Sri Lanka electricity blackout – Countrywide power outage – Internet disrupted


Sri Lanka is experiencing a countrywide power outage due to a system failure, a government official said on Saturday. Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), the country’s power monopoly, is working to restore power, CEB spokesperson Noel Priyantha said.

Sri Lanka electricity blackout
Sri Lanka electricity blackout

Sri Lanka is experiencing a nationwide power outage due to a system failure, a government official said; that has also reportedly resulted in internet disruptions across the island nation. The power outage across Sri Lanka has been due to a breakdown of the Kotmale – Biyagama transmission line, according to the reports.

According to the local media reports, power supply to several areas is being restored in the island nation.

The CEB has assured the nation that efforts are on to restore the power supply in the remaining affected areas in the next two and a half hours.

No more details on the nationwide outage in Sri Lanka have been shared.

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