HUNDREDS of secret reports show how DHSgov, CISAgov, The GEC (StateDept), Stanford and others worked together to censor AMERICANS before the 2020 election


HUNDREDS of secret reports show how DHSgov, CISAgov, The GEC (StateDept), Stanford and others worked together to censor AMERICANS before the 2020 election, including true information, jokes, and opinions.

According to one EIP member, the EIP was created “at the request of CISA.” The head of the EIP also said that EIP was created after “working on some monitoring ideas with CISA.”

Here’s how it worked:

  1. EIP “stakeholders” (including the federal gov’t) would submit misinformation reports
  2. EIP would “analyze” the report and find similar content across platforms
  3. EIP would submit the report to Big Tech, often with a recommendation on how to censor

You can read all the details in the report here:


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  1. USA is war with Iran since over 60 times Iran proxies attacked our troops in the Iraq and attacked with
    missiles Israel. Israel shut down the Hotties missiles when was entering in space with arrow 3 Israel missiles. We ask Nov 17 2023 is when USA will shut down and 45 days since last time was closing.
    So why no one are talking about USA shut down again. Tomorrow is the veterans day and Nov 17
    is fast approaching FFO and terrorist attack in USA is very high indeed. WW3 attack with nukes are
    happening soon. Ayatollahs have to change houses at night multiple times. We ask Iranain in Iran
    burn everything has Islamic Republic on it. Get your country back and stall WW3 or not at least
    Iranian people tried to prevent WW3. No to Gaza ,No to the Lebanon our life sacrifice for Iran.
    11/11/2023 Hassan Nasroulla will again give his speech from unknown location. His speech is
    war with Israel is started and they will down air craft carriers down with missiles from IRGC.
    DF says troops of the Nahal Brigade captured a Hamas stronghold known as outpost 17 in west Jambalaya, after 10 hours of fighting. The IDF says the soldiers battled Hamas and Islamic Jihad operatives in the site, who were both “above ground and in an underground route in the…
    — Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian (@manniefabian) November 9, 2023
    Footage released today by the IDF showing Israeli Ground Troops alongside Armored Vehicles and Tanks having Captured a Block of Al-Rasheed Street along the Coast of Gaza City, meaning that IDF Ground Units have Penetrated much Deeper into the West of the City and the Northern…
    — OSINTdefender (@sentdefender) November 7, 2023
    Israeli troops operating in the Gaza Strip have located a Hamas drone manufacturing plant and weapons depot within a residential building in Gaza City’s Sheikh Radwan neighborhood, footage released by the IDF shows.
    World riots and World Martial Law is next for all over world will come before final days of WW3 to start with full force. USA is at war with Iran nuking Iran now or never? Ayatoolahs can do nothing ?

  2. Censorship in USA! Well right at your door movie was censored in USA for 5 years before the movie was able to come to all movie theaters. Again no to censorship of any kind unless we are in total world Martial LAw then they can do what ever ! I say world riots coming very soon at your city where ever you live and it brings Martial Law for all nations. As i told you 11/11/2023 Hassan Nasroullah again
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    Russians will take over Ukraine, Israel will own Iran Yemen and expand itself. China will take over Taiwan without any more ww3 senario. Some times the problems will be solved like that?

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