US Senator Elizabeth Warren calls to investigate Elon Musk – She should be investigated


While serving 10 years in Congress with an annual salary of $193,000, US Senator Elizabeth Warren managed to increase her net worth to $73,000,000… Can you explain?

Here’s the background of the story: Sen. Elizabeth Warren called for a probe following a report that Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk curbed a Ukrainian military operation… The video below may make it a bit more understandable:

I don’t like Musk too much, but on this one I really enjoyed reading his answer on Twitter:

This senator wants to investigate me, Elon Musk?

How does someone who has an annual salary of $193,000 somehow increase their net worth to $73,000,00?

And she wants ME to be investigated?

This is a joke.

How about they investigate how she amounted that wealth?

Anyways, I’ll keep working to get us to Mars.

Now, I will leave you with this:

US Senator Elizabeth Warren calls to investigate Elon Musk
US Senator Elizabeth Warren calls to investigate Elon Musk

Guys, it’s time to wake up!

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  1. Well I will take a guess they combined her husband’s money investments with hers.In addition they probably included retirement accounts of both.
    Yeah I’d like to see the actual accounting too.
    Investigate Musk over starlink is simply nuts.Its a private company.If he had of helped Ukraine he possibly could have been brought up on charges of escalating the war.
    Collusion aiding and abetting ,treason.Furthermore starlink was meant to be temporary not permanent.If she wants to investigate something why not investigate why our government cares more about the war in Ukraine, than its own people at home.Oh that’s right our owners decided every nation and foreign subject deserves our hard earned money homes land guns Or anything else the greedy basta$$s decide is theirs.The slaves are sick to death of them.There is a smell of guillotine in the air.Your days are numbered, do you bunch of hard heads realize this?

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