Pentagon clearing jungle for new base near China to bolster American forces in the Indo-Pacific


Washington is seeking to grow its network of military installations across Asia…

Pentagon clearing jungle for new base near China
Pentagon clearing jungle for new base near China. via US Navy/MCS 1st Class Benjamin A. Lewis

The US Air Force is stripping away tracts of jungle in Micronesia to make room for new airfields, a senior commander said, noting the move is part of plans to bolster American forces in the Indo-Pacific.

Speaking to reporters at an event hosted by the Air and Space Forces Association, Pacific Air Forces Commander General Kenneth Wilsbach described efforts to refurbish defunct US air bases – including a World War II-era installation on Tinian, a small island near Guam.

Wilsbach said on Monday:

We’re going to be clearing out the jungle [on Tinian, and] we’re going to be resurfacing some of the surfaces there so that we will have a fairly large and very functional Agile Combat Employment base, an additional base to be able to operate from and we have several other projects like that around the region that we’ll be getting after.

Every single additional airfield that I can operate from… in a contingency or crisis or a conflict is another airfield that China has to put into their targeting folders, and then allocate resources toward them, which dilutes their ability to shut us completely down.

To accomplish that goal, the Air Force has requested additional funding from lawmakers in its 2024 budget proposal, the general added, saying the new bases would be part of a “hub-and-spoke” network across Asia intended to “deter” Beijing.

Though President Joe Biden recently declared that his administration does not seek to “contain China,” US officials have repeatedly described Beijing as America’s top rival. Since he took office in 2021, Biden has approved near-monthly transits of the disputed Taiwan Strait by US warships, while the Pentagon is pushing to dramatically expand its presence in the Asia-Pacific.

Citing advances in Chinese military capabilities, Wilsbach said the People’s Liberation Army had “improved a lot over the last few decades,” arguing that Washington must “enhance warfighting advantage; advance theater posture; strengthen alliances and partnerships; and shape the information environment” in order to keep up.

We want to continue to evolve so that we enhance our warfighting capabilities with the primary objective of being to deter violence in the Indo-Pacific, but if that deterrence doesn’t work, we have to be ready to be able to win. And so the way that we will be doing that is modernizing our force.

Located on an island some 110 miles north of Guam, the Tinian military installation previously served as the largest US B-29 bomber base during World War II, and has since hosted periodic Navy and Marine wargames. Washington maintains a major naval base in Guam, a strategic island in the Western Pacific. [Defense One, RT]

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  1. The USA is establishing Chinese Invasion staging camps in Panama, one being already to 4,000 occupied to capacity. Such will be used to invade the USA up Route 1. Any new base in Asia must then be viewed in the context of REVERSE occupancy, where it will be to allow Chinese Invasion troops to fly in there against whatsoever countries we establish new airfields in. We have been on this path of Chinese takeover and domination since well before Jade Helm 16 under Obama, and probably since the second term of Bill Clinton 1997 ff. It is likely China is eyeing 2040 as the official takeover time of the entire USA and Canadian West, with Alaska going back to Russia. The process appears to invade us with several million China illegals of military age and training, get them on paid welfare and establish them in jobs owned by China here, be it solar or markets or whatever is bought and owned by over 200 front companies for China, then to move through Local and State Legislatures with rigged installed candidates and change laws and manipulate society there…then take over. Years more out, but coming. So if we build bases under a pretext to help Taiwan, DON’T you believe it.

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