CDC gives guidance for trans people ‘chestfeeding’ kids, accused of failing to consider possible health risks

CDC gives guidance for trans people 'chestfeeding' kids
This guy is already on both fronts

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s official website published advice for trans and non-binary individuals on seeking guidance on how to “chestfeed” their infants.

In sections of the major health institute’s guidance on breastfeeding, it contained information for those who have had much of their breasts removed in gender-reassignment surgeries, or for biological men taking hormones to grow breasts, on how to feed their newborn children.

However, several doctors criticized the guidance, not simply because CDC has appeared to guide biological men in how to breastfeed children, but because they claimed the CDC has failed to gauge the risks posed to children drinking milk produced by chemicals used in gender-reassignment medical operations.

From what I read, it is evident the CDC has placed politics and its social agenda ahead of science and the health of newborns. [Fox News]

Guys, it’s time to wake up!

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  1. I wanted to leave a comment.This is so repulsive and insulting on so many levels.For that reason I am refraining.I will type something I most definitely won’t regret, but ,I am sure could come back to haunt me.

  2. “They”(the sickos) can grow mammary glands??? I didn’t kno “they” were actually feeding the infants. Which, whether “they” are or aren’t, is absolutely disgusting! The world is officially over. Children have no chance anymore… all of these chemicals are changing humanity into something else right before our eyes. May YAH have mercy upon the children. The children dont have a choice or a voice.

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