Next Crusade ahead? France is shutting down internet as riots reach point of ‘no return’ – Racial war ahead!


France is planning a shutdown of the nation’s internet in an attempt to stop the world from seeing what invaders are doing to the nation.

In just the span of a few days, France has devolved into a middle eastern nation engulphed in war and its despot limiting news from reaching the outside world.

Yep, it is all written in the document below:

Welcome to France!

I would also place the country or at least some of the country that are burning down under a state of emergency:

A pretty straightforward message from the Vice President of The Global Imams Council:

The riots are about to turn into a racial war. Residents of lyon are warning against armed white supremacists marching in the streets of Lyon to beat up the ‘vermin.’ The crowd is shouting: ‘We are at home, we are at home, we are, we are, we are at home…

The Tweet translates: ‘Alert in Lyon: about 80 to 100 armed fascists have just left Old Lyon, currently on the Place des Terreaux, to attack isolated young people. Great vigilance this evening in the streets of Lyon, do not stay alone.:’

Or are these disguised Feds, like in the US?

Bleu, Blanc, Rouge… La France aux Français…‘ translates into: ‘Blue, white, red, France belongs to French people…

Meanwhile, Batmans are coming out of the truck…

Meanwhile in Bordeaux, French diners enjoy wine as fire lit by protesters burns nearby…

FRANCE isn’t falling in the way you think it is… The people will fall straight into the arms of state control.

  • Digital ID
  • movement restrictions
  • Social Media censorship
  • Internet blackouts

Terrible future…

Guys, it’s time to wake up!

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  1. A possible jihad is in the works in France then it could spread to other countries with a high Muslim population. Muslims want the E.U. to become a caliphate and civil unrest for whatever reason is an opportunity to motivate certain groups to join in. The person killed by police was Muslim.

  2. Oh yeah, tried and true- shut off the internet and all the riots stop, that “might” work had they not been paid by the G. Soros’ slush fund; yeppers, the same funds and website hiring of BLM, etc.

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