturday:

Here in pictures:

Gov. Mike DeWine’s office stated the overflow of water was part of the mitigation plan to address the increase in water and said the dam did not fail.

And ironically, the office said that the dam near the confluence of Sulphur Run and Leslie Run “continues to work as expected.” OF COURSE!

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In a statement, Norfolk Southern said there’s no reason for residents to be concerned.

So why were contractors asking residents to to leave during the dam breach ‘because it was super dangerous to be here right now’?

It seems the media has forgotten about the thousands of folks in East Palestine and around that will have to cope with this devastating environment disaster until cancer or another deadly disease linked to the catastrophe kill them.


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