That took long to cover up! A month after the Hersch’s allegations, intelligence suggests pro-Ukrainian group sabotaged the Nord Stream pipelines

Nord Stream explosion investigation - Pro-Ukrainian group behind the sabotage
Nord Stream explosion investigation – Pro-Ukrainian group behind the sabotage

They think we are just dummies!

You won’t believe what they have just discovered… According to a new investigative work by Tagesschau, a German newspaper, the Nord Stream pipeline explosions were made by a pro-Ukrainian group, not by the U.S.!

Yeah no sh*t, Sherlock! Did you figure that out all by yourself?!? Respect, Columbo!

I know what you are thinking now. This was definitely a pro-Ukrainian organization based in Langley, Virginia.

Of course, Americans are only really sure of one thing: that it was neither the USA nor the UK. I’m glad we cleared that up… LOL!

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I’m amazed it has taken that long since the Hersh’s allegations. I would have thought the American secret services were much faster to cover up what they call ‘fake news’. It just seems I was wrong… They are just a big bunch of lazy lizards taking up some sun…

One last thing… Have you noticed that false flags are always shady conspiracy theories when they come from us, but when they come from them, it’s a completely normal possibility that needs to be discussed with an open mind?

As written in the ‘Tagesschau’ article: ‘In international security circles, it is not ruled out that it could also be a “false flag” operation. This means that traces could also have been deliberately laid that point to Ukraine as the culprit. However, the investigators have apparently found no evidence that confirms such a scenario.

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Oh you didn’t find a Russian passport on the ground next to the impact site? That doesn’t mean that your theory was absurd sh*t, no no! On the contrary, this shows how cunning and depraved these Russians are!

Stop this war, stop sending weapons, let’s continue to fight the system…[New York Times, Tagesschau]

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  1. Warfare method.
    Drain our weapons cash in Ukraine.Good cop bad cop Zelensky Putin in cahoots

    While invading from the south with the largest population being single males from venezuala.One of Putins reputed strongholds.
    Distraction and ensconcement tactic.
    Very old method and tactic.
    This should have come to our supposed leaders minds.

    • Remember though that both zelensky and purine alike are controlled and dominated by the same puppet handler ultimately.
      The same puppet master who stated he’d love to invade Poland.
      not that anybody paid attention but their was a Russian inspection report from months previous that the pipeline was in need of service.
      Perfect vector perfect circle for open ended blame.

  2. Bozobiden is on video telegraphing the attack on Nordstream before it happened. TGP did some in-depth reporting around the time of the false flag incident, perpetrated most likely by our traitors and fraudulently elected dirtbags.

    • Also US was doing military exercises a few months ahead of the attack in the area. Most likely planting explosive devices which were later triggered via electronic signal. That was in the report, and included here since most people are too lazy to look up and read with comprehension.

  3. Bozobiden’s traitorous regime did it. Pukrainians didn’t have the means, motive, and opportunity. All traitors need to be prosecuted and executed at GITMO.

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