Another shallow M6.3 earthquake hits Afghanistan – Major damage and at least 80 injured – Second deadly quake in the matter of days in the country

M6.3 earthquake Afghanistan
Strong and shallow M6.3 earthquake hits Afghanistan – Second deadly quake within days in the region. via USGS

A 6.3 magnitude earthquake has struck western Afghanistan, just days after a series of deadly quakes left more than 2,400 people dead.

The powerful earthquake struck an area near Herat, the capital of Herat province, early on Wednesday morning, local time.

There was limited information about the immediate impact of the quake.

The office of Herat’s governor said there had been “huge losses” in districts near areas that had been flattened by earlier quakes.

At least 80 people have been injured and a landslide has blocked the main Herat-Torghundi highway, The Associated Press reported, quoting Ministry of Information spokesperson Abdul Wahid Rayan.​

The quake also flattened all 700 homes in Chahak village, which was untouched by Saturday’s quake and subsequent tremours, the AP reported.

The latest earthquake comes as Afghans are reeling from a 6.3 magnitude quake​ and subsequent aftershocks that struck the region on Saturday.

At least 2,445 people were killed and thousands more injured in the country’s worst quakes in years, according to Taliban officials.

Rescue workers and volunteers have been working around the clock to try to dig out survivors and bodies from the ruins of the flattened villages since the weekend.

Relief efforts have been hampered by poor infrastructure in the impoverished country following decades of war and a decline in foreign aid. [Al Jazeera, USGS]

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