Nashville shooter MANIFESTO: 1 month later… They have rewritten it all again (and are about release it)…

Nashville shooter manifesto
Nashville shooter manifesto

Authorities are about to release the Nashville shooter MANIFESTO.

1 month later…

Let me guess a second… Oh! they edited out all of the narratives that was unfriendly to the Biden Regime… Or just rewrote it entirely…

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  1. .50cal, you ramble on about people claiming an autistic genocide, while rambling on about a “satanic agenda” like some paranoid nut job from Arkansas. Sounds like you may be the autistic one the anonymous account speaks of.

  2. When you think all autistics will be dangerous to society, you sow the seeds of an extremist movement against the existence of autistic people. Add this to the massive financial strain of ASDs on society (see Loss of Brain Trust/Anne Dachel) and there’ll be massive movements to take away all ASD rights. I’ve seen too many parents using MMS bleach enemas/baths on their ASD children, destroying their gut lining and skin, as well as them using Ivermectin like butter to “cure autism”.

  3. Anonymous (Visitor) is back in his original trolling clown-identity. “Mass genocide on autistic people” is what he/she/it is worried about. Lol, more paranoid delusions and monomaniacal obsession with your broken record autistic crusade. Biggest trollbecile f-tard ever!

  4. This was staged and fake (she/he/whatever you call, went from wearing Puma shoes to Vans in the same day). I worry there’ll be a mass genocide against autistic people partly because of this, alongside the massive economic strain on SPEDucation and schools not only in America but the entire world.

  5. We will never get an ounce of truth from HER MANIFESTO.
    All of it will be fraudulent and contrived to suit the satanic agenda.

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