Concentration of at least five Russian warships in the North Sea – 3 of them are Kalibr cruise missile capable

OSINT image of one of the Karakurt class corvettes leaving the Baltic on May 2, heading into North Sea.
OSINT image of one of the Karakurt class corvettes leaving the Baltic on May 2, heading into North Sea.

A concentration of at least five Russian Navy warships, plus two auxiliaries, has formed in the North Sea. And if the Ukraine invasion teaches us anything, it’s that the auxillaries are just as worth watching as the pointy ships.

3 of the warships are Kalibr cruise missile capable.

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While there may be many explanations for this, it will likely get NATO attention.

The most likely explanation at this stage is an unannounced exercise.

Unusually the group includes a frigate from the Black Sea Fleet, which is prevented from returning to its base in Crimea due to the war. Turkey has closed the Bosporus to warships.

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Russian Navy vessels identified in area:

  • Black Sea Fleet Pr.11356 Admiral Grigorovich class frigate, Admiral Grigorovich (494)
  • Baltic Fleet Pr.20380 Steregushchiy class corvette, Sbrazitelnyy (531)
  • Baltic Fleet Pr.20380 Steregushchiy class corvette, Stoikiy (545)
  • Baltic Fleet Pr.22800 Karakurt class corvette, Sovetsk (577)
  • Baltic Fleet Pr.22800 Karakurt class corvette, Odintsovo (584)
  • Baltic Fleet Pr.563 Goryn class tug, Yakov Grebelsky (MB-119)
  • Northern Fleet Pr.REF-675 Kaliningrad Neft class oiler, Kama

According to the Norwegian armed forces, the UDALOY Class destroyer Vice Admiral Kulakov is also in the area. [HI Sutton]

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  1. No NATO member country, including the U.S., has ANY functional, active anti air/missile systems operating. All the Western systems require 2-3 interceptors per target for a 50% success rate. What goes up, must come down! Since the systems interceptors arejust as likely to miss, and come down in a populated area, as they are to hit, and come down in a populated area, itmay be cheaper to accept the impact on the non civilian tgt, than to try and intercept it. No gov’t in the world, especially the U.S. gives two $#1/$ about it’s military personnel, or bases. If they did, our military industrial complex would be pressured to produce functional, capable, successful,defensive systems. Look at the middle East! If there was a place to put fully capable defensive systems on line, that’s it. With Iran raining uncontested missiles on U.S. facilities, you would think that someone would demand a functional defensive system.

  2. Kathleen,
    You have to read the WHOLE article, twice. You can’t skim it, read the first 15 seconds, and then ignore the rest of the article! Attention to detail girl, attention to detail!

  3. Citations are not necessary at all. Doing your own research to verify the info will flesh out the complete information package. I verified the ship reports in 5 minutes of research. Great pointer stories! Another point to bring out is what happens when you shoot down a cruise missile. The warhead will probably come down intact, and active. So 99% of the reported civilian building damage that the main stream fake news reports, is due to both, the pieces of the interceptor falling, and pieces of the tgt falling, and the active, cruise missile warhead, falling. Cruise missiles, and drones cost a bunch. So no one, in their right mind, would waste them on civilian tgts.

  4. Well, that will garner attention from NATO. I doubt Putin would need to use nuclear missiles on Smellinski and his azoz nazi. This is probably for the butt-pucker effect.

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