When deserts turn into rivers! Catastrophic floods submerge Mecca and camels

Mecca floods November 2023
Mecca floods in November 2023

Saudi Arabia, the home of Islam’s holiest sites, has been hit by extreme weather conditions, causing floods, hail and chaos in several regions of the country. The heavy rainfall, which started on November 6, has affected pilgrims, schools and residents, and has prompted authorities to issue warnings and take precautionary measures.

In Mecca, the city that hosts millions of pilgrims every year, the rainfall has been incessant, leading to flash floods that have inundated streets and caused widespread disruption. Many historic sites in Mecca, including the Grand Mosque, are now at risk of damage due to the flooding.

Pilgrims who had come to Mecca for religious reasons are being affected by the inclement weather, causing further concern for the city. Roads and transportation have been severely impacted, with many streets impassable and public transportation services suspended.

The heavy rainfall is causing rivers to swell, exacerbating the flooding situation and posing additional challenges for rescue and relief efforts.

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