USA, France, Netherlands: Normalisation of pedophilia through schools, media and art around the world


Just like the Netherlands, France is plagued by the normalisation of pedophilia, through schools, media, and, in this case, art. This has to stop.

Here’s a Twitter video if the Youtube get’s banned:

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A few weeks ago, I was showing in my newsletter that the Netherlands are following the same path… Look at the books insitutions promote for elementary school children. They teach children as young as 4 years old how to give a blowjob ‘Wat is pijpen?’…

Over the last year, we have seen other deviant books being found in schools’ libraries. Here some example:

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Here are some more links about the Balenciaga children worship:

Warning! Disturbing Images! François-Henri Pinault, CEO of Balenciaga’s parent company owns an auction site selling child sex mannequins with erect penises, vaginas, and anuses instead of mouths or noses

Balenciaga scandal worsens amid Epstein link… But who is Rachel Chandler?

After Balenciaga, now Harry Styles advert for Gucci sparks fresh row after Balenciaga campaign scandal

Another sick brand, Caroline Bosmans. Balenciaga was definitely not a mistake

It just goes deeper and deeper… Creative Director of the Balenciaga fashion house Demna became the ambassador for Ukraine Recovery program designed to help temporarily displaced people

I really think our society is driving with 200miles per hour into a brick wall. Children have to be saved from this slump!

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  1. I refuse to click on that pedosatanic garbage. Round ’em all up, put a millstone around their neck, and throw them into the deep blue sea. Had enough of this crap!

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